Rounds for Senate campaign blasts challenger Borglum in fundraising e-mail

The campaign of US Senator Mike Rounds wasted no time in lobbing back at the Scyller Borglum for Senate campaign after the State Representative’s US Senate announcement tour.

In a fundraising e-mail sent this afternoon, a fundraising letter from Rounds spokesman Rob Skjonsberg made few bones as to how they intend to address the challenge:

The e-mail holds out Rounds’ bonafides citing that “Mike is one of 38 U.S. Senators to support President Trump more than 90% of the time and he is one of the most conservative senators from the 2014 class.”

Referring to the Borglum campaign as a “challenge from the left” the campaign characterized Borglum as “a one-term state legislator, who moved to South Dakota four years ago.”

The e-mailed message continued blasting Rounds’ opponent, stating “the challenger who is attacking Mike has a failing scorecard with multiple, conservative statewide organizations,” citing scorecards from mainstream South Dakota Republican groups such as the Family Heritage Alliance and Americans for Prosperity. They also included a recent scorecard from fringe Rapid City group “Citizens for Liberty.”

And that’s just day 2 of the campaign for US Senate.

18 thoughts on “Rounds for Senate campaign blasts challenger Borglum in fundraising e-mail”

  1. If ‘not-my-man-mike’ was not fearful, he wouldn’t use a sledge hammer to swat a gnat.

      1. Just wait, the establishment Republicans will be coming full force against Borglum, Dusty already made the threat.

        1. There is NOBODY that believes Dusty threatened anybody. That news release is the single biggest unforced error in modern South Dakota politics

            1. Sorry 9:14, Schoenbeck is correct. I have done enough fact checking to know how all that went down earlier this year. You can’t just make stuff up in South Dakota. We aren’t gullible.

              1. I wasn’t there either, so I don’t know for sure what transpired. Neither was Lee, I bet, and neither were many “fact-checkers”. Who was present at the time?

  2. Senator Rounds is paying proper attention in to his wife, Jean as he should be. I doubt he even knows who Borglum is.

  3. This is equivalent of Coke bad mouthing Pepsi or McDonald’s doing the same to Burger King. It’s called punching down and is not a good idea unless you feel threatened. For one, it just gives your competition greater name recognition.

    1. Good point. She really is just a gnat to be brushed aside. Make the campaign about Mike and what he believes. Ignore the other candidate(s).

  4. Perfect opportunity to fund raise. A candidate with an opponent will raise more money that a candidate without one.

  5. An entirely out-of-state team thinks they found their golden ticket. They’re going to learn the hard way about SD Politics.They should’ve learned their lesson after nearly losing Kristi what should have been an easy election. Expect Scyller’s team to fling more mud than a tornado in a swamp.

    Lee Schoenbeck, you are absolutely right. I couldn’t describe their jab at Dusty any better, the biggest unforced error in SD political history since. If that article is indicative of how the rest of the campaign will play out, expect her political career to be shortlived and marred by the shortminded insolence of her campaign team.

  6. Rounds is the third from the bottom in senate productivity. Bottom of the barrel. But if that’s your idea of a leader…

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