Gov promises veto on this years’ bathroom bill

Sounds like this years’ bathroom bill is ‘no go’ as well, as far as the governor is concerned.

South Dakota Gov. Dennis Daugaard says he would veto legislation restricting which locker rooms transgender students can use.

The Republican said Thursday he’d veto the bill if it gets to his desk. He says any concerns about privacy can be met at the local level.

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Well, that didn’t take long!

Should schools be able to to make up their own minds and formulate solutions? Or should there be a mandate from state government on how to handle those situations?

20 thoughts on “Gov promises veto on this years’ bathroom bill”

  1. Strange how the governor wants state control for such as texting but wants local control for something like boys in girls lockers while naked.

  2. I’m not surprised by Daugaard’s decision. He doesn’t need to hold out for any big tax increases this year.

    I love Dale Bartscher but he was not savvy enough to realize that he had bargaining power last year. This year he will probably pass it or it will get killed in committee because it’s DOA anyway. If he could have had Scott Craig and Josh Klumb negotiate last year then Daugaard might (might) have signed it begrudgingly. Both of them voted for the tax increase and then Daugaard vetoed this type of bill minutes later.

    Bartscher had all the leverage. A year ago. Not this year. He is good at what he does but he is not cut out for the lobbing aspect of FHA. They should send Scott Craig during session. He knows a lot about the process and knows the issues that can be passed. Bringing this bill again this year makes the FHA look weak. It’s DOA.

    1. If Dale could bring back Josh Duggar again and have Josh testify as to the threat those transgenders pose it may just tip the balance to override the Governors veto.

      1. I think he should bring in Caitlin Jenner and ask her what her experience was like going potty in the Ladies bathroom at the President’s Trump Tower.

  3. Local issue – completely. The best answers are those negotiated by those closest to the situation.

  4. Do local schools have the power to handle the issue at their level? Wasn’t this recently dictated by big Daddy federal department of education by unilaterally reinterpreting title 9? Maybe the incoming administration can reverse that but it still stands last I knew.

  5. If the only thing the legislature is going to concern themselves with is who is doing what in the bedrooms and bathrooms then they need to adjourn for the year.

    1. As the father of three young kids, I don’t see this as a waste of time, Anne; I think they are probably doing more things that will seem important to you, and some of them will probably be super important in your eyes.

  6. It is too bad the governor feels this way. Personally, all of my kids are out of school, but I can tell you if my kids had to deal with someone from the opposite sex sharing a locker with them, there would be some action. I am fairly certain if this ever comes to a head, there will be litigation. I understand there are people who are truly confused about their gender, but that does not give them the right to make other people uncomfortable and possibly tramatized.

    1. Personally, all of my 4 kids are out of school, but I can tell you if my kids had to deal with someone from the opposite sex sharing a locker room they would just leave and let them shower by themselves. They would never be traumatized. They would probably just come home and laugh. Helps them to think for themselves, make quick decisions, and prepares them for the real world. My freshman in college was gay and she was petrified to tell me until 10 years after college because she though I would disown her as a friend. Well, she is still my friend.

      1. ” if my kids had to deal with someone from the opposite sex sharing a locker room they would just leave and let them shower by themselves.” And this statement shows that your kids agree someone from the opposite sex sharing a locker room is not normal.
        I don’t really care about whether someone believes he or she is gay. So what? But when a middle school or a freshman or possibly sophomore in high school girl has to share a locker room with a boy, I see a problem. Asking someone that age to deal with this kind of situation is not the kind of thing we should be asking them to. And I can promise you, boys in a locker room would probably really like to see a girl undressing in the locker room, even if she does think she is a boy.
        Children should not be the pawns that we do our social experiments with. Let’s keep that with the adults. You can feel free to allow your kids to be social experiments, but down the road we will be dealing with a whole new set of problems because of the damage we are doing today.

  7. ……and what would Noem and/or Jackley do on this issue? They should be asked they are running for governor after all….

    1. I believe Jackley is using the fear mongering bathroom bill strategy to gain votes and fundraising. It is probably the oldest political tool there is. “I will protect you from…….”

  8. This is yet another solution to a problem that does not exist. School districts in South Dakota have been handling this on a case by case basis keeping it respectful for all parties and as least disruptive as possible.

    If somehow the ballot initiative succeeds in creating wide spread fear of something that does not exist and it passes than South Dakota runs the risk of the following North Carolina in regards to economic consequences.

  9. What bathroom bill, what’s it number? I only know of a shower/locker room bill. So why not state what it is, not what the liberals want it called.

    1. There are plenty of showers to go around for everybody. I don’t know of one transgender athlete in SD.

  10. Every school board in South Dakota needs to pass a comprehensive gender specific privation policy written by LRC after having been demanded by the group of legislators in favor of the bill in question. It then won’t matter what happens in Pierre.

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