Citizens for Liberty doubles down again. Now they’re just making stuff up.

Oops, I did it again.

Apparently I’ve bent time, space and reality… especially reality… and am somehow being directly blamed for expunging voter data by the allegedly conservative group who keeps releasing information through former liberal Democrat State Senate Candidate Cory Heidelberger:

Citizens for Liberty claims that finding those voter registration records was made more difficult by …. Pat Powers himself and his former boss Jason Gant, who as Secretary of State allegedly ordered the destruction of voter registration information archived in Pierre that documented changes of voter registration as people moved from county to county:

Our requests to the Yankton and Brown County auditors specifically about Representative Hunhoff and Senator Novstrup elicited the attached voter registration cards. Our efforts to research our elected officials were made difficult due to the multiple decades worth of voter registration information expunged by SOS Gant & Mr. Powers [SDCFL, 2017.10.10].

If you must, go to the pot blog and read that here.

They claimed that there was somehow “multiple decades worth of voter registration information expunged” by myself and Jason Gant?. I’m not sure what proof they have of that claim, especially the fact that any record retention requirements are going to be laid out in administrative rule and in law.

That claim has as much merit as when Shawn Tornow tried to get me to testify because he thought I could control telephones as part of the Dan Willard robocall trial.

In other words, it’s so ludicrous it beggars the imagination.  If we could introduce a couple of facts, which are pesky things for the moronically challenged:

The false claim that somehow I “ordered the destruction of voter registration information archived in Pierre.”   Unfortunately, those making the claim fail to understand that there IS NO VOTER REGISTRATION INFORMATION ARCHIVED IN PIERRE.

It ignores the fact that these records are not those of the state, but they belong to, and are supervised by the counties, who would be in charge of managing any retention schedule or destruction process.

I also can’t help but ask how my name is getting drug into their wild accusations, other than writing about Citizen’s For Liberty’s bumbling attacks on Republicans as my time with the Secretary of State had nothing to do with elections.

While I was there, I was the boring guy who wrote the blue book, managed a few staff members under administrative services, such as the lobbyist person / notary person, etc., and sent things out to archives so they could be preserved.

Coming as it has after the negative press they received yesterday, it seems like all of this a lot of deflection and flak that the group is throwing out via their allies the liberal democrats, who are happy to use it to attack the GOP.

Maybe we need to take a harder look at why this is so. Because they both seem to have the same goal of defeating Republicans.

8 thoughts on “Citizens for Liberty doubles down again. Now they’re just making stuff up.”

  1. Well it seems from the pot blog Shawn Tornow might be running against Sen. Soholt and a reason for the posting about her.

    Well Pat nothing can be there fault, it must be your fault 🙂

  2. In 2010 I got my list of District 20 voters from the Secretary of State for a price of $100.

      1. No, because District 20 consists of more than one county. It would be nice if each county had its own state representative.

    1. I agree totally. The deification of Corker began when he became a foreign policy lackey for Obama.

      And, unfortunately for Corker, he bet wrong and his only chance at re-election was with Trump’s endorsement. When Trump withheld it, Corker pouted because he bet wrong when he went with Obama’s foreign policy.

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