Light posting almost done…

Parts are installed, and I’m in the process of adding programs back to my computer, so I think the worst is over at the SDWC’s great computer crash of 2015.

I had a very enjoyable evening last night with South Dakota Realtors, Homebuilders, School Administrators and Legislators. And after sitting at the Ramkota watching them all Karaoke, I think most need to take voice lessons.

I did sit down with Corey Brown, Billie Sutton and Troy Heinert at the Ramkota last night. (Do Heinert & Sutton constitute sitting down with half of the Democratic Caucus?  I kid.. I kid…)  We all had a nice discussion, although I’m not sure Sutton & Heinert took my suggestion to switch parties seriously.

Otherwise, keep watching this space for more stuff.  We’re just about back on the air.