SD Gun Owners putting nearly 10k into Russell for AG campaign

As the state campaign finance reports are coming in, there were some interesting campaign finance transfers involving South Dakota Gun Owners, and the “Liberty PAC” that resides at the same address and has the same officers.

First, Liberty PAC reported a large donation from the SD Gun Owners (not to be confused with the SD Gun Owners PAC, a separate entity):

And as that 10k of SDGO money came into Liberty PAC, $9800 went out to the SD Gun Owner’s PAC…

What happened to that $9800? According to the SDGO PAC Filing it came into the PAC:

And from there, the SDGO PAC went all in for Lance Russell for Attorney General:

It’s noteworthy, as I believe this marks the first time the SDGO group has gone in so significantly for an Attorney General candidate. That being said, Jordan Mason, who has been involved with the SDGO as recently as this last legislative session, IS consulting on the Russell campaign, which may have much to do with it.

Stay tuned…

10 thoughts on “SD Gun Owners putting nearly 10k into Russell for AG campaign”

  1. They do know that Lance Russell has no chance right???

    No way do any of the supporters of the other candidates back him on a second ballot, if there is one.

    He has to win on the first ballot, which is not going to happen.

  2. Isn’t this the group that sends our those wacky postcards? So the crazies are supporting an unethical candidate. Hmmm, even more reason not to support Russell.

    1. Yes, same group.

      I am predicting Green for McGuigan, Blue for Ravnsborg and Yellow for Fitzgerald. All filled with lies, untrue statements and misrepresentations.

  3. That Russell guy is a handsome devil. Maybe it’s because I get a little reflection of myself off of him though on second thought.

    1. Ok Ike we rarely agree, but that is a funny link and proves the point, Democrats would have so much fun making fun of Russell in the fall.

  4. If Lance was in any assumed level of support before the Lautenslauger Curse fell on him he now is guaranteed to be out on the first ballot.
    IE sorry Lance, you’re a good guy and a friend but Lautenslauger’s are lying puke bags.

  5. Lance wasn’t my candidate before. With this new info, I plan to campaign for anyone else but him!

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