Pro-Bosworth Robocall hitting phones tonight asking for prayers. (But not justice) UPDATE – Now, with recording of call

Annette BosworthI just received a Pro-Annette Bosworth robocall from someone claiming to be Peter Waldron  (a shamelessly self-promoting political organizer) who went on for about 2-3 minutes claiming that we all need to pray for Annette, so her patients won’t be without a doctor. It spoke about how she’s in the situation she is because she allegedly relied on “bad information from her attorney.”

It also blathered on about the unjust prosecution from the Attorney General, praying for her husband and kids, her attorneys, etc.

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a robocall before with regards to a trial taking place 200 miles away asking for my prayers and seeking to sway public opinion. Just another weird and eminently stupid episode in the pre-trial media campaign surrounding Annette Bosworth’s prosecution.

Upon reflection after the call, I have to say that I didn’t notice them asking for things like justice or the rule of law. (Because Dr. Boz might be in big trouble if that happens!)

Update – A reader reports after his Boz robocall…..

I just received a poor me, robo call, saying donate money and pray and pray and pray for ol Bos.

It says she is the only person in the United States to be charged with phony signatures on a petition and how could they be phony, if they were actually person who really supported her. It took me 20 minutes to quit crying for poor ol Bos.

12 thoughts on “Pro-Bosworth Robocall hitting phones tonight asking for prayers. (But not justice) UPDATE – Now, with recording of call”

  1. will this self portrayed victim ever quit? she has these crazy disciples too that probably wash her feet everyday in hero worship.

    anyone going to the trial to watch this self destruction drama?

  2. I received the call this evening too. Does anyone know what it costs to pay for calls like this?

      1. All that grief Nelson got for opposing and outing the RINOs trying to cut a National Guard education program.

        He learned the hard way not to oppose the EB5 RINO mafia.

  3. This phone call seems harmless enough. I wanted to send them money after I got done listening but there was no mention of money or where to send it. I just felt sadder for the pretty young doctor and golly, I think this Mr. Jackley fellow must be pretty mean. Do you think maybe this is Dr. Bos just paying money to make phone calls to sour the public against young Mr. J? In case Mr. J wants to run for something later against that Haber fellow, who did so well the first go around in the ring.

    1. gruz do you think the pretty young doctor will have a last supper or even breakfast publicity stunt before her trial surrounded by her disciples & dr. waldren? sausage & gravy? taters?

  4. I’ve often wondered what it would be like to witness a fast-moving train wreck. I don’t have to wait much longer for that to happen.

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