Liz Cheney uses Dad, former Vice President, to appeal to GOP voters to reject Donald Trump

This is the political ad that’s getting national and international attention today. As Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney enlists her father to appeal to voters to reject Donald Trump:

The former President holds great sway among Republican voters. Will the appeal of the former Vice President catapult his daughter into the Congressional seat?

Probably not, but it shows the divide in the GOP that future candidates have to navigate in running at a national level.

32 thoughts on “Liz Cheney uses Dad, former Vice President, to appeal to GOP voters to reject Donald Trump”

  1. I have been expecting this ad for a while.

    She may lose her primary but she seeks the truth. And Dick Cheney is right… most of you, deep down, know it.

  2. Liz Cheney’s dad, Dick Cheney, is a globalist-controlled, NeoCon, warmongering POS who should NOT be trusted by ANY standard. The mere mention of his name wants mee to projectile vomit. I hope his daughter is drop-kicked from her current role as Wyoming’s Represenative to Congress. She’s a mess and her devout anti-Trumpism colors her judgment. Retch…

    1. OK Sam… name one state where you can prove that the election was stolen in 2020. I will wait. Can Taffy Howard name one? Anybody?

      1. Where did he (Sam) state anything in his post about a stolen election in 2020? Cut and paste the specific portion in your reply (I know that cutting and pasting is difficult for you but please give it a shot for once).

        We will wait.

        1. The whole January 6th investigation stems from Trump’s claims of a stolen election. Did you miss the news for the last year and a half?

          1. Cut and paste the SPECIFIC phrase he used…..can’t do it can you? Another example of elk making a claim and not being able to back it up.

            Oh, and as long as YOU brought up the Jan 6 investigation…..if you were accused of let’s say armed robbery, would you want the investigation/trial to be administered and prosecuted in the same manner as the Jan 6 group is doing? No witnesses counter to the accusation, no cross examination, and evidence that is not favorable to the accusation not being allowed into the review. Or would you be of the mindset this is unconstitutional? Because that is exactly what Liz Chaney and company are doing.

            I guess we will continue to wait for the specific phrase.

            1. Oh and let’s not forget that in addition to the above, all of the jurors that have been seated have openly expressed a disdain for you and have actively tried to ruin you.

            2. And almost all of those testifying are Republicans too. Trump staff and Trump appointees. They’re saying he was OK with Pence being hunted down. And he knew the mob was armed.

              His own people are saying this.

              You keep following that guy. I won’t.

        2. Elk did not say Sam said anything about the election.

          Cheney says in the ad that “[Trump] tried to steal the last election using lies and violence to keep himself in power after the voters had rejected him. He is a coward. A real man wouldn’t lie to his supporters. He lost his election and he lost big. I know it, he knows it and, deep down, I think most Republicans know it.”

          1. elk says: August 5, 2022 at 10:58 am
            OK Sam… name one state where you can prove that the election was stolen in 2020

            Nope didn’t say a thing did he?

        3. This is an unreasonable burden of proof.

          If you think elections are not regularly stolen, you are an anti-conspiracy theorist, and in an extreme minority at this point.

          The world’s oldest religion should stop waving its hands so much, yeah? You’ll get tired shoulders, and you need your breath to keep up this feverish pace of gaslighting.

          I do have a book that answers your question and meets a sufficient threshold to implicate Pence and Thune as bag men in the biggest crime in the history of the world.

          If you don’t buy a copy, read it, and address the information therein, you should STFU about a lack of “proof” of election fraud.

      2. What kind of dumb-ass are you?

        I’m commenting about father-daughter Cheneys of Wyoming. I’m discussing the moral fitness (or lack thereof) of Dick and Liz Cheney…

        I made ZERO mention of Trump’s 2020 election 🗳 result.

        You obviously are “intellectually dishonest”… otherwise you’d stick to topic at hand.

        Go practice your nasty goading elsewhere.

        1. Did I claim you said something about the 2020 election? Noooo, I did not. Read it again.

          I am asking that you justify your attacks on the lady who is seeking the truth. She is putting people Trump’s people UNDER OATH and getting answers.

          There is no election fraud sufficient to overturn even one state. Trump made it up and caused all of this. Not Liz Cheney.

          Why aren’t you angry at the one who sent the mob to beat up the capitol police and hunt down the VP? Try answering that.

        2. Sam says: “I’m discussing the moral fitness of Dick and Liz Cheney”

          That is funny. Really.

        3. Compared to Trump and his zipper that can’t stay up, moral fitness not the best grounds to argue on.

          1. Please elk take this one on if you have the stones!! I will buy tickets for this and thoroughly enjoy watching elk trip all over his tongue.

          2. Your interview is only one hour and twelve minutes long, Mr. Dale. My Pillow’s Mike Lindell was much more thorough with his conference. He had a three day SYMPOSIUM on the subject!

            Now that was something.

    2. oh good…someone repeating the talking points of Tucker Carlson, Shawn Hannity, et al.

      1. Oh good….a DFP fanboy….so which one are you? Larry, MFIdiot, Jerry, Bonnie, or the “professor” from the glorified clown school?

  3. An effective ad. Probably won’t help though. He looks in fair health. Good to see. He was a great Republican Senator and great Republican VP.

  4. Dick “Halliburton” Cheney single-handedly convinced the president to invade Iraq while making over $200 million a year personally from the company that made billions and billions from the war in Iraq.
    The best thing Cheney ever did while VP was tell a sitting senator where to go who needed to hear it!!

    1. Whatever else one thinks of VP Cheney and his role in the GWOT/War in Iraq, he and GW Bush did come up with a contingency plan in case those wars started going predictably bad. It was something called the Halliburton Rule. This rule allowed oil and gas fracking to be exempt to certain portions of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Combine that with the high crude oil+gasoline prices of 2008, which helped provide working capital to the likes of Continental Resources and EOG Resources, and you have the situation we have today. Namely, that your neighbors in North Dakota now live in a fairly wealthy state. Not to mention, this nation is now #1 in the world when it comes to both oil and natural gas production, and is now around #1 or #2 in the world in the amount of Liquefied Natural Gas that is exported. Heck, did any of us around even 10 years ago think we would be trying to bail out Europe with our domestic energy?

      As for the VP’s daughter’s re-election bid: Sorry, Mr. Cheney, but we’re not going back to the era of the Indispensible Nation with the Indispensible President anytime soon.

  5. This life long Republican would vote for Liz Cheney in a heart beat!! Her record is of being one of the most consistent supporters of Trump, until January 6. She is the voice of reason. Trump is a narcissistic bully!! I held my nose twice to vote for him, knowing the other choice was worse. Never again!!

  6. It’s just really crazy how lifelong, conservative Repubs like the Cheneys are now considered “RINOs” simply because they no longer suck up to your dear orange leader. He’s taking your party down with him.

    1. If Harry Whittington was still around he’d tell you who was REALLY dangerous with a 28-guage shotgun, a twelve-pack, and a couple of party girls alongside.

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