Anderson Cooper using Annette Bosworth to do hit piece on Joel Arends? (updated)

I had a reader drop me a note tonight, and had I seen it for myself, I think it would have caused a spit take:

Anderson Cooper just had Annette Bosworth on to hammer Joel Arends and his thing with Veterans for a Strong America and Trump.

(Update) And a day later – here it is –


Click on image to watch

So, one of the more liberal members of the national media has Annette Bosworth, a felon convicted of 12 counts against the electorate, who was just stripped of her license to practice medicine, should now be taken as a valid source of criticism against the attorney she unsuccessfully attempted to shift blame to in order to escape prosecution for her crimes?

What’s next? “Coming on CNN – How the Republican nomination for Governor was stolen from Lora Hubbel?”

If all the Anderson Coopers of the media have to throw against him is Annette Bosworth, I suspect we have now arrived in crazy town.

Watch the clip for yourself.  If you find Annette Bosworth a credible, reputable source, you might be inclined to believe her. Unfortunately for Boz, few people, including the 12 people who heard all the evidence, all the testimony, etcetera, bought it.  I’m sure she was all too eager to go on TV for any reason, and happy to spout whatever they wanted her to. What silliness.

Suffice it to say that Joel has done legal work for me in the past, I’m currently talking to him about a family law issue, and I anticipate I’ll use him in the future for other things. I’ve been happy with the quality of his work, and consider him honest and hard-working.

As for all the people squawking about his organization – which, despite what some claim, has a mailing list of over 500,000 – and it’s hosting of an event for a presidential candidate, it’s a whole lot of sturm und drang and little else.

Thune teeing up measure to protect consumers from being sued over on-line reviews

From the Washington Post, John Thune has one of the most consumer friendly bills I’ve ever seen – AND it has the added bonus of protecting freedom of speech in our free market society:

Should people who criticize companies on sites like Yelp be forced to pay exorbitant punitive fees to the firms they review, just because of a small clause buried in the companies’ terms and conditions?

Some lawmakers don’t think so. The head of the powerful Senate Commerce Committee, John Thune (R-S.D.), is expected to introduce a new bill Thursday that targets that practice, along with Sens. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) and Jerry Moran (R-Kan.).

The legislation, known as the Consumer Review Freedom Act, would ban businesses from bullying their customers as a way of insulating themselves from public criticism.


“Online customer reviews have become an integral part of not just e-commerce but consumer choice everywhere,” Thune said in a statement. “This free market system, which empowers customers, cannot thrive if reviewers face intimidation against airing truthful criticisms.”

Read it all here.

Good job Senator Thune!  No, strike that. GREAT job!

Rounds Statement on Democrat Filibuster on Iran Deal Provisions

RoundsPressHeaderRounds Statement on Democrat Filibuster on Iran Deal Provisions

“Protecting Americans’ lives should not be a partisan issue, nor should
supporting our longstanding friend and ally, Israel.”

WASHINGTON—U.S. Senator Mike Rounds (R-S.D.) today made the following statement after Senate Democrats again blocked consideration of legislation related to the Iran deal, denying the American people a voice on the president’s nuclear concession deal with Iran:

“Once again, a minority of Senators are denying the elected representatives of the American people an opportunity to vote on one of the most consequential issues of our time,” said Rounds. “In doing so, they are putting the President’s legacy ahead of the lives of the Americans who are currently being held hostage in Iran and threatening our national security here at home. Protecting Americans’ lives should not be a partisan issue, nor should supporting our longstanding friend and ally, Israel. Yet our president and a minority of his party in Congress are insistent on dealing with an Iranian regime which continues to call for “Death to Israel” and describes the U.S. as the Great Satan. It is politics at its worst.”

This morning, Senate Democrats blocked consideration of legislation that would require Iran to recognize Israel as a state and release the Americans held hostage in Iran before any U.S. sanctions with Iran could be lifted. This comes after Senate Democrats twice blocked consideration of the Iran deal itself, despite overwhelmingly supporting the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act earlier this year, which is based on the principle that Congress should have a say on whether the U.S. should adopt the President’s nuclear deal with Iran.

# # #

Thune: Senate Democrats Choose Partisan Politics Over National Security

 thuneheadernewThune: Senate Democrats Choose Partisan Politics Over National Security

“Instead of providing protection to our allies and freedom to U.S. citizens held by Iran, Senate Democrats are going to great lengths to protect this disastrous deal, which gives Iran billions of dollars to fund terrorism in the region.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) issued the following statement after Senate Democrats again blocked an up-or-down vote on the president’s nuclear concession deal with Iran:

“It is disappointing that, given the opportunity to allow Americans to be heard on the deal with Iran, a majority of Senate Democrats have again blocked an up-or-down vote and silenced the voices of the American people, who overwhelmingly oppose this deal.

“In addition to supporting a deal that will result in a nuclear-armed Iran, Senate Democrats unconscionably rejected a common-sense measure that would prohibit the lifting of sanctions until the American hostages in Iran are released and Iran recognizes our ally Israel’s right to exist.

“Instead of providing protection to our allies and freedom to U.S. citizens held by Iran, Senate Democrats are going to great lengths to protect this disastrous deal, which gives Iran billions of dollars to fund terrorism in the region. Unfortunately, extreme party loyalty has once again prevailed over national security on an agreement that will have enormous repercussions for the safety and security of our nation and the stability of the Middle East.”


Minnehaha GOP Debate Watch Party Straw poll results

From my e-mail box:

Thank you to everyone who attended the GOP Debate Watch party at The District last night. Over 50 people attended and over 40 voted in the informal straw poll.

The Poll Results:
Ben Carson 19.4%
Carly Fiorina 19.4%…
Marco Rubio 13.2%
Donald Trump 10.6%
Ted Cruz 8.8%
Scott Walker 8.0%
John Kasich 5.3%
Jeb Bush 4.4%
Chris Christie 3.5%
Mike Huckabee 3.5%
Rand Paul 3.5%

Methodology: Participants were Republicans who attended the Debate watch party. Voters were asked to write down their top THREE candidates and place their ballot in an unsealed 5.56cal ammo can. The results were pooled to give a weighted impression of which candidates are trending. Percentages were rounded to the nearest tenth.

So, who won the debate last night?

As a bit of an open topic – Your thoughts on who won the debate last night?

(Unfortunately, Rick Perry isn’t there anymore, so I’ve got to pick a new favorite.  You candidates – American Exceptionalism – it’s still important!)

I only watched it through the corner of my eye, as I was working. But Carly Fiorina seemed to set herself apart in a big way. And Chris Christie continues to impress.

Who did you like?


Best historic sites to visit in Boston?

I’m getting the opportunity to take another excursion next month, and instead of going to Washington DC, my wife and I are taking a trip a little further north to another city teeming with history – Boston, Massachusetts.

A few of my relatives were prodding me to go to the land whence we came… which in this case is Newport, Rhode Island. That’s where my people landed after coming over from Ireland, and my grandmother was born and raised.  But we’re hitting Boston instead, and then working our way north & back.

I’ve been to a few places there, such as the incredible State Capitol when I had a chance to go a few years’ ago. But, since I often use SDWC readers as a travel guide, I’m wondering what jewels I missed. What are your favorite historic places around Boston to visit?

Salem, Mass is day 2 for a touristy stop, and Portland Maine is Day 3 before heading back to beantown on Day 4 Before flying home the next day.

So, give it to me straight – if you were heading there, what would be your “must see” stop?

Senate GOP Fundraiser on Friday. At least, that’s what the paper says.

I was glancing at the Capital Journal website this evening, and came across their calendar of events. And this item kind of jumped out at me:


The Senate Republican Golf Outing, which is a fundraising kind of thing, (and yes, Dems do those types of events too) is being advertised on the local newspaper community calendar?  That left me wondering, “so, who put that up there?”

And clicking on it, we find out:


So, we have the City of Pierre advertising the event, which pushes it out to the Cap Journal page.

Somehow, I don’t think Senate Republicans asked for the plug.

Thune Opposes Iran Deal, Calls for Up-Or-Down Vote

thuneheadernew Thune Opposes Iran Deal, Calls for Up-Or-Down Vote

“Almost every single Democrat here in the Senate joined us to pass [the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act], yet just four months later, these same Democrats chose to stifle the voices of the American people by refusing to allow an up-or-down vote on the president’s nuclear agreement.”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today discussed his frustration with Senate Democrats for repeatedly blocking an up-or-down vote on the president’s nuclear deal with Iran, stifling the voices of the American people. Thune also discussed some of the dangers of the deal

Excerpts (as prepared for delivery):

“This agreement also allows Iran to keep its fortified nuclear facilities, and it gives Iran access to conventional weapons and ballistic missiles capable of delivering a warhead far beyond Iran’s borders.

“Plus, under this agreement, Iran will have full access to international markets and the materials and technical components it needs to build a bomb – material that right now it can only access through black market channels.

“Iran is playing the long game, and in the long term, this is a very good deal for Iran.

“And let’s be clear about Iran’s intentions regarding its nuclear program.

“Iran is NOT simply interested in pursuing a nuclear enrichment program for its civilian energy needs.

“Iran is interested in building a bomb.”

Last week, Thune urged his colleagues to oppose the president’s flawed deal with Iran and penned an op-ed explaining why he would vote against the deal.