More postcards from the field.

Lots of stuff out there hitting mail boxes in the last couple of days.

Jon Hansen has a piece out for his re-election..

As do the Republicans in District 11..


State Senator Blake Curd is talking to people about his re-election:


And it looks like voters in District 9 are reminded of State Rep. Michael Saba’s sponsorship of the Anti-vaxxer measure, House Bill 1235, in a huge 6×11 mailer.

4 thoughts on “More postcards from the field.”

  1. Enough laws An rules. Let’s take a break. Let people live by their rules. We don’t need any more. Legislators can all stay home in 2021

  2. Billy the Kid lived by his own rules. He killed 17 people I have read. That’s the kind of law and order we need these days. Just think how safe you would feel going to the grocery store if everyone had their own gun.

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