Breaking.. Former Democrat Legislator Dan Ahlers files committee to run for US Senate

Hot off the press from the Federal Election Commission, sacrificial lamb former Democrat legislator Dan Ahlers has filed committee papers to run for US Senate for the seat currently held by US Senator Mike Rounds:

Ahlers for Us Senate by Pat Powers on Scribd

Stay tuned for more on this.

3 thoughts on “Breaking.. Former Democrat Legislator Dan Ahlers files committee to run for US Senate”

  1. Biggest winner.. tom pischke.. no rematch for state house seat

    Biggest loser… Dan Ahlers.. gonna get crushed

  2. Mr. Ahlers, for most accounts, is not a deadbeat dad. But he has a basement full of movies you can borrow.

  3. Can anyone who considers themself a Republican list a few tangible benefits that they have incurred in their life because Mike Rounds is our state’s Senator? If you can, that’s good. I would like to hear them. And can anyone say, in a definitive sense, what Rounds actually does as a Senator? What bills has he written? Sponsored? When was the last time he held a town hall? I assume he’s busy with the day-to-day workings of the Senate, but why not allow his constituents more of an understanding of these processes? Are we supposed to assume he’s working in our interest based on a few cable TV appearances, the occasional senate website explainer, and the weekly (often substance-free) updates published—with no editors—on this blog? Regardless of party, shouldn’t we expect more from a Senator? South Dakota is a small state and democracy and civic responsibility requires daily engagement. But Rounds seems content to fly between D.C. and South Dakota with as little constituent engagement as possible. This trend isn’t unique to Senator Rounds, either. South Dakota deserves more, and we should demand more.

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