Erin Healy continues to be part of cancel culture.

After previously wanting to cancel the presidents from Mt Rushmore, District 14 State Representative & Democrat Erin Healy is on facebook this AM writing off half of her electorate:

So this Liberal Democrat Legislator who wants to erase our nation’s history is writing off half of her constituents, and claiming they don’t believe in Democracy?

I’m sure that’s going to go well for her.

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  1. Oh good lord Pat. The president said yesterday he wouldn’t commit to a peaceful transition of power. People are rightly worried about our democracy. You should be renouncing Trump’s anti-American threats instead of trolling personal social media accounts and sharing comments out of context of what else was posted.

  2. Last night on FoxNews: “Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation,” Trump said

    OK. Erin Healy isn’t the problem. But Trump? Oh yes. And if you aren’t concerned, there is something wrong. If Obama had said this, you would be apoplectic… and I would be too.

  3. So, according to Rep. Healy:

    Gov. Kristi Noem? Doesn’t believe in Democracy
    Senator Rounds? Doesn’t believe in Democracy
    Senator Thune? Doesn’t believe in Democracy
    Dusty Johnson? Doesn’t believe in Democracy


    Democrat Frank Raia, convicted for paying Hoboken’s low-income residents $50 for votes?

    Believes in Democracy!

    Democrat County Clerk Gay Nell Tinker, who admitted to falsifying ballots to benefit her brother, Circuit Court Judge Marvin Wiggins, and her husband, Democrat Sen. Bobby Singleton (D–Greensboro)?

    Believes in Democracy!

    Disgraced Democratic Congressman Michael Myers and Democratic Ward Chairman Domenick DeMuro, who admitted bribing elected officials, falsifying records, obstructing justice, and “fraudulently stuffing the ballot box by literally standing in a voting booth and voting over and over?”

    They ***truly*** believe in Democracy! 🤮

    Democracy = respecting the citizens’ will. Vote fraud murders Democracy.

    Serious hypothetical: Trump appears to win on election night but, after mail in ballots are counted, Biden narrowly wins Pennsylvania and appears to have secured a majority in the electoral college. Yet there are, in Philadelphia precincts, credible allegations of Voter Fraud supported by citizen video evidence. Do we shrug it off or do we investigate? Do we appoint a special counsel? As the investigation proceeds, who’s president? If the investigation substantiates the allegations, does Trump win Pennsylvania? Do we vote again? What does Democracy demand?

    1. Not what she said. She didn’t say that everyone who votes for Biden believes in democracy. Those people you listed were charged and sentenced and likely can’t vote now anyway, and rightly so.

      Dusty also said he needs to leave peacefully if he loses so there’s that. He may have a little sense of right and wrong left, the young whippersnapper. The others are a lost cause.

      1. “Those people you listed were charged and sentenced and likely can’t vote now anyway, and rightly so”

        Are you saying convicted felons can’t & shouldn’t vote? Someone should tell Messr Bloomberg. Seems a reasonable position. You might have a little sense of right and wrong. Wish more Dems agreed…

        1. Depends on the crime in my opinion. If you are convicted on any kind of election fraud I don’t believe you should have voting rights. Most other crimes, I think your rights should be restored after your sentence is served.

  4. Representative Healy’s remarks were a reaction to our President saying he would not concede if he lost the election. He is a major threat to democracy when he makes these claims, and as a representative of ALL constituents, Representative Healy is calling out a politician for threatening that. Shame on you for criticizing her in that manner.

      1. Have you ever even had a conversation with Rep. Healy? She is well liked and respected amongst her colleagues in Pierre.

        1. Sorry, if she tries to say I don’t believe in Democracy because I’m going to vote for President Trump she can be as nice as pie, but I’m going to consider her an arrogant, petulant twit.

  5. I found our president’s comments far more disturbing. He is the biggest threat against democracy so far.

    1. So the Democrat party moving towards Socialism isn’t a big threat in your mind? The Democrats and Libs are the ones who are squelching free speech and freedom, not President Trump and Conservatives.

  6. After Joe Biden is inaugurated and Democrats gavel in the Senate annulling Trump’s entire tenure should take just a few short weeks.

    1. And then a few weeks after that Biden will be put in a nursing home and Crappola Harris will be taking us down the Venezuela road.

      1. I see you guys are still trying to use fear to get people to vote for you. Just because a person wants to help the lower and middle class instead of giving it all to the rich doesn’t mean we are going to end up like Venezuela. Why Republicans still support trickle down economics while the middle class is being destroyed is beyond me.

        1. “I see you guys are still trying to use fear to get people to vote for you. ”

          No that’s something straight out of the Democratic play book.

        2. I see YOU guys are still refusing to admit the Democrat party’s march towards Socialism. Didn’t Obummer say that manufacturing jobs weren’t coming back, and wasn’t it President Trump who has brought jobs back?

          Socialism stinks, but if you like it, why not move to Venezuela? Perhaps you are too fond of food, water, and shelter?

  7. Like trying to cancel Goodyear and the NFL?

    At least Healy is standing up for something. GOP lost their spine in 2015 and we’ve been feeling the consequences since.

  8. Granted Trump speaks too much in shorthand, anyone with a brain knows the context of his comment: “Take out the fraudulent mail in ballots and he will be elected. If there is evidence of fraud, he will make sure the election is Constitutionally litigated.”

    But, I get it. Liberals have thought taking all he says literally and out of context is effective, even though there is no such evidence of it working.

    1. “Take out the fraudulent mail-in ballots and he will be elected.”

      So if he doesn’t win, it must be because of fraud. Even you have to recognize the problem with this reasoning and the situation it would force.

      1. He believes he will win a fair election. I suspect Biden believes the same thing. Nobody runs thinking they will lose.

        And, as noted with Hillary’s comment and the literally millions Biden is spending on lawyers, he will litigate this if he thinks there is fraud. So you liberals sanctimony just makes you look stupid or duplicitous (pick your poison, I’ll stipulate to either so we do n’t argue about this too

        Here is where the liberals really mess up. They don’t think the voters see through their planned litigation and thus can shame Trump into committing to accept defeat without litigating potential fraud. At the same time, they don’t think the voters understand what Trump really means in his comments. In other words, their low esteem of the voter in the end will be their Waterloo.

        1. See, this is where your mental gymnastics fall apart. Let’s look at the statement:

          if fraud ballots removed -> Trump wins

          the contrapositive, the literal logical equivalent:

          !Trump wins -> !fraud ballots removed

          He has literally set up the claim that if he loses, it is because of fraud. And he said he would not concede in those circumstances. Keep twisting yourself into pretzels trying to justify his words, Troy. But don’t accuse others of being disingenuous when you do it.

          1. Both Trump and Biden are clearly prepared to litigate the integrity of the election. And, they will if they lose and believe they have evidence of election fraud.

            For you to pretend or assert it is only Trump who will do so, and based on what you just wrote, if you aren’ disingenuous, you are not as bright or clever as you think you are (which you appear to know subconsciously since you don’t link your name to your comments).

            1. “OK, maybe he will, b..b….but Biden!” says Troy as he backtracks furiously.

              Yeah, someone isn’t bright, alright.

      2. I’m not sure I recognize a problem with the reasoning; the Democrats have said that everything is on the table, and I don’t doubt they would stoop to criminal activity re: ballots to try to win.

        Do you have a problem with Hillary saying that Biden shouldn’t concede no matter what, or does your outrage only apply to President Trump and Republicans?

        1. You don’t see a problem with the logic that I could only lose due to fraud and if there is fraud I won’t concede? Mull it over a bit, dude.

          I have a problem with Hillary saying it and I wish she would fade into irrelevance. But notice: she ain’t the candidate, man.

  9. It is Democrats who are threatening violence if they don’t win.

    Asking Trump was just an attempt to slander.

      1. Antifa, BLM, ESPN sportscasters, Dem politicians, Dem pastors, NBA athletes, NFL athletes, Hollywood people, “peaceful” protestors. Maybe check out something besides MSN, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, The Atlantic, etc..

  10. Hillary also said that Biden shouldn’t concede under any circumstances, her own words. And the left said they will burn it down if they don’t win. Just who is threatening to not accept the results?

      1. August 22 interview. Just google it.

        As far as burning it down, that has been promised by many BLM and leftists. Harris even encouraged the rioters to continue.

            1. See, this is why I asked for credible sources. NBC is credible. So Hillary says to not concede – Trump has not committed to doing that either.

              Half of your other links are from January talking about Bernie winning the nomination. That didnt happen and Milwaukee didn’t burn.

              BLM guy had a point. US is built on violence and is our number one export.

              The rest of your links are too far right to be taken seriously.

              1. NBC is not a credible source. I would say ALL mainstream media anymore or not credible. They all have their own slant and view and many including NBC flat out lie to us. My favorite is when they get on the news and with a fire in the background tell us these protests are peaceful. I am also including Fox news in this. The news from the 80s is dead, it’s all opinion and conjecture, and ALWAYS half a story. There are no real questions being asked anymore. They never ask the right questions anymore for example: The left wants to see DTJs tax returns to see how a guy who was never in Politics until 2016 made his money. I think the press is asking the wrong question. I want to see all these lifelong politicians tax returns to see how they got to be multi-millionaires with a public salary of $170k a year. If you can’t see that the Media is in bed and mouthpiece for the status quo you’re not being honest.

                Here is good old CNN telling us how peaceful things are.

              2. Here is a link to show 25 stories your precious Mainstream media has lied about in recent years. My personal favorite is all the lies NBC and the rest of the MSM told about the Michael Brown incident in Ferguson. This was all for ratings but, does real damage. Hands up dont shoot was a lie refuted by numerous citizens who witnessed it. My other personal favorite of mine is how YOUR precious NBC lied about Nicolas Sandman, the 16 year old kid who did NOTHING but, sit there and your precious network lied over and over about it and never apologized to the kid. This was a innocent 16 year old kid yet in order to sensationalize the news they blatantly lied. So credibility, no sir you are wrong, none are credible anymore but, thanks for playing

                Maybe this link is not good enough for you but, it’s a snapshot of them and you can research them yourself but, all Lies

          1. Look it up it’s really quite easy with a minimal amount of effort. Oh….are you a democrat? I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to insult your obvious lack of intelligence and abilities.

  11. All you anti trumpets need to focus on what he has done. 1. Fixed a very broken V. A. System. It works now for those who need it. 2. Got rid of Iranian General who killed maimed THOUSANDS Americans. 3. Has peace accord in Middle East. 4 has knee on Irans neck. Obama-Biden gave them Billions of $$$. Plane loads. 5. New Nafta agreement. Biden even said it was Better. Trump has delivered on promises. Race relations. Obama Biden opened this B. S UP. Democrats been made for 100 plus years because they lost their slaves. Last good democrat May of been Kennedy. But in all they been whining for 150 years. Clinton’s sold our soul in 1996 with China gate. Read it. Bring it forward TRUMP 2020!!!

  12. You guys are scared of Erin, aren’t you? You know Tom Holmes can’t beat her. What is it, are you afraid she’ll run against Kristi or John in ’22 as well?

    1. I think the last thing anyone in South Dakota is afraid of are Communist, ooops I mean Democrats. Your numbers keep dwindling each year in the House and Senate and for good reason, they have gone off the Deep End. There are no more regular Blue Collar Democrats anymore. The only thing that party stands for anymore is Social Justice, Global Warming, Free Health Care, and Free Healthcare for Illegals. Opps forgot to mention they love a peaceful protest (aka riots, looting, assaults, etc)

      Gone is the party of JFK! I would go so far to say that a Bill Clinton Type from 1994 would be ostracized by the Democrats now. So No VSG we are not scared one bit of that party in SD cause they are weak, incompetent, and have no moral compass anymore. Yes Yes Yes I know the Republican party has its problems and I am sure you will have about 3 paragraphs about how Ronald Reagan is the worst thing that ever happened to this county but, the Democrat party has lost its marbles completely and no longer work for the regular person anymore.

  13. biden’s half century of public trough sucking and lack of real personal excellence is thrown into sharp contrast against trump’s counter-political smash through wall after wall erected by the worst democratic leadership this country has ever had to endure. it’s an earnest effort to lead in the traditional sense by trump, versus a non-stop scorched earth tantrum/gunless coup by his enemies. the people calling trump the worst dictator ever deserve to actually have a dictator standing on their necks to see what it’s really like.

    1. I could not have said it better. The Dems are complete lunatics/communists. They only want full control and capitulation, anything less is unacceptable. Riots, burning, looting, defund the police, and Cancel Culture are all brought to us by the Left.

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