Haugaard for Governor actually basing campaign against business and education. No, I’m not kidding.

If you start digging into the “Haugaard for Governor campaign website” for his gubernatorial effort launched today, you quickly come to a couple of conclusions.

#1.. They could have proofed the website more closely..

People are my priority? People are the priority?

“…outside special interest groups the interests of South Dakotans.”   I think someone slopped through this.

#2.. and the bigger point, the campaign theme of “South Dakota First” is focused against business and education.

And I’m not being glib here. Someone thought that campaigning against business and education was the way to go, and based an entire political campaign around it. If you look at his South Dakota First Page, in part, it’s literally a manifesto against business and education:

As South Dakotans, we cherish our communities, family farms, ranches, and small businesses.

But our rights, liberties, and freedoms are currently under assault by the extreme progressive left. 

The axis of Big Tech, Big Business, Big Education, and Hollywood have changed our culture dramatically just in the past decade.

Today, large multinational corporations are dictating how we should live, how our children are raised, and what values our children should be taught.

Parental rights are being swept aside in favor of what Big Business, Big Tech, left-wing academics and university administrators, and Hollywood want. And our leaders just go along with it.

Read that here.

And it’s not just there. It’s in the metatag for the web page:

<meta name=”descriptioncontent=”The axis of Big Tech, Big Business, Big ED, and Hollywood have changed our culture dramatically just in the past decade. South Dakota FIRST!” />

How big does a business have to be to earn his ire?  What is he going to do about “big business?” Regulate them more?

And what does he mean by “Big ED,” or “Big Education?” Are Division I schools bad, but Mount Marty is ok? And what about Northern? They’re not D1, but they just built a new stadium – are they somewhere in the middle? Are his family members prohibited from seeking higher education at this point?

The focus of the Haugaard campaign being against business and education might be one of the looniest things I’ve heard in a long time, especially so for a campaign theme.

If Haugaard is against business and education, what exactly is he for? Because that doesn’t leave a lot of options.

With the opposite of business being socialism and the opposite of education being ignorance, I can guarantee you that’s nothing any Republican I know would want to support.

14 thoughts on “Haugaard for Governor actually basing campaign against business and education. No, I’m not kidding.”

  1. If Mr. Haugaard is elected South Dakota will be an even more dark and depressing place. If elected will Governor Haugarrd mandate a statewide dress code for girls and women? Boys and men?

    1. And where are you basing your opinion from, I have read no such thing that Haugarrd would do this? I think you are trying to discredit him because you either don’t like him or working for Nemo.

  2. I knew a Big guy named Ed once. Served in the Legislature from Mitchell. Why is Haugaard against Big Ed?

    1. Are you sure that’s not ED? He might be against big viagra, because there’s a generic version available.

  3. I think a lot of parents know what “Big Education” is and they don’t like it. It’s teachers and school boards which are unresponsive to their concerns about what is, and isn’t, being taught. It’s the experts telling the parents that they know best what the kids should be learning, and then feigning surprise when those same kids go off to college and need remediation.

    1. As I alluded to, I don’t see that running against teachers is a winning issue. School boards are representative government. Don’t like what they do? Vote them out.

    2. I’ve been teaching U.S. History for about 5 years in Texas… if I REALLY wanted to “indoctrinate” my students, it would be for such things as turning in assignments on time, studying for tests, and NOT doing TikTok-inspired “Devious Licks”.

      Oh, an occasional Cherry Coke Zero from Sonic is always appreciated! LOL

      1. you teach in Texas?
        So how are the students doing there?
        In South Dakota, 30% of incoming freshman at our state colleges and universities require remediation, as in literacy and mathematics. They don’t teach that stuff in the public schools, apparently. They are teaching things like socialism and diversity nonsense, and then the kids go to college and spend thousands of dollars to learn what they should have learned for free in high school.
        And people wonder why parents are angry?

  4. I haven’t gone through the entire site, yet.

    I agree with Pat, they should have proofed it better before taking it live.

    Two minor things I noticed right away:

    1. No contact information on the page. I suppose if I dig enough I could find something, but nothing on front page.

    2. What’s up with the Favicon? I can barely make out what it is supposed to be.

    I’ll be back with more later after I go through the entire site.

  5. Anyone notice how similar Haugaard’s logo is to Kristi’s? He basically moved the stars to the left a few spaces, turned the design all blue, and added “For” in front of Governor.

  6. Mr Powers, if the opposite of education is ignorance, what do you call three young adults behind the counter at Brookings’ Culver’s trying to figure out how many quarters are in a $10 roll?
    SDSU students?
    How much will we have to pay teachers to get them to teach arithmetic?

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