Thune: Tax Reform is Helping the Economy Grow

Thune: Tax Reform is Helping the Economy Grow

“So far, more than 500 companies – and counting – have announced pay raises, bonuses, 401(k) match increases and other benefits, business expansions, and utility rate cuts.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.), a member of the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee, this week discussed how reforming the business tax code through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has helped create jobs and expand opportunities for the American worker. Thune continued by discussing how businesses have offered pay raises, bonuses, and 401(k) match increases. Businesses have also expanded, and utility rates have been cut throughout the United States. These new opportunities and benefits for the American worker are helping the economy to grow.

3 thoughts on “Thune: Tax Reform is Helping the Economy Grow”

  1. 433 corporations out of the Fortune 500 have announced no plans to share their tax cuts with employees. The CBO said the tax scam ballooned the deficit $250 BILLION for 2018.

    You got fleeced, peeps.

    1. A trillion I believe by 2020. Maybe that is why Ryan is really quitting. Say, whatever happen to the ‘Ryan Budget’ by the way?

      Plus, my guess is that these “bonuses” are only one time too.

  2. This is what is known as snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The GOP’s relentless heralding of the virtues of this awful monstrosity notwithstanding, the single most memorable moment was the joint presser of Chuck Schemer and Blinky Pelosi after the bill’s passage. Declaring they were very pleased that the bill contained “everything” they wanted, they were laughing heartily at you, Mitch and the entire GOP. DOH! OUTMANEUVERED YET AGAIN! Aren’t you getting tired of this, Senator?.

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