12 thoughts on “Dakota Posts on running down Republicans”

  1. Tara are you sure it would be best for Lora to seek the SD Republican Party nomination after you slammed Pat, Dan and the SD Republican Party over at DFP? Very Nelsonian move. The Constitution Party just seems to be a better fit for Lora over there. Anti-vaxxers and plenty of conspiracy theorists there. Lora was Chair a year ago?

  2. I think it is great to have another choice. Lora has a thick skin and she is one tough broad! We need someone that will fight for SD, not just the big doners.

    1. Yeah he does. At this point, I think Stace Nelson is a Democrat double agent consciously identifying himself as a Conservative while he colludes with the Democrats, votes with Democrats, and tries to smear Republicans. He even accused John Wiik on the floor. People who follow him are just dumb.

    1. Yeah. I noticed Stace was against the Senate Joint Resolution for an Article V convention of states. Democrats hate that plan.

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