41 thoughts on “Bush campaign puts out video of Donald Trump on the views of Donald Trump.”

    1. I’m not sure about Pat, but as a lowly anonymous commenter, I’m prepared to identify this as the beginning of the end for Trump. It creates pressure for Trump kiss-ups like Walker and Cruz to distance themselves from him and provides cover for other candidates to go on the attack (or in Rand Paul’s case, to continue it).

      The ad slightly raises my opinion of Bush, but I’ll still probably never vote for him.

      1. unless he becomes the nominee by fighting for and winning the nomination. let’s qualify that.

        1. What I wrote is what I meant. If Bush is the Republican nominee, I’ll probably end up voting for a minor-party candidate.

  1. I’m pretty sure this ad and derivations of it will be running in Iowa a lot between now and the caucus’.

    My guess is you are about to see the same thing from Paul and Perry. Chatter is Paul is livid that Trump’s simplistic talk is actually hurting accomplishing things on serious matters, in particular illegal immigration and Iran/ISIS/Middle East. Paul’s recent fundraising efforts implied criticism of Trump in both. And, Perry has already declared war on Trump as a cancer on conservatism.

    Three questions arise:

    1) Trump has seemed to bounce up every time he is attacked. Will it continue?
    2) Has Bush decided Trump will get the nomination over his dead body and is willing to take a bullet or is this his way of showing the passion his supporters say is missing?
    3) How will Trump respond or will he let it flow off his back?

    1. bush is the biggest recipient of political cash of the field (trump nonwithstanding.) evidently they’ve let loose a big sigh and rolled up their big-boy sleeves and are going to administer the biggest whoopin they can because nobody’s going to do it for them. nobody else can afford to dog trump and hit him blow for blow from here to iowa and survive other than bush. bush and probably walker are the two major candidates who’d benefit most from a serious public wide-view look at trump instead of the happy slices he feeds to the media. if you’re going to move trump off the “truth-teller” stump, bring it all and make it last.

  2. Where’s all the hate from the RINOs for RINO Bush gong “negative” and pointing out that his fellow RINO is a RINO?

    I thought this was a cardinal sin in the establishment RINO circles for candidates to point out how RINOs misrepresent their RINO status, and that their opponents are in fact “former” Democrats?

    1. congratulations. you have rendered the term RINO utterly and totally meaningless in a single posting. you’re good at this.

    2. I think you raise a fair point.

      Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment is do not speak ill of a fellow Republican.

      The question is: Is pointing out Trump’s actual words speaking ill or the speaking the truth? I’m sure it depends on one’s perspective on Trump and Bush.

      Personally, I think Bush shouldn’t have done it and let Trump implode. Being the frontrunner gets exposure being at the bottom doesn’t.

        1. The ONLY time this applies is if it is an establishment RINO that is being called out on their moderate-liberal voting records or on being called out for being a “former” Democrat who turned big govt loving establishment “R.”

          Trump is a RINO, and a “former” Democrat; but, he is not an establishment (aka crony) “Republican.”

          1. NOOOO. the 11th commandment onus is on TRUMP to not trash the other republicans and he’s obviously failing that one. he’s throwing red meat to the worst of the tea-party clan and the establishment-haters and riding that wave with no reservations about the damage to the party whatsoever. coming back at trump with serious charges is perfectly in order at this point. good for bush, that’s what a lot of us have been waiting to see. get him dude.

  3. remember newt gingrich was 2012’s version of trump, a loose-cannon truth-teller albeit not as tall, obnoxious or well funded but with better hair and actual useful knowledge about how to fix broken government. romney and the establishment went hard negative on newt early and often and shoved him back down into his grave as quickly as possible. today the establishment is trying to figure out how to push king kong down into a political grave and it’s not working well.

      1. Trump has baggage also but we all know it and don’t expect him to be perfect. I like Trump a lot but I also would prefer he not be the nominee because I don’t agree with him on many issues.

      2. newt’s a big boy, and he always handle his own baggage just fine. nobody else who has been fatally attacked so often and so hard politically has come back and risen above it all like gingrich. speaking of baggage, hillary’s baggage never bothers you people, and she has the whole media covering for her all the time, unlike newt who prevails in spite of the whole media trying to crush him. very different.

  4. Kelly,

    I think Reagan’s intent is Trump would get some protection from personal attack. The question is just pointing out his actual words a personal attack? I don’t think so especially since Trump has been pretty “pointed” at Bush personally so a bar has been set. We’ll see if it serves Bush’s interests or the other candidates.

    He fought to get John Anderson (liberal Republican) on the GOP primary debate stage in New Hampshire when he said “I paid for this microphone, Mr. Green” and after Anderson ran against him in the general election, Reagan made it clear to Anderson was welcome back as a Republican.

    However, Reagan could afford to be magnanimous as he won and conventional wisdom was Anderson hurt Carter more than Reagan (unlike Perot hurting GHWB against Clinton in 1992).

    Enquirer, you are right. Once you fire the first shot, you better be prepared to finish the guy off. What I find interesting (and meritorious to Bush’s character) is this ad was produced by the campaign and not the independent SuperPac. This puts Bush’s name on the dotted line. Bush owns this ad and thus as you say he is bringing it all.

  5. Almost half of the identified Republican voters when polled are supporting either Trump or Carson. Neither Trump nor Carson have ever ran for political office until now. If this ad works, it will not benefit Jeb nor any of the other Republican politicians who are running for president. It will merely benefit Carson. This is especially true if other Republican candidates begin to attack Trump this way as well. Because credit for this type of ad will become deluded with the other non politician candidate Carson as the default benefactor of the anti-Trump deluge.

    The only thing which Jeb has going for himself right now is the fact that historically the Bush family continues to be relevant even though they have experienced many defeats or dropped footballs in the end zone over the years.

    Yes, they are the only political family outside of the Adams family in 226 years of presidential politics to elect both a father and a son as president, but this reality has been a very sloppy trek for them. GWH Bush lost two Senate races in Texas before eventually making himself presidentially relevant when he won the Iowa caucuses in ’80 against Reagan. Only then, to ruin what he called back then the “Big Mo” when he then lost to Reagan in the ’80 New Hampshire primary; and then found himself dogging Reagan throughout the rest of the primary season losing in most cases two to one to Reagan. Luckily, he then became Reagan’s running mate, but then eight years later when it was his turn to run after having been the VP of a popular president who was the first two termer in over twenty years, what does GWH do? Well, he is back in Iowa, but this time he loses and takes third place to Dole and a TV evangelist. However, fate had his way and with the help of Sununu he defeats Dole in New Hampshire and begins to solidify the Republican presidential nomination.

    Next GWH finds himself with the nomination but he is 17 points behind Dukakis. However, thanks to what Nixon dubbed at the time “…one of the dirtiest presidential campaigns in American history” (He should know), Bush defeats Dukakis and becomes the first sitting VP in 152 years to go directly from the vice presidency to the presidency.

    But then what happens, GWH loses the presidency in 1992 to Clinton and becomes the first Republican president in 60 years to not be re-elected. But then luck strikes once again in the mid-nineties for the Bushes, when the Bush family gets “Dubya” and Jeb elected governors of some of the most populated states in the union making way for “Dubya’s” eventual presidency and now Jeb’s presidential run.

    However, “Dubya’s” presidential ambitions itself have mirrored many of his fathers missed political cues. The inevitability of “Dubya” in 2000 was almost lost to John McCain after McCain defeated “Dubya” in the New Hamsphire campaign, but like his father “Dubya” luckily rekindled his candidacy after a very dirty race against McCain in the 2000 South Carolina primary (What did Nixon say about the Bush ’88 election?… Oh yeah…). But then again, “Dubya” blew a healthy lead against Gore in 2000 and he ended up only winning the presidency thanks to the help of the electoral college and in particular Florida’s electoral votes with the help of the Florida governor at the time, which just so happened to be his brother, Jeb (remember Nixon’s quote).

    Unlike his father, “Dubya” did get elected in 2004 and this time we took the popular vote too, but his re-election was dependent upon the outcome of one state once again, Ohio – an outcome for “Dubya,” which was greatly benefited by the Rove tactic of making gay marriage the real issue in Ohio and the use of provisional ballots, and the reliance upon an out-of-state accounting firm to do the counting of the ballots…. (keep remembering what Nixon said back in ’88).

    Now its 2015 and Jeb cannot even use his last name, but he can use history because it seems to be a gift which keeps on giving to his family. For them it may be two steps forward for every step backward, but regardless of how sloppy their presidential runs are (and are dirty), they keep being relevant as a political family with presidential ambitions, and that is Jeb’s true trump-card (no pun intended) which goes beyond any short term benefit this ad could potentially give to his camp. I am sure there is more to come from the Bush camp, I mean the Jeb camp…. sorry….

    1. 1. every time the florida ballots were recounted, bush was the winner. at no time was gore the winner. a win is a win.

      2. you’re obviously talking about the willie horton ads and the overhyping of dukakis’ famous army tank ride visual as the ‘dirty tricks’ of 1988. that actually teaches more of a lesson about not handing your enemy the ammunition they kill you with. i don’t recall anyone breaking into the office of someone’s psychiatrist or dentist that year so nixon could have just shut his corrupt mouth and left it alone.

      3. the sins of the father and brother shouldn’t be paid for by the other brother. let’s look at jeb bush’s florida record and public record. let’s actually see if he’s got the cast iron balls to get in there and dig out a primary WIN, whether his detractors cry about it being dirty or not. truman said it best, you want a friend go get a dog.

      the guy who beats down trump will do it because it saves and builds the party now and into the future, which trump doesn’t lift a finger to do. the guy who wins the primary will fight to build the party unity and energy for the supremely hard work needed in 2016, again which trump won’t lift a finger to do.

  6. Calling out a RINO on his voting record, and his record of being a “former” Democrat, is 100% fair game.

    Its seems the lines on here are blurred when it comes to conservatives who take on establishment RINOs though. The rules seem to be that it is somehow wrong to take on the moderates for their bad voting records, and records as former Democrats, but rumor and innuendo is the fare for conservatives 24-7, 365..

    Looking forward to the next ads that outs Jeb for his RINO record & L-O-V-E of amnesty for illegals.

    1. Trump has no voting record. And that was 14 years ago. Lastly, I like Trump for his business experience to get us out of the hole we’re in. We’re getting to a now or never point in our checkbook. Government is simply a HUGE business and no one else has that experience except Trump.

  7. I am starting to wonder if Trump REALLY wants the nomination. It seems he tries to be more and more outlandish and he finds his popularity rises. I believe Bush is within his rights to fire off an ad such as this. Trump has been attacking him mercilessly and if Bush does not respond he will be thought a wimp. We have already seen turning the other cheek only gets the other cheek slapped as his brother did when he tried to work with Democrats during his administration. I think this is personal and believe there is a good possibility that the two of them will knock each other out much like Barnett and Kirby taking each other out and Rounds rising quietly by staying out of the fray.

  8. Duggersd,

    I have wondered that from the beginning. His leverage point was his tell. He has an endgame in mind, I don’t think it is the nomination or Presidency. Only Trump knows what it is.

    1. for a couple of years now i have felt most sincerely that for hillary clinton to win, she would have to be both the DEM and GOP candidate. having trump be the GOP candidate against her would be the next best thing to that imo. trump needs to have the big boys show him to the big gold plated door asap.

    2. If the psychologists and psychiatrists who profile Trump are right, Troy, his endgame is ‘brand enhancement’ same as it is for everything he has always done. His narcissism knows no bounds and he will persist with it all the way through to the end as long as he finds people to reinforce his overinflated opinion of himself. He has become mythological, even to himself.

      Stategically, he’s already noted that he stands the best chance of actually winning the Presidency by running as a Republican because that’s where he feels he’ll find his largest organized support base. But if the shrinks are right, he won’t hesitate to run Indy if he thinks he can bring 35% of likely voters along with him, because that’s all he thinks he’ll need to win in a 3 way race.

      That’s my take anyway, for what it’s worth.

      1. “If the psychologists and psychiatrists who profile Trump are right, Troy, his endgame is ‘brand enhancement’ same as it is for everything he has always done”

        Which psychologists and psychiatrists are you talking about?

        Please name them–I’d like to read what they have to say.

          1. Nice link, but the author is not a psychologist and psychiatrist. Nor does the author cite any psychologists and psychiatrists.

            No need for anyone to search anything–which psychologists and psychiatrists were you talking about when you wrote:

            ““If the psychologists and psychiatrists who profile Trump are right, ”

            It’s an easy question, but let’s see how much embarrassment you’ll endure before admitting that you made it up….again.

            1. You are the one who should be embarrassed. Oh wait. You are. That’s why you use a phoney name! LOL

              My friend (and Rapid City psychiatrist) says Trump displays all the classic symptoms of a narcissist. So do several psychologists I know. So do all those links you’ll find in your google search. So might you if you look up the term narcissism and then compare what it says there to Mr. trump’s behavior. But please, don’t expect me to do your thinking for you.

              P.s. You will notice I said ‘if they’re right’ and not THAT they’re right. That’s because I’m not a mental health professional.

              But if I were, I might recommend that you get some help. You seem to have some anger management issues.

              1. “My friend (and Rapid City psychiatrist) says Trump displays all the classic symptoms of a narcissist. So do several psychologists I know.”

                1. Trained & educated psychiatrists and psychologists do NOT make any diagnoses without observing & interviewing patients.
                2. Why didn’t you cite your “friends” from the very beginning instead of linking to the Times article first? Answer: because you make it up as you go.

                Say Billy bob, ask those psychiatrist and psychologist friends of your what they can do for you in terms of addressing your pathological lying.

                We all knew where you were going because you’re pathological.

                “But please, don’t expect me to do your thinking for you.”

                Well gee, why expect others to think when you can’t!!!

                1. “f your what they can do for you in terms of addressing your pathological lying.”

                  I should retract my diagnosis.

                  More likely, you read & hear things that agree with you (especially about Trump), and them try to regurgitate them with stupendous exaggerations. Then when challenged, you refuse to acknowledge that you’ve exaggerated!

                  Really, there’s plenty to talk about just on what Trump has said & done in the past few months, but let’s do it based on the actual Trumpisms.

              2. Now what if I made a claim that, if the certified counselors and psychologists that I’ve heard around Rapid City, or that I’ve read online, are correct— they agree that Obama suffers from the classic symptoms of alcoholicism, would you not demand at least a smidgen of proof?

                1. These are the credentials of the doctor whose judgement you are quesioning. The link to it is at the top of the above article I Provided you. Can we assume you’ve chosen not to read his article and that your were being untruthful when you said you wanted to review this type of information?

                  ‘Joseph Burgo, Ph.D., has practiced psychotherapy for more than 30 years, holding licenses as a marriage and family therapist and clinical psychologist. He earned his undergraduate degree at UCLA and his masters and doctorate at California Graduate Institute in Los Angeles. He is also a graduate psychoanalyst and has served as a board member, officer and instructor at a component society of the International Psychoanalytic Association.’

  9. I don’t think the ad is working.

    “According to a Monmouth University survey released on Thursday, Trump takes 30 percent support nationally, a four-point gain over the same survey from before the first GOP debate… Trump leads in every ideological category. He’s the preferred choice among Tea Party supporters, and Republicans who identify as very conservative, somewhat conservative, and liberal… Carson has the best favorability rating in the field at 67 percent positive and 6 percent negative… Bush and Walker each saw their favorability ratings decline significantly.

    Trump has completely reversed his favorability rating, which in June was only 20 percent positive and 55 percent negative. He’s now at 59 percent positive and 29 percent negative.”

    “The fact that the only one who can challenge Trump is the only other candidate who has never held or run for elected office speaks volumes to the low regard GOP voters have for the establishment,” said Monmouth University polling director Patrick Murray.

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