New Jamie Smith ad lies about state plane, claiming Governor has a jet.

Jamie Smith isn’t getting things off on a truthful footing in his new advertisement for Governor:

Wait a minute.. Smith’s commercial claims that the Governor has a jet?  That’s actually not truthful at all:

Read that here.

If Smith is going to lie about something as basically verifiable as the Governor’s plane, it’s not instilling a lot of confidence about the level of “truthiness” he’s going to exhibit in the rest of the campaign.

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  1. Kind of chutzpah to endorse Noem who lied about the state’s economy and then accuse Smith of lying when he is technically correct. The plane has a propeller but is jet powered (prophet). She claimed that we”got through Covid better than almost any other state”. With 333deaths per 100,000 population we rank 29th. But you never hear SDWC complain about her lies. Not even much about the nepotism. Lying is just normal and nothing to get excited about if it’s a republican, but a half truth is excoriated if it’s a democrat. Fair and balanced like Fakex News.

  2. Now do Noem’s ad touting SD as #1 in tourism and having the #1 economy in the country.

    Methinks you are grasping at straws with the technical definition of jet when there are MUCH more egregious examples of gubernatorial candidates plain lying in their ads this cycle.

  3. I was laughing at the truth! Good ad and Jamie Smith is a heck of a nice guy! If Jamie and what remains of the SDDP was not pushing drugs he and they would get our votes but the SDDP betrayed us. No more votes or money for any SDDDP candidates. Time for a new non-fringe political party to emerge in SD. Kristi Noem? Yeah! Not happy about it at all but she will win re-election along with the super majority of SDGOPers and the nutballs.

    1. Talk to your neighbors. There’s not enough democrats in the state to legalize cannabis on our own. Your neighbors, family, co-workers helped!

      Looking forward to your campaign to ban the dangerous drug known as alcohol. Or are you in favor of freedom?

      1. Oh and the Senate passed a legislation bill this year, might want to complain to them as well.

  4. So Taffy and Haugaard found employment that quickly. They work for Smith now?
    Not impressed.

  5. It’s a pretty good ad. However I’d like to know how any democrat can win statewide office in South Dakota this cycle? Just on registered voter numbers DEMS are outnumbered significantly and Independents will break with GOP significantly this cycle. Plus Dems will be tied to Biden and Harris. Trying to tie Republicans to Trump only gets them more votes. When you look at inflation, abortion, defunding police, confusing gender and almost any other issue Democrats are on the wrong track. I’m just not sure the majority of people in South Dakota will want to vote for anyone who stands with any of that. But it’s still a funny and good ad.

  6. The ad is spot on, and is exactly what I hear long time republican party members criticize her for. This election will surprise a lot of people, just like the ballot measures of the past. Only thing is the legislature won’t be able to reverse the outcome of the governor if it happens.

  7. The two drinking liberals seem to forget Gov. Noem has a TV studio to do network interviews, she doesn’t need to fly off anywhere. It’s good to see Gov. Noem is taking this race seriously though. She is running her TV spot at least 20 times a day over every network affiliate in the state. It’s not because she has money to burn or out of vanity, it’s because her team sees a credible threat and is going on the offensive. It’s action like this that will bring fireworks back to Mt. Rushmore next July. Ride on Gov. Kristi Noem. Or as Corey Lewandowski calls her: America’s Governor.

    1. Livin’ and dyin’ to have fireworks at Rushmore. Gimme a break. And gimme something worth even talking about. What has she ever said or done beyond spouting flag-waving, right-wing crazy platitudes and symbolic politicized gestures? Like fireworks.

      And she’s on-set for most of her interviews. Your propjet at work.

    2. Either you aren’t from South Dakota or your just oblivious. Noem is out of the state more than she is in it. She was just in Washington DC the other day for a book signing. I hope she didn’t use the state TURBO PROP to get there.

  8. There are thankfully not enough potheads to get Smith across the finish line. With the pothead vote Smith and the SDDP are courting those numbers decrease with many forgetting what day is election day, what time, where to vote and if there is even an election. Some will never get away from the couch or their video games. Bad strategy!

      1. Nah! We screen out potheads at work and quickly terminate them if they fail the test or we find out otherwise. It’s like Anne Beal stated a while back they created their own voter reduction program.

    1. It’s going to be great to see rec Marijuana pass with well over 60% of the vote.

    2. Judging by past elections there are more of your so called “pot heads” in the state that there are Noem supporters…..

  9. No way….A Dem candidate who isn’t filming their campaign commercials on a cellphone, using iMovie???

    Who taught him how to use a professional firm? Are they getting smarter? No way…

    1. Also, are the “cowboys/blue collar guys” in the commercial drinking TAP beer not from a bottle (and what looks to be a darker/fuller beer, not a Busch Light, Coors Light, or Budlight) Ain’t no way…

      1. You hopelessly underestimate our “cowboys/blue collar guys.” They love great beer. And barrel-proof whiskey.

  10. It’s funny, and shows your cards, how you only point out the “incorrect” jet reference, but nothing else.

  11. It’s a King Air 350 which is powered by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 which is a turboprop engine, not a turbojet, because the exhaust doesn’t produce enough thrust for it to be classified as a jet,

    There. Did my homework. It’s not a jet

    1. Not true, Anne. It’s a turbine engine—developing energy to turn an axle through rapidly expanding gasses rather than internal combustion/pistons—its a modern “jet” engine. The only difference is that the “fan” that produces the thrust is on the outside of the cowl rather than within the cowl. With “exhaust” you’re describing a ramjet, hopelessly inefficient, louder than Hell and NOT USED in any commercial aircraft. “Exhaust” doesn’t produce the thrust. It’s the whirling fan.

      Is THAT all there is to say about the ad? 😂🤣

      1. sorry Anonymous at 3:14; I googled the whole subject and the Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6 is a turboprop and does not meet the definition of a jet engine. The engine makes the propellers rotate, that’s where the energy goes, to the propellers.

        The same engine is used in some helicopters..I looked it up. The wikipedia entry even says “(it) is often seemingly mounted backwards in an aircraft in so far as the intake is at the rear and the exhaust at the front. Many variants of the PT6 have been produced, not only as turboprops but as turboshaft engines for helicopters, land vehicles, hovercraft and boats..”

        you cannot fly a jet with the engines mounted backwards. It just won’t work

        1. Anne, a jet is powered by a turbine engine so whether it is an internal prop enclosed in a cowling, an external prop, or something you are more likely to see first hand at prairie village in Madison later this month a drive shaft in a tractor pulling a sled down a dirt track. If you want to go argue with a farmer during the tractor pull when he shows off his jet powered tractor, please let me know because I want to watch that conversation.

      2. Talked to an mechanic who works on turbo props and Ann is correct. The turbine shaft turns the propeller

    2. This is hilarious. You act like the specs on the plane are the important thing. Talk about missing the entire point.

  12. Because of Governor Noem, these guys are maskless, enjoying each others’ company in a bar.
    Also, two dudes bashing a strong, female leader and saying she has no friends? Classless and tacky. Imagine if the political parties were flipped here. Hypocrisy at its finest.
    The smug, arrogant chuckle from Jamie doesn’t help his cause either.

    1. Anybody can enjoy each other’s company in any bar in any state at this point in time.

    2. Really, these guys are maskless “[b]ecause of Governor Noem?” Well, yeah, only because she left it up to municipalities and others to do the heavy lifting to slow the spread of COVID.

  13. $4million dollar plane or jet are close enough for me. Sounds like a nerd saying, “Technically it’s not a jet because it’s a plane.” As you slide your glasses up your nose. They hit some topics many are talking about. Is it enough for the majority of voters to vote him? Probably not.

    1. The jet was not fir her lack of trying…she had a bill brought fir it…legislature told her no in a vote, then she got it in the budget, but even after it passed the backlash was enough to get her to finally back down but still hire an out of state group to sell 2 planes and buy another.

      If it was up to noem she would have gotten her jet

  14. Noem’s ad was a polished production that made her look like a movie star. But Smith’s ad may have just flushed all of that effort and money down the toilet. You can’t unsee it.

  15. I grew up with Jamie here in Sioux Falls same high school same neighborhood hell he’s dad was our scout leader. I’m sad he’s stooped to this level. But I guess he thinks we’re stupid and needs to pander to his base.

    1. Stooped? Pointing out nepotism, wasting money on frivolous lawsuits, spending time out of state campaigning, her inability to effectively lead and keep employees, and making unneeded purchases to help her campaigning is stooping? He pointed out the top 5 things that come up in every conversation about Noem whether it is Republicans or Democrats doing the talking. Outside of those who think she is “pretty” or refuse to vote for a Dem, she is taking a lot of flack and rightfully so. If she gets the VP nod, she is going to abandon her post faster than that horse she is riding.

    2. It’s politics. It’s gonna get dirty. Just wait for the scary, ominous deceitful ads from Noem.

    3. Stooping so low to say what most of the state is thinking…..hmmm

      Imagine if Kristi had a (D) next to her name, you would be all fired up that this “big city liberal” is never in the state.

  16. This is hilarious if this is the only criticism they have for the ad. Republicans are trying to defend the smallest of the issues that are being presented. They haven’t even touched on her lost lawsuits for fireworks, denigrating teachers, and all the gaslighting they are doing. Let’s talk about her lies regarding the economy in SD. This will be a fun campaign season to watch and Noem is going to get hammered for her poor behavior.

    1. Don’t forget Noem getting a nice old lady fired for not giving her daughter a license.

      1. Or forcing out the Directors of SD Corn under the guise of financial wrongdoing and costing the organization over 1 million in severance. Maybe that audit found its way to the same place the CRT report went….

        1. And like her mentor dear orange leader making sure her kids had nice government paychecks.

          1. And let’s not forget about making her kids pay up 10% for all their illegal business dealings and their pay for access schemes and jobs they have no experience in but are getting paid millions whole the media covers non of it…….Oh wait, wrong person.

  17. Decent ad…heard a lot of Republicans grumbling about the same things…..I mean dies she have no tact or sense to have Corey Lewandowski at her book signing in DC…horrible optics

  18. Here’s the big lie. The Dakota war college is not a real college. It has nothing to do with war. Every word in the title is a lie. Yep, but you can trust them.
    There is no war, just folks disagreeing. Not Ukraine.

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