This might be the weirdest ad I’ve seen so far this election.

Hot off the press out of the town and country shopper in Brookings:

Did someone actually think this was a good idea? I’m not sure what is worse, the awful, awful ad? Or the fact that two new & unknown candidates decided they needed to go spend time in the other person’s district where they are trying to campaign?

As one person who looked at the ad said to me, “there’s a lot to unpack here.”

Johnson Applauds Final Passage of Federal Aviation Bill

Johnson Applauds Final Passage of Federal Aviation Bill

Washington, D.C. – Today, U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson (R-S.D.), a member of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, applauded final passage of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act, which ensures continuity and stability of our air travel and makes key improvements to our aviation sector. The FAA Reauthorization Act included key Johnson-led provisions.

“Most of us have experienced the frustration of outdated airports and planes, cancelations, delays, and more,” said Johnson. “The FAA Reauthorization Act makes critical investments and improvements in our aviation sector to improve the travel experience for travelers, pilots, airport workers, and more. I’m pleased to see my priorities for South Dakota and nationwide air travel included in the bill.”

Johnson priorities included in the FAA Reauthorization Act:

  • Protecting Essential Air Service (EAS) airports from unnecessary costs. South Dakota is home to three EAS airports: Watertown, Pierre, and Aberdeen.
  • Streamline National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Reviews for FAA projects. The bill encourages the Department of Transportation to use cloud-based platforms for NEPA reviews to increase efficiency.
  • Increase flexibility for the Airport Improvement Program by increasing support for non/small-hub airports.
  • Temporarily increases the federal cost share to 95% for non-hub/non-primary airports (Sioux Falls and Rapid City).
  • Prioritize replacement of FAA Air Traffic Control Towers at small hub airports that are at least 50-years old. The Sioux Falls airport is in this category.
  • Form a working group to evaluate best practices for transporting organs for donation in commercial aircrafts.


Julie Frye Mueller proposing new tax. (Let the jokes begin)

Started hearing last weekend that Julie Frye Mueller is talking about proposing a new tax in South Dakota. (Instantly my correspondent hoped it wasn’t a lactation tax).

And apparently there is a now a flyer out there about JFM wanting to talk about how she wants to create new and un-thought out taxes.

Property Taxes are Property Theft.” Well, that sounds stable. It seems like a flyer you might see at a militia meeting rather than coming from a State Senator.  Not that we see a disclaimer either.

It had been mentioned to me that at a recent forum she was talking about a half-baked idea for a receipt tax, which I don’t know that anyone has ever heard of before, but involves paying money every time you buy something, regardless of cost.

Want a $.30 pack of gum? Pay a dollar. Want a $1200 smoker? Pay a dollar. Who came up with this looney idea that it could cost you a dollar anytime you do something?

Considering every level of government in South Dakota below the state – County, city, school, etc. –  is based on the taxation of property, this goofball concept has more in common with the Democrat’s dreaded personal property tax where we would get taxed on lawnmowers and stereos, and eventually took Republicans getting elected to do away with it. And even though we had that for a while, we still had property taxes.

Just reminds me that the political spectrum is a lot like a circle. And some people are so far-right they’re on the left-handed side of things.

Law enforcement investigating abortion petition callers

KELOLAND News is reporting tonight that there are allegedly people calling and identifying themselves as being with the Secretary of State’s office, when that isn’t the case. Now law enforcement has gotten involved, and it is investigating who might have tried to perpetuate this fraud:

KELOLAND News first became aware of the calls on Monday morning when a family member of a newsroom employee received a call from someone claiming to be a volunteer with the Secretary of State’s Office.


Some of the callers are saying they are with the South Dakota Integrity Committee or with Petition Integrity Commission. They are questioning citizens regarding the Abortion Rights petition. A committee named South Dakota Petition Integrity did file a campaign finance statement of organization this morning. Whoever is behind these false actions have taken the farthest path from integrity possible.


The South Dakota Petition Integrity committee named in Soulek’s statement is run by Republican State Rep. Jon Hansen.

Read the entire story here.

Could be interesting..

Get it on your schedule – There’s going to be a REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY in Aberdeen on May 16

It might be Aberdeen, but there will be an opportunity to forget dumpster fires and dumping candidates for at least one night.

In case you hadn’t heard, there’s going to be a REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY in Aberdeen on Thursday, May 16th at the Zoo Bar from 5 to 9 PM.

With no need for an AED, this event is skewing younger than some of them held lately with music by the Lizzy Hofer Band. The event with young professionals and families in mind and getting people registered to vote, will let voters get up close & personal with the top Republican Candidates running in Brown County this primary, with a rock and roll soundtrack in the background!

Featuring District 1 House Candidate Tamara St. John, District 3 Senate candidate Katie Washnok, District 23 Senate candidate Steve Roseland, D23 House candidate JD Wangsness, and Brown County Commission candidate Mike Carlsen, the candidates will be there to enjoy the evening along with the crowd, and to talk about what they hope to do in Pierre and at the county courthouse.

Put it on your calendars to be in Aberdeen on May 16th and head over to the Zoo Bar from 5-9 pm for snacks, candidates, and a REAL REPUBLICAN PARTY!

(And you can be a Zoo Rat too!)

Minnehaha GOP vice chair now working to get independent on the ballot against Republican congressman

Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago when Minnehaha county vice chair Jennifer Foss was going off on me, remarking ‘Pat you wouldn’t know what a real Republican looked like if hit you in the face..’. Guess what?

Remember when being an official in the Republican party meant that you worked to elect Republicans?

Minnehaha County Vice Chair Jennifer Foss must have inhaled some fumes while bleaching her hair, because she’s taken to her anti-Republican group trying to recruit petition carriers to assist in running an independent for office. AGAINST our Republican candidate.

In a Facebook post which appears to be made by Foss last night:

Endorsing an Independent or a Democrat candidate is literally unheard of from a Republican County Party official, and in the past would have triggered that person’s immediate removal by the executive board, as happened when one endorsed Tom Daschle in one race a number of years ago.

Now here we have the vice-chair of the Republican organization for our state’s largest county actively and openly recruiting petition carriers to run an independent candidate against our set Republican candidate.

Apparently there’s no need for Republicans to worry about Democrats beating our candidates in a race. Because there are Republicans who hate the party that much that they want to beat ourselves.

Real Republican? Sorry, Jennifer. You have certainly shown the world and the Republican party that you don’t know the definition.

Reed seeks Re-election to District 7 Senate seat


Tim Reed announced today his intention to seek re-election to the South Dakota Senate in Legislative District 7.

Reed stated: “It has been an honor to serve District 7 in the South Dakota House State Senate. I have enjoyed advocating for the citizens of District 7 and if re-elected. I will continue my work to positively affect policies for all citizens of South Dakota.”

After serving six years in the State House of Representatives, Reed is completing his first term in the State Senate. During those eights years he has served on multiple standing committees including Judiciary, Taxation, Energy and Commerce, Health and Human Services, Education and Local Government. For the past two sessions he served as chair of the Senate Local Government Committee.

In 2019, Reed was appointed to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education Legislative Advisory Committee. Tim has served as the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment. Reed represents South Dakota on the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board and served as President in 2023. The Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board works with members of the business community, state legislatures, and tax administrators to simplify and modernize the sales and use tax systems throughout the country to help make the collection of remote taxes as simple and burden-free as possible, while at the same time protecting state sovereignty.

Over the past eight years Reed was active with city and county government, South Dakota State University, economic development, mental healthcare, sex trafficking, and sexual assault victim assistance bills. He sponsored and successfully passed bills modifying courtroom practices to help child victims face their abuser, allowing school, city and county governing boards to go into executive session to discuss security plans, funding for a bio-products institute at the Research Park at SDSU, and publishing public notices on the internet.

In 2023 Reed was the prime sponsor for SB91, an act that brought justice to rape victims that did not consent to sexual activity. In 2024 he was the prime sponsor for SB98, an act that allows evidence of the perpetrator’s previous child molestation activity in court cases, making sure that sexual predators are put in jail and will not be able to reoffend. For his work bringing sexual predators to justice, Tim was awarded the 2024 Law & Order Legislative Award from the South Dakota State’s Attorneys Association.

Reed, a Republican, has served District 7 for eight legislative sessions. Before serving in the legislature, he served in Brookings City Government for 13 years including three terms as Mayor. He is a graduate of SDSU with a degree in Commercial Economics. After graduation, Tim worked in Supply Chain Planning, Information Technology, and College Development. Tim currently serves as the CEO for the Brookings Economic Development Company.


Lawrence County Commissioners reject problematic petitions

Today the Lawrence County commission rejected a petition for an initiated measure at the county level that they viewed as potentially illegal under the law, and overreaching in that it attempted to supersede federal law; something they didn’t believe they had the authority to do.

Lawrence County Commissioner Eric Jennings moved to reject the petition on the grounds that, “this petition violates state and federal law and the proposed ordinances must be within the power of the county commission to adopt and these are not.”

“While there has been a lot of discussion today about voting tabulation machines, hand counting, and complying with state and federal voting laws, the issue that we’re dealing with is if the petition submitted violates federal or state law,” Jennings said.

Read the entire story here.

And that appears to be a potentially fatal flaw in many of the initiated county level measures being brought by election truthers and ballot counting machine conspiracists.

They are not going to get counties to move against federal laws, such as (HAVA) the Help America Vote Act  and they are really not going to be successful if somebody sues under the (ADA) Americans with Disabilities Act.