Because Cory Heidelberger is the taxman. Yeah-eah, he’s the taxman! *updated*

Now I’ve got that Beatles song stuck in my head. Because the South Dakota GOP is helping the Liberal Democrat candidate for State Senate in District 3 with his memory again today, as they remind him of his statements in favor of raising taxes all over the place!


Statements promoting a personal state income tax… a corporate income tax… a new penny of sales tax.. and removing $800 Million in Sales tax exemptions?  And all of them are from this year? Ouch.


This might be a tough election for our little liberal in Aberdeen, unless he can find a majority of people want to be taxed far, far more than they are now.

Moving on…


They zinged him in the newspaper too. (Which I’m hearing he wants to remove the tax exemptions on, so it’s probably appropriate).screen-shot-2016-10-18-at-7-54-19-am


24 thoughts on “Because Cory Heidelberger is the taxman. Yeah-eah, he’s the taxman! *updated*”

  1. Right on! As long as we’ve got people in New York and California paying our taxes for us, why would we take any responsibility? Red State Welfare for all!

      1. Huh. So the rez’s are responsible for fully half of our federal subsidies? That’s nuts! Any links you could provide? Or did this come from your late night fantasies?

          1. Your point is you have no links and that you live in a fantasy?


            I’m not doing your research for you, but if you make a claim, you should be able to back it up. Here’s the first hit I googled:


            In FY 2015, that federal participation includes roughly $102 million for the developmental center in Redfield, $172.2 million for the Board of Regents and higher education, $192 million for K-12 education, $380.7 million for transportation and highways, and $640.6 million for social service programs like Medicaid, Dilges said.

            That doesn’t include things like direct farm payments, or Housing and Urban Development payments, or money for federal properties like tribal reservations that don’t generate property taxes

            According to the article, the portion of the federal money we receive for our general fund doesn’t include money for the rez’s, and yet the feds still make up ~40% of our budget, which is less than what we tax ourselves for that fund…

            I’m no budget wonk, so can you explain and provide links to your assertions that refute my understanding?

  2. If the folks in New York and California are stupid enough to keep electing people who see it as their job to take money away from the citizens and funnel it through the centralized government, let New York and California reap what they sow.

    If people think we aren’t taxed enough, let those people send in more money to the federal government to spend as the central planners see fit; there is no law against that, folks, so feel free (though feeling free is harder and harder with the Obama administration regulating us to death).

    I for one will be voting against the Hamburglar with his Lenin beard, and ideas.

    1. They pay the same in federal taxes as you do… Not sure why they’re “stupid” sending money to the feds… unless you’re saying that you are no smarter? Their state income taxes stay… wait for it… in the state, where they go towards whatever programs/infrastructure they deem fit as a state. Meanwhile, the federal taxes they pay go disproportionately to you and me here in South Dakota, where we only pay around half of our own way. Something, something, something personal responsibility, something, rugged individualism, something, moochers.

      Care to try again?

      1. The part that’s “stupid” is claiming the taxes discussed on that postcard would change anything that is happening in Washington. Those are all state taxes that would only effect South Dakota. The amount of federal taxes paid, and benefits received, wouldn’t change a penny.

        Left-winger just wants to shovel more money into the government so the wise people like him can control more of our lives.

        1. Wise people – like the electorate? So democracy is bad now? Why don’t you love America?

    2. Nice try, Cory, but South Dakotans don’t want your tax and spend nightmare. Many of the federal programs we get money from shouldn’t exist, and our state is forced to participate in them.

      1. Which do we keep and which do we eliminate? Please include dollar amounts and cost-benefit figures.

  3. We have been saving and printing some of these posts of what Cory Heidelberger wants to do and sharing them with our friends who own businesses, land, commercial and rental properties and they definitely do not want this guy elected! Other than Cory contradicting himself. He clearly does not understand the expenses and challenges of running a business.

    Heidelberger’s Hard Left Fantasy Land

  4. Is Mr. H still riding that interesting looking bicycle around with the funny hat on his head, or has it gotten too cold in Aberdeen for that now? I would think people see that and remember him.

  5. oh and you forgot IM 22….he is for it and any other candidate who is for it needs to answer specifically…what programs would you cut and/or what taxes would you raise specifically to pay for this on-going mandate to pay for elections…..

    NO on (these out of state measures) 22 and V (funded by the same group)

  6. and the Dems wonder why they can’t win…its not because the districts are gerrymandered or Independents can’t vote in the republican primary…

    It’s because their ideas SUCK…stop wanting to raise taxes on us to fund endless foolish social programs..



  7. ” and the Dems wonder why they can’t win”

    We find ourselves apologizing and clarifying we have nothing to do with the Heidelberger Hard Left faction of the SD Democratic Party. If they somehow get elected the state party will be toast for a long time. They just seem so out of place here in South Dakota. California or Oregon would seem like a better fit for them.

  8. Its laughable to blame the Democrats for all the taxes in South Dakota when Republicans have been in charge for 40 years!

    1. The Republican Party in South Dakota has a monopoly on public policy in our state. They see Cory as a legitimate threat to their rigged system.

      1. I am getting sick and tired of the Dems and the rigged system BS…..

        Dems dont even run candidates in like 20-30 races and they blame Republicans for being in control….

        These amendments are all BS and they can’t win by the current rules so they want to change them… no thanks

        NO on everything, except R

        1. Let’s play a game. Since this is my game, you have to follow my rules. I wrote these without your input. I get to change them at any time to create whatever advantage I can for myself. If another player wants to join, I can write a rule that prohibits that. If it looks like the other players currently at the table are having fun, I can change the rules to make them miserable.


          Okay. I go first….

  9. I don’t know if it is still true but historically the NE South Dakota and James Valley Democrats represented the moderate/centrist wing of the South Dakota Democratic Party with its “capitol” in Aberdeen. The liberal wing Democrats were in Sioux Falls and Rapid City with its “capitol” in Rapid City.

    If it is still true, Corey’s extreme liberal bent can’t be selling well among Democrats.

    1. Troy,

      Cory’s extreme liberal bent is not selling well with Centrist/Moderate Democrats. Your historical observation is spot on.

      The constant blanket demonization of Republicans by Cory and his Heidelberger Hard Left faction is one of the many stances we want no part of. These people are our friends, neighbors, employers, customers, tenants, and selfless volunteers in our community. Our Republican neighbors have sacrificed their time and their hard donated hard earned money to make Aberdeen, Brown County and the NE SD a better place to live and grow.

      We as more reasonable Democrats may disagree at times with our Republican neighbors but we make an attempt to learn from each other’s perspective with respect and attempt to find common ground if possible. Cory’s constant self promotion and unrestrained ego calling on boycotts to attack the livelihoods of our Republican friends and neighbors damage or stop their ability to support themselves and their families is another prime example of how insulated from real world consequences he and Hard Left faction are.

      Heidelberger’s Hard Left faction candidates need to be defeated in not only Brown County (District 3) but other Districts across South Dakota.

  10. Didn’t Novstrup help raise taxes for road repair, and again to fund the governor’s teacher pay package? Does the GOP find some tax increases acceptable, and others not? Novstrup sounds like a tax and spend Republican.

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