Krebs continues Trump support on Tariffs at debate in Sioux Falls

At a recent Congressional primary debate between Secretary of State Shantel Krebs and Neal Tapio, Krebs apparently doubled down on her comments in support of the brewing trade war between President Trump and China, and that she “appreciate what President Trump is trying to do”


Question: What do you think of the Trump Tariffs and the trade war (my term) with China.

Krebs: I appreciate what President Trump is trying to do.

Trump is trying to deal with China and open new markets.

China continually steals our intellectual properties and provides no recourse to fix it.

The story about seeing a truck with a fake version of the Triple M logo, instead says triple N.

She is the only one with an agricultural background and has spent time in China opening up markets for South Dakota agricultural products.


Tapio: $300 billion trade deficit in the United States. A $500 billion dollar trade imbalance.

Agrees that China steals our I.P.s

China is a currency manipulator plus we have with them a great product to product imbalance.

Trump is treating this issue correctly but taking it head-on.

It’s a terrible situation right now economically, but it has to be done.

Trump is doing Bi-lateral negotiation. And that is also partly why he is pushing renegotiation NAFTA and China.



I waited patiently and tried to get a better answer on the Trump Tariff issue; I just asked what she thought about tariffs in general?

Krebs gave me a real quick sound bite answer about supporting President Trump in his efforts, an obvious repeat talking point.

She came off to me from this sounding over-produced, and a tad slimy. Not willing to engage or answer questions with any honest thought. I know she isn’t trying to sound dishonest, just trying to keep to the safe script. So I recommend taking this how you may.

I should also point out that her speaking and presentation during the forum was excellent.

Read it all here.

The bonus part of the reporter’s story is also a bit attention grabbing in it’s stunning criticism of Krebs as “not willing to engage or answer questions with any honest thought.”   That’s not good.

12 thoughts on “Krebs continues Trump support on Tariffs at debate in Sioux Falls”

    1. Damn spell check. Is DUSTY, identified above as RUSTY, (small difference) a Never Trumper ? Not so shocked face.

  1. Shantel comes across as well rehearsed. If she sticks to the script she does fine. Talking in depth or off script … not so sure

    1. The problem is her lines. She is a Trump brown noser, even when it hurts South Dakota. Leaving TPP has already cost American farmers 25% of our beef exports to Japan. She supports that. DUMB.
      The tariffs will help two businesses–US Steel and Alcoa. It will hurt 2500 businesses that use steel and aluminum, including farm equipment manufacturers (and the farmers who have to buy the higher priced equipment). Retaliatory tariffs will be applied to American agricultural products. American farmers are the most efficient in the world, and other countries are desperately looking for excuses to protect their farmers. These tariffs do that. Krebs is so busy sucking up to Trump and his stupid foreign policies that she doesn’t have time to be concerned about South Dakota.

  2. Interesting quotes in that article about Tapio.

    After the debate the author talked to both candidates, Tapio was completely different than Krebs in willingness to talk about issues. And different than how he has been depicted in the news, was soft spoken, eager to discuss issues, asked me about my thoughts, had the best conversation I had that night.

      1. I disagree Tapio has been talking about many issues more recently…I think he is adapting to more than Islam and immigration….he has talked more about his business success in the forum and I did find that interesting and informative…he should lead with that.

        Shantel comes off as too rehearsed. I like a candidate that has a personality, not stiff and robotic.

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