Democrats already writing off Jay Williams

From the Mitchell Daily Republic, one long time former Democrat legislator has already written off Jay Williams. Possibly because Williams has campaigned so poorly, he can’t think of his name:

During a visit from Thune to former state legislator Mel Olson’s Advanced Placement government course at Mitchell High School on Monday, Olson predicted Thune would earn 76 percent of the vote in a race against Democratic challenger Jay Williams for a spot in the U.S. Senate.

“I mean, I’m a Democrat, and I can’t remember the guy’s name that you’re running against,” Olson joked.


williams“I believe the voters of South Dakota want to have a real choice in this election, and my campaign is giving them that choice,” Williams said.

If that choice is to elect Thune by a 76-24 percent margin, as Olson suggests, Thune would best Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard’s sweeping victory over Democratic challenger Susan Wismer in the 2014 gubernatorial race in which Daugaard won the support of 70.47 of South Dakota voters.

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4 thoughts on “Democrats already writing off Jay Williams”

  1. Yeah, Jay, the choice is somebody who dislikes American values-you-and somebody who doesn’t-Thune. I think that’s a pretty clear choice, don’t you?

    I don’t wish you good luck in the election, Jay, since I’m more concerned about my kids and their future than about how well you do in the voting.

  2. Was there a single person who actually thought Thune would be seriously challenged by Jay Williams? I’m surprised that Thune agreed to any debates since this is a huge mismatch.

    Unless the Dems can develop a bench, a “carpetbagger” may be their best hope for a competitve race against Rounds in 2020.

  3. I applaud Sen. Thune’s decision to debate. It goes to why he will win big. He knows, trusts, and isn’t afraid of the voters.

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