NRA Backed measures on Concealed Weapons being heard Killed in Senate Judiciary today (Updated, with votes).

I’m listening in this morning to the measures backed by the National Rifle Association as they’re being heard in Senate Judiciary this morning, after they both successfully moved through the House of Representatives.

HB 1096, An act to revise certain procedures for issuing a permit to carry a concealed pistol and
HB 1116, an act to repeal and revise certain provisions relating to the requirements for a permit to carry a concealed pistol taken together would drastically alter laws on how concealed weapons are carried in the state, both in terms of the nature of background checks and how concealed weapons are carried and stored in the state.

House Bill 1116 was opposed by the Administration in the House.

…..  And it looks like both of them were sent to the 41st day by committee members.

How did House Bill 1096 fare?

HB 1096, Senate Judiciary, Deferred to the 41st legislative day
Bradford Yea Heinert Yea Monroe Nay
Rusch Yea Vehle Yea Novstrup (David) Yea
Tieszen Yea
Ayes 6 Nays 1 Excused 0 Absent 0

And House Bill 1116 fared about as well, except on this measure, Mike Vehle appeared long enough to speak against, and then leave….

HB 1116, Senate Judiciary, Deferred to the 41st legislative day
Bradford Yea Heinert Yea Monroe Nay
Rusch Yea Vehle Excused Novstrup (David) Yea
Tieszen Yea
Ayes 5 Nays 1 Excused 1 Absent 0

41 thoughts on “NRA Backed measures on Concealed Weapons being heard Killed in Senate Judiciary today (Updated, with votes).”

  1. We used to joke that State Affairs was where Bills went to Die. Judiciary must have felt cheated. (Joke!)

    The Postcard from the Lautenslaugers was the kiss of death.

    1. I still think it would be a good idea to let someone who lives in northern Lincoln county get their permit in Sioux Falls. What difference does it make?

  2. So Charlie, you believe attacking the Lautenslaugers is more important than Constitutional rights?

    1. The point is, having the Lautenslaugers endorse a bill is like having Frank Kloucek cosign a bill when he was in the legislature. Almost the kiss of death.

  3. Absolutely disappointing that our republican senators would kill a common sense NRA backed bill.

  4. agreed on the lautenschlager kiss of death. sometimes when you try and prevent the result that you hate, it seeks you out anyway and roosts on your house.

    1. Telling legislator’s constituents how they vote does not make you popular in Pierre. Good thing only political activists visit this web site, or else Pat would be in trouble for reporting the votes. You guys will give the anti-gun voters a break because you all know that this was an anti-Lautenslaugher vote.

      1. the “kiss of death” is a real thing. it always has to do with the kisser’s behavior, not any voodoo that their opponents do to their otherwise stellar reputations.

        1. i got my letter last week, opened it and saw ray’s letter and all the “please mail these for us” ditto postcards, and my first thought was “this bill is now dead.”

  5. If the Lautenschlagers had any bearing on this vote it says far more about the legislators than it does the legislation or the Lautenschlagers. Petty and foolish reason not to vote for something. When you read the 2nd amendment to the Constitution, it doesn’t say the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, unless I say so, or if we decide otherwise, or only under certain conditions I think are appropriate. It simply says this right shall not be infringed. Other states have gone back to a more authentic viewpoint on the 2nd amendment and, I know this will shock some of you, nothing happened. It should have been supported.

    1. There are an awful lot of vital, important issues that are settled on rather petty, foolish grounds. This is true of legislatures around the world, including the Congress.

      The musical 1776 gets at this when it shows the various state delegations going through their agonies as they decide how to vote on independence. Finally, everybody has said yes, except for Pennsylvania. Three delegates from PA – the leader, John Dickinson opposes, Ben Franklin supports, and now it’s up to John Wilson who has slavishly followed Dickinson until now, but switches to support because he wants to be forgotten. “And is that how new nations are formed? By a nonentity seeking to preserve the anonymity he so richly deserves?”

      The quote is apocryphal (records of specific debates from the Continental Congress were not kept), but the sentiments are certainly plausible.

      1. “and now it’s up to John Wilson who has slavishly followed Dickinson until no”

        His name was JAMES Wilson.

  6. Blame who you will for postcards, etc. What really happened is that the legislators went home and heard an earful from constituents who wondered what the you-know-what was going on in Pierre. For these bills to go down by the huge margin is a testament to that. I think the citizens have heard enough stupid ideas from the Legislature this year and they are letting their feelings known.

    I would not be surprised to find out that House members who voted for it quietly lobbied against it on the other side.

  7. Sibby when the Lautenslaugers send out postcards to people in Gettysburg and District 23 calling Justin Cronin Anti-Gun one really needs to keep an eye out on what else they sponsor.

    1. Now when they call these senators anti 2nd amendment will they be right since this was an NRA backed measure? All these senators did was legitimize the existence of NAGR being here.

    2. Charlie, it is votes like these that earn Republicans the anti-gun labels. Vehle was one helped kill it. You should have heard him cry like a baby over the postcards that shown his anti-gun voting record. Then the media comes out with the “negative ad” BS. Since when has ads showing voting records considered negative? answer: When the liberals took over the SDGOP.

  8. At least Sen. Monroe is a backer of the 2nd Amendment. He will be remembered kindly with a donation next time around. the others not so much… ridiculous that these bills were not supported.

  9. Sibby come up shooting with me here in McPherson County. We will put up or shut up OK? You pick 3 challenges and I’ll pick three challenges. All under 500 yards. I’m no sniper so you can pick the rifle of your choice. Then we can go on the trap range and see what kind of skill we have with a scatter gun. Game On? Loser is ANTI 2nd Amendment……….

    1. Charlie, you already lost. Many victims are within 10 feet of the criminal. Defense is the real purpose behind the Second Amendment, not target practice and not hunting.

      1. Sibby you really can’t have one without the other if you expect to be able to pull up a rifle or handgun and actually protect yourself or your loved ones. Trained police freeze on occasion. I pray I never have to find out if I would or would not freeze looking down a barrel. Be well. We are still on the same page Sibby.

  10. second amendment rights aren’t interrupted in any way by the failure of these two bills. anyone who is heartbroken over this should think about that. the republican officials in this state do well to keep from crossing the bridge into crazy town. so don’t be mad when they won’t cross the bridge with you on this or that iffy bill. there’s still a second amendment once these bills are gone. calm down.

  11. So glad that the Senate had the common sense to do what the House was too timid to do. Hopefully, a lot of the new House members will now see that you don’t have to vote in favor of any and every gun bill that comes along… The SDGO and NRA love to thump their chests, but the Senators heard it loud and clear back home, the average citizen didn’t like these bills. Hopefully, the House members will do their research before rubber stamping every gun bill they see!

    1. “the average citizen didn’t like these bills.”

      Not true. It was those who work for the government who testified against these bills.

      1. very convenient to write off the opponent testimony as being from “those who work for the government.” THEY WERE SHERIFFS.

  12. Just wondering now what Right or Statute or Aggression concerning guns the Lautenschlagers will send out post cards on in their new fundraising blitzes.
    I mean seriously they have to pay the rent. And eat. LOL

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