Release: Noem Showcases Experience in First Statewide Ad Campaign

Noem Showcases Experience in First Statewide Ad Campaign

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kristi Noem today announced a statewide radio, television, and online advertising campaign. The 60-second ad, which is set to begin running Friday, highlights her experience as a farmer, rancher, business owner, mother, and conservative policymaker.

“Ask people about Kristi Noem and they’ll tell you: She embodies South Dakota,” explains the narrator. “She grew up on her family’s farm and ranch, doing the jobs that build character. A farmer, rancher and small business owner, Kristi passed that same strong work ethic on to her three children. In Congress, Kristi’s taken a no nonsense, conservative approach to problem solving, making every decision with South Dakota families in mind.”


Noem grew up in rural Hamlin County. When her father died in a farming accident, she returned home to run the family’s ag operation. In the years that followed, Noem opened a hunting lodge, helped manage her mother’s restaurant, and owned an insurance business with her husband.

In 2006, Noem was elected to the state legislature and in her second term was chosen by her colleagues as Assistant Majority Leader.

In 2010, South Dakotans elected Noem to serve as the state’s lone representative in the U.S. House. Promising to serve less than a decade, Noem got to work, passing a five-year Farm Bill, reducing regulations, reversing the Democrats’ spending splurge to save nearly $1 trillion, and working with President Trump to enact historic tax cuts. In President Trump’s words, he and Noem were “warriors together” in the battle to enact a tax reform package that left more money in the pockets of hardworking Americans.

That experience has prepared Noem to lead South Dakota, reduce violent crime, improve our schools, and grow the state’s economy to keep the best and brightest in South Dakota. Click to view the ad:


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  1. YES. Finally a qualified, experienced, intelligent, articulate candidate. She’ll be a great governor.

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