Lyndon LaRouche Democrat Ron Wieczorek still alive & running for office, this time as an Indy for Congress

Lyndon Larouche Democrat Ron Wieczorek is apparently still alive and running for office, according to KELO News:

Ron Wieczorek filed petitions to run as an Independent candidate today at the Secretary of State’s Office. He gathered over four-thousand signatures and says he’s confident more than enough will be valid to put his name on the November ballot.

Wieczorek, who ran for the state’s U.S. House three times during the 90s, supports the idea of “food for peace.”


He also wants to restore the American credit system, the National Bank and the space program, rebuild America’s railroads and build more water management and fusion nuclear power facilities.

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The 75-year-old Wieczorek also issued a statement about his candidacy via facebook, stating in part:

“I have decided to run for U.S. Congress because I cannot sit idly by while our nation is destroyed. We are sitting on a financial bubble which is about to explode again. Our once productive economy has all but been destroyed by Wall Street’s implementation of a post-industrial society and the casino economy, creating a small class of the super-rich and the rest of us. Our infrastructure is crumbling and every financial scheme to repair it presently proposed involves robbing Peter to pay Paul. Our nation’s elites continue to involve us in purposeless wars and would, presumably, annihilate the human race to save their system. Our schools long ago ceased to emphasize fundamental discovery, science, and engineering. The people of the 1930s sacrificed and boldly innovated to change a collapsing economic system at that time. They gave me a future. I am repaying that debt of sacrifice by running for Congress to give a future to my grandchildren.

“My program is based on Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery: Restore Glass-Steagall, return to a National Banking and Credit system, like that utilized by Hamilton, Lincoln, and Roosevelt, use this credit for high-productivity- gain investment in infrastructure and manufacturing, and science-drivers, the development of fusion nuclear energy and a revival of our space program.

“To meet these objectives rapidly we should collaborate with China’s Belt and Road Initiative for economic development, a project using the ideas of what used to be called the American System of political economy and reflecting LaRouche’s Four Laws. These ideas are tried and proven. China has pulled millions out of poverty and is dedicated to eradicating it entirely; our nation should undertake a mission to do the same. China’s idea is that the U.S. and China should cooperate in developing the economies of the entire world.

And there you go. Long-time political followers might remember Wieczorek from when he ran for office in 1992… when he didn’t always get along with the staff at the State Democrat Party:

Two men received fine and suspended jail sentences for an altercation at a Democratic Party function in April.

Ron Wieczorek and Hermann Eilers were initially charged with aggravated assault They pleaded guilty to lesser misdemeanocharges.


The altercation began when Healy tried to stop Wieczorek and Eilers from putting up sign at the event. Eilers also wanted to make a statement at the luncheon Healy said that was not allowed because the luncheon was for congressional and gubernatorial candidates.

Not exactly a noble convention moment.

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  1. So glad he’s running for office! Hope he win’s and brings in infrastructure development and jobs for Pine Ridge Reservation!

    1. It could happen! China is investing 83.7 billion dollars into bringing industrial production to W. Virginia. Ask candidate Wieczorek about it.

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