South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC flies again! Still a PAC of lies.

You probably don’t remember the scummy “South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC” from 2 years back, so I’ll provide the reminder:

IMG_0793If you look at 2013’s House Bill 1199, it doesn’t really reference Obamacare. In fact, it’s a bill to “prohibit the sharing of patient records in a health information exchange by the state without written authorization from the patient.”

And then there’s the other thing. Anderson wasn’t one of the 10 votes in committee to send the measure to the 41st day.

In fact, on the day the vote was taken – on January 21, 2013 – David Anderson wasn’t present in the legislature.  In fact, he wouldn’t be appointed to the legislature for another 4 months.

Read that here.

Yes, in the last election, this questionable organization ran by a Ken McGregor of Box Elder did hit jobs on various candidates, and they’re back again. Funded Singularly by South Dakota Gun Owners in the past, they have yet to file a pre-primary report for this campaign season.

But, while they haven’t filed a report yet, they’ve started the same nonsense this election cycle that they were guilty of 2 years ago – Flat out lies.


For example, the bill cites Senate Bill 150 in 2015, as one of several bills she cast a vote on the card author cites as partial evidence that she voted 7 times for “Higher taxes on your car and your fuel.”

The problem? This bill which would have required electric car owners to pay a minor fee for their share of using the roads (since they don’t really pay gas taxes like the rest of us)…


… It never made it to the floor of the Senate.  Haverly never voted on it. She never even came close to voting on it. But, they’re citing it as the SD Taxpayer’s PAC flies again in the 2016 primary races.

How do you attack someone on the basis of things they never did? On votes they never made?  Don’t ask me, but I’m sure Ken McGregor can tell you.

Ken McGregor of 15148 225th St in Box Elder (605-593-4541) still remains the committee chair and treasurer for this PAC. Ironically, it appears to still be a PAC of lies.

And we’ll see if it remains solely funded by the SD Gun Owners again.

6 thoughts on “South Dakota Taxpayer’s PAC flies again! Still a PAC of lies.”

  1. This piece cites HB1120 as a tax increase on agriculture. In fact, HB1120 EXEMPTS the timber industry from sales tax on dyed diesel fuel.

    1. 519X0491 HOUSE BILL NO. 1120

      Introduced by: Representatives Brunner, Klumb, Qualm, Schrempp, Solum, and Wiik and Senators Ewing, Heinert, and Tieszen

      FOR AN ACT ENTITLED, An Act to revise the definition of agricultural purposes used for the administration of the sales tax.
      Section 1. That subdivision (1) of 10-45-1 be amended to read:
      (1) “Agricultural purposes,” the producing, raising, growing, or harvesting of food or fiber upon agricultural land, including dairy products, livestock, and crops. The services of custom harvesters, chemical applicators, fertilizer spreaders, hay grinders, and cultivators are considered agricultural purposes. The harvesting of timber on land within the state is considered an agricultural purpose;

  2. These people are scum. They are consistently lying about good conservatives records and nothing is done about it.

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