Shad Olson moves closer to trial for aggravated domestic abuse/strangulation

The Shad Olson S**t Show looks like his court case will continue though at least August, as motions were granted in the case this week:

He is charged with domestic abuse aggravated assault/strangulation, for an incident in February of this year.


The judge granted all motions heard including a motion of discovery for tangible evidence, a motion to disclose witnesses, a motion for expert testimony, and a motion for investigation.

Read the story here on KOTA News

7 thoughts on “Shad Olson moves closer to trial for aggravated domestic abuse/strangulation”

  1. a victim of the 2009 tea party wave. he was still in the realm of the normal egomaniacs before that social movement came to be.

  2. Wait, what?!? Shad Olson is now somehow a “victim” – like Jesus and Donald Trump?? WTF? Please come down from whatever that stuff is. Yeesh!

  3. Good. Don’t believe Jesus ever strangled his wife. Nor Trump either, though he has been revealed to have a plethora of other behaviors.

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