2024 Candidate List

Below is a list of candidates that have declared their intent to run for office, or have newly filed campaign finance paperwork declaring their candidacy. This list will be updated periodically.

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Dusty Johnson (R -Incumbent)
Patrick Schubert (R), Not likely to get on the ballot (-pp)

Public Utilities Commission: 

Kristie Fiegen (R -Incumbent)


State Legislature 

District 3 State Senate:

Katie Washnok (R)
Carl Perry(R)

District 3 State House:

Al Novstrup (R)


District 4 State Senate:

Fred Deutsch (R)
Stephanie Sauder (R)


District 5 State Senate:

Glen Vilhauer (R)

District 5 State House:

Matt Roby (R)


District 11 House:

Aaron Matson (D)


District 13 State Senate:

Sue Peterson (R)


District 15 State Senate:

Thomas Werner (R)

District 15 House:

Brad Lindwurm (R)


District 16 Senate:

Kevin Jensen (R)


District 20 State Senate

Paul Miskimins (R)

District 20 State House

Jeff Bathke (R)


District 23 State Senate: 

Steve Roseland (R)


District 25 Senate:

Jordan Youngberg (R)


District 28 Senate:

Susan Peterson (R)