Release: Who’s the Real Republican? Casey Murschel Claps Back at Jon Hansen’s Gatekeeping

Who’s the Real Republican? Casey Murschel Claps Back at Jon Hansen’s Gatekeeping

Supporting Freedom Amendment G is True GOP – SDSU Poll Shows 77% of Voters, Including 66% of Republicans, Say No to Forcing Rape Victims to Give Birth, Which is Current Law in SD

Sioux Falls, SD…Former Republican State Representative and chair of the newly formed Republicans for Freedom Amendment G, Casey Murschel, today released the following statement in reply to Representative Jon Hansen who charged in a statement emailed to South Dakota media yesterday that Murschel “might be registered ‘Republican’” but is “as much of a far left liberal as it gets.”

Statement by Casey Murschel:

“Right to Life official and State Legislator Jon Hansen says he represents all Republicans when he says South Dakota’s total abortion ban must stand and charges that I am not a real Republican.

Who put Jon Hansen in charge of deciding who is Republican enough? I don’t recall the voter registration form asking if Jon Hansen gave me permission to register as a Republican. I am not claiming to speak for all Republicans. Our intention as Republicans for Freedom Amendment G is to show how Freedom Amendment G is consistent with Republican support for smaller government and individual liberty. We reject the current ban and the extremist view that women who have been raped should be required by law to give birth. That is not the view of most real Republicans.

I and my group, Republicans for Freedom Amendment G, intend to prove that the numerous surveys showing large majorities of Republicans nationwide and here in South Dakota are against requiring a woman who has been raped to give birth, and are in favor of a more moderate Restore Roe approach, are accurate and reflect the real Republicanism in which I and they believe. We shall see, in the campaign on Freedom Amendment G, and in the election returns this November, which of us better understands and represents what South Dakota Republicans, and particularly Republican women, really want.”

SDSU December 2023 Poll on Abortion

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  1. I object to Murschel speaking for Republicans. Most Republicans understand that rape and incest are very rare as far as abortions go. Trying to use exceptions as a rule is a democrat tactic. This abortion bill would allow abortions up until birth and most Americans are against that.

    1. Exceptions are for rare things. If the law had originally included them, there would be no amendment to worry about

    2. 20,000 registered Republicans signed the Roe v Wade petition, latest poll states 46% of Republicans stated they were for Amendment G, and 42% of people polled who said they were voting for Trump also said they were for Amendment G. This is a non-partisan issue.
      In the past SDGOP had several pro-choice legislators. Joni Cutler, Deb Soholt, Larry Tiedamann, Craig Tieszen. SD has voted twice to keep abortion legal. Both times the vast majority voted to keep government out of homes and bodies. The vast majority of SD voters trust their mothers, daughters, friends to make their medical decisions without government intrusion. In both 2006 and 2008 those abortion bans lost by 10%, pretty wild considering there are more registered Republicans than registered Democrats, that means those wins were carried by Republican voters.

    3. “I am not claiming to speak for all Republicans.”

      I guess you missed this portion of her statement … but carry on.

      1. Does Jon Hansen get to decide what is rape now too? Jeez, this guy has all the skills, he should just live our lives for us.

      2. 64k rape pregnancies in Texas?
        How many cases of human rabies?

        What do rape and animal bites have in common?
        They both have 72 hours in which to obtain effective prophylaxis, that’s what.
        If it takes you more than 72 hours to realize you have been raped or bitten by an animal, something is really wrong with you.
        For rape, there is Plan B, for an animal bite, there is rabies immune globulin.
        Since rape is more traumatic than most animal bites, it should be easier to remember that it happened.

  2. I’m sure Wackadoodle Media aka The Dakota Scout will feature Jon Hanson on this important topic.

  3. Is this the same Casey Murschel who is apparently unable to decide if she is a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent?? One wonders that if she had spent more time working on legislation to encourage and promote adoption, rather than trying to decide which political party she belonged to, she wouldn’t have found the need to fight for this proposed Amendment which authorizes taking the life of the Innocent and Defenseless unborn.
    When you vote, be reminded of the words of God Almighty…”This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you LIFE and DEATH, blessings and curses. Now CHOOSE LIFE, so that you and your children may live (Deuteronomy 30:19)

    1. The Quran has some neat passages which seem relevant to this issue.
      Would it be OK that we use those in forming our government policy?

      1. In America people of ALL faiths are allowed to practice, exercise, and voice their religious views. Just so you are aware, they are also constitutionally entitled to take their religious views into the voting booth with them and, if they wish, vote according to their religious views. This applies to all faiths; Christians, Jews and, as you refer, Muslims.

  4. Republican legislator Jan Nicolay was proudly pro-choice, and she was instrumental in defeating the 2006 and 2008 abortion bans. Jon Hansen is worried, his $200k+ Decline to Sign tactic didn’t work, Dakotans for Health turned in over 20,000 more signatures than needed. His signature withdrawal tactic didn’t work, ZERO signatures were removed by that tactic. Now in a desperate attempt to kick Amendment G off the ballot since their other tactics failed miserably, they’re suing Dakotans for Health to kick Amendment G off the ballot. There’s a hearing July 15th to hear D4H motion to dismiss, and it’s only scheduled for an hour, so only the motion to dismiss will be discussed. Jon and Leslee Unruh are desperate, and wasting their supporter’s money, as evidenced in Pat Power’s and Lee Shoenbeck’s previous posts on this blog.

  5. Rape is a crime. So is the destruction of evidence of a crime. The whole “abortion after rape” argument blows up as abortion facilities do not preserve the evidence nor do they report the sexual abuse of minors when encountering pregnant underage girls. And they have made it clear they don’t want to do that, as they are in the business of protecting rapists.
    Who are we kidding here? If a woman claims she was raped but didn’t report it at the time, shouldn’t she be required to identify her assailant? Shouldn’t she want DNA evidence collected?
    Likewise, if a child under the age of consent is pregnant, a crime has been committed. Medical providers are mandatory reporters. The DNA of the baby is the evidence against the perpetrator.
    The law should require the evidence be handed directly to a law enforcement officer.

    Just try that and watch the abortion providers howl in protest about confidentiality. They want to protect the rapists, not the victims.

    abortion is acceptable only as an abstraction
    If people actually were forced to watch one they would be horrified.
    Demonstrations could be provided using small animals chopped up in a blender, hamsters will do.
    The little critter will try to escape the blades by jumping but as the back feet are cut off, jumping becomes impossible. You will see the look of extreme fear and pain in his eyes as he remains conscious while his hind quarters and lower body are hacked to pieces, finally loosing consciousness as he loses enough blood. The head and face are the last body parts to be pureed.
    Too tough to watch?

    1. Anne probably agrees with Todd Akin, “if it is legitimate rape, the female body shuts that whole thing down”. So, if she enjoyed it, that’s probably how she got pregnant. Furthermore, lets force her to have the baby, but set up society to make it as hard as possible. Childcare and groceries will be paid for by us (taxpayers), but we will complain to no end and try to stop it, just to keep her stress level to the max. We can put her in some high density government subsidized housing, right next to those EB5 visa holders from Mexico that are here to help political donors make more profit in their businesses. If she wants to make more money to be able to survive easier, she should have tried harder to get into the “inner party”, or prayed more.

      Also, lets keep up with avoiding education and contraception. If we don’t teach people how babies are made, and we make it as tough as we can for them to get contraception, we can ensure our power over people. We have interpreted a book to say “no sex before marriage” and that shall be forced upon you all!

      1. “legitimate rape” is the kind that is reported at the time, not two months after the fact, when a woman realizes she’s pregnant and then suddenly remembers she was raped.

        If you believe such stories you’re an idiot.

        Plan B contraception prevents ovulation and therefore conception. It needs to be taken right away, after unprotected sex has occurred. If a woman has really been raped, she knows it, and can get Plan B. True rape victims don’t need abortions.

        Statutory rape is a different matter, as the underage female cannot be expected to understand what has happened to her and what she should do about it. In that case the abortion provider is a mandatory reporter and the minor needs to be referred to child protective services, and not sent back home with the stepfather or whoever it was who raped her.

        1. How the hell would you know, Anne? I know you have these delusions that you can control everyone’s lives, and know everyone’s circumstances, but you can’t and don’t. You are the idiot for thinking this way. A simple solution for all you MAGA people is just mind your own damn business. You found some religion that really works for you, great, it doesn’t need to work for me, I’m fine already. Quit trying to make your delusions law for everyone.

          1. well I know a lot about biology, for one thing.
            As for Todd Akin’s “weird” statement about rape and pregnancy, fertility specialists have known for years that stress interferes with ovulation, due to elevated cortisol levels, and is a problem when treating women who have had difficulty conceiving. So in fact, “nature”:
            does have a way of shutting things down.
            But if traumatic stress & the resulting elevated cortisol levels don’t
            work, there is Levonorgestrel, AKA Plan B. If taken after unprotected sex, it prevents ovulation.
            When a woman is “legitimately” raped (curious term, but I get what he means, when a woman immediately reports a rape to law enforcement as opposed to deciding she must have been raped but it took her a month the remember it) she can get Plan B, usually without a prescription, at a drug store, even if she doesn’t report it to law enforcement or go to a hospital ED.
            So women who have been “legitimately” raped can take Plan B and don’t get pregnant, don’t need abortions.
            Why you think this has anything to do with religion is weird.

            1. You think plan B is going to be around much longer? Anne, the end game is to control everything happening in our bedrooms because sex is so taboo to the religious cult.

  6. Casey Murschel seems like a nice lady. But the only time I ever hear about her is when she is supporting some left-wing candidate or position as part of a “Republicans for” announcement. If not for the ability to do that, I very much doubt she would still be a Republican. \

    She is a former executive director of NARAL Pro-Choice South Dakota. She endorsed Jamie Smith over Kristi Noem. Give me a break.

  7. A total ban on abortion is the only way to go for this reason.

    If a rape occurs and a pregnancy ensues, we should kill the child because a terrible crime occurred? Since when is it right to punish an innocent 3rd party (child) because someone committed a heinous crime. The baby can be put up for adoption and yes I am sure it will be difficult emotionally to carry a child to term in the case of rape but, killing an innocent child is not the solution

              1. Lar to my understanding is allowed 1 hour of internet access per day with good behavior at the facility where he is held at.

    1. rape can be followed by Plan B. If it takes you more than 24 hours to remember you have had unprotected sex, you have no brain.

  8. Those of us who understand that the only thing that happens at the moment of birth is the onset of pulmonary function (the umbilical cord is cut, the foramen ovale closes, the heart’s circulation shifts, and the lungs fill with air) are accused of imposing some kind of religion on the people who think what is in the womb is Schrodinger’s dead cat, and at the moment of birth, a miracle happens and the previously dead cat is transformed into a living human being.

    Who is imposing their religion on whom?

    1. To be classified as a living thing, an object must have all six of the following characteristics:

      It responds to the environment.
      It grows and develops.
      It produces offspring.
      It maintains homeostasis.
      It has complex chemistry.
      It consists of cells.

      This was cited in Casey, and made perfect consistent scientific sense. It is only when you try to confuse with religious interpretation or random facts (e.g. a circulatory system) that you suddenly create life. If they sent you to Mars, think of all the life you could find under your belief system! Unfortunately, for the rest of us, who follow scientific principles and logic, we have yet to find life on Mars.

      1. “It responds to the environment.
        It grows and develops.
        It produces offspring.
        It maintains homeostasis.
        It has complex chemistry.
        It consists of cells.”

        A fetus demonstrates every one of these characteristics except for producing offsprings. which in most cases will in time (if they are allowed to live).

        1. It does not maintain homeostasis, this is the viability argument made in PP v. Casey that was thrown out with Dobbs. A fertilized egg is not life in any situation, regardless of how many poorly made analogies regarding quantum superposition (Schrodinger’s Cat) are presented from those who don’t understand the theory of quantum mechanics anyway. We are going to let states define what they consider life now, which may some day mean masturbation is murder.

          People need to read the law and develop their own opinions. It amazes me how many followers are looking for a talking head or preacher to tell them how to think. You can do it, just think, and make your own opinion, sure it may contradict how “your party” wants you to think, but be free, it is liberating!

          1. by that definition you cease to be a living organism when under general anesthesia
            especially if you are having cardiac surgery, when you not only stop breathing (as everyone under general anesthesia does) your heart stops beating. You’re not maintaining homeostasis at all, so while you are on the table and the surgeons are working on you, you cease to be a living organism. You’re dead.

            As for the requirement of “grows & develops” that process ceases at about the same time as it produces offspring.
            Very few of us have done both at the same time.

            1. Do you really think ones heart stops or breathing ceases under general anesthesia? What an idiot, no onset why in all of your bothering you don’t make any good points.

              1. Anonymous at 3:41, google “perfusionist.”

                It’s a profession. They don’t stand around in the OR playing video games.

                They take over when your heart stops beating during cardiac surgery. During procedures that do not involve the heart, but require that you hold still. an anesthetist or anesthesiologist takes care of your respirations because you are paralyzed and are not breathing.

      2. I haven’t done any growing since 1966. Haven’t produced any offspring since 1984.
        There are millions of boomers like me, who don’t qualify as living organisms according to this.

  9. Abortion is, in my mind, just a terrible issue to put into the political sphere. It is, in my mind after three quarters of a century knocking around this world, a life challenge that is nobody’s business but the woman involved. There should be some legal responsibility for the man involved.But it must be the woman’s decision and the woman’s decision alone.

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