5 thoughts on “US Senate Candidate Scyller Borglum’s Veteran’s Day remembrance”

  1. Awesome! Great military family and background!! You can bet she will listen to the needs of the veterans and the military and make it happen!

  2. Married to a vet, Dad and Uncles are Vets, Grandfathers too! Finally someone who will listen to what we need !!!

  3. Thank you for your support and concern for this country’s veterans! Obviously, you and your husband and members of both your families have personal insight into what our veterans need, where there is unnecessary bureaucracy and what we can do to improve their way of life. It’s because of people like you who both care and are willing to take action that Makes America Great!

  4. Met her recently at an event and very impressed, she has my vote! Didn’t know about all the military history of her family but she is a very intelligent woman, willing to work to help S.D. when we send her to DC!

  5. Great video remembrance of Veterans Day! Glad she is out there running, tough job taking the good old boys in but I have heard a lot of positive comments about her.

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