Release: Recall Petitions turned into Baltic City Hall


BALTIC, SD – Today South Dakotans for Transparent Government has turned in the petitions to set an election regarding the recall of Mayor Deborah McIsaac.

The signature requirement for the petition is 15% of the voters at the last general election, which in the case of Baltic would be 136. South Dakotans for Transparent Government gathered 163signatures, or over 115% of the requirement.

“These petitions are proof that there is community support for the recall effort” said Jamie Ingemansen, chair of South Dakotans for Transparent Government. “The citizens of Baltic arec learly ready for a change, and we look forward to the election date being announced and overcoming any obstacles that stand in the way.”

Mayor McIsaac has stated that she intends to challenge the grounds on which the recall is based.Per South Dakota law, she is prohibited from using city resources for a political purpose, including any city legal resources or special counsel.

South Dakotans for Transparent Government looks forward to the acceptance of the signatures from the Baltic City Council.

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