Release – FACT CHECK: Noem Voted for Omnibus Before She Voted Against It

FACT CHECK: Noem Voted for Omnibus Before She Voted Against It

PIERRE, SD: South Dakota Congresswoman Kristi Noem voted to advance a $1.3 trillion omnibus budget package despite telling supporters she opposed the deal.

Twenty-five House conservatives united to vote against the omnibus in a vote held Thursday morning, but Noem was not one of them.

The House Freedom Caucus officially opposed the rule vote that Noem voted in favor of, leaving conservatives three votes short of stopping a bill that raises the deficit, funds Planned Parenthood, funds sanctuary cities, refuses funding for a concrete border wall and fails South Dakota on the question of internet sales tax.

“It’s unfortunate that Congresswoman Noem is touting her opposition to a bill when her vote sent it to the House floor,” said Jackley for Governor campaign manager Jason Glodt. “South Dakota has a simple question for their lone representative in Congress: Why didn’t you join with 25 other conservatives to do the right thing when you had the chance?”

Members of Congress were given less than 24 hours to read the 2,232-page bill before being asked to vote on it, yet Noem voted to allow debate to proceed. Had she and two other Republicans changed their votes, the omnibus would have failed.

The vote is part of a consistent record of voting for omnibus bills that raise the debt limit and increase spending.

In 2011, Noem voted to raise the debt limit by $2.1 trillion. In 2014, she voted for a $1.4 trillion omnibus, as well as the $1 trillion Obama-backed “cromnibus” spending bill. In 2015, she voted for a $1.1 trillion omnibus bill that raised the debt limit and raised spending caps by a total of $112 billion in fiscal years 2016 and 2017.

The total public debt the day Noem took office was $13.9 trillion. It now stands at more than $21 trillion.

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  1. Jackley should bear in mind the old saying,”people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”.

    1. House Vote #124 was a vote to prevent any amendments to the omnibus bill and to allow only one hour for debate. Did Kristi Noem really believe one hour of debate would be adequate for a 2,200-page, 1.3-trillion-dollar spending bill she hadn’t even read?

      The fact that Nancy Pelosi and all but one other Democrat happened to cast the right vote, regardless of their motives, doesn’t seem directly relevant. It’s a little ironic that Noem is being attacked for being insufficiently libertarian by Marty Jackley, but he’s landed a solid blow here.

  2. Jackley wants Kristi to vote with Nancy Pelosi

    It’s intellectually dishonest to say she voted for this bill, she voted for the rule that set parameters for debate on the bill. She voted against the bill.

    If Marty had any experience, he’d understand how legislatures work. If he can’t understand the simplest parliamentary rules, he will have a tough time working with the state legislature.

    1. You’re saying that we the people of South Dakota are too stupid to understand how DC works and should just trust our betters in the Swamp. Wow!

    2. BS, Kristi voted for omnibus before she voted against it. This has nothing to do with Pelosi. Noem should have joined the conservative Freedom Caucus in stopping the bill from moving forward. Instead of fighting with conservatives she caved in and joined Paul Ryan. Now she is sending emails bragging about how do voted against omnibus. Conservatives know the truth.

      1. That is literally a lie. She voted for the rules of debate. Man, your internal polling must be really bad if you’re trying to make hay out of nothing on Palm Sunday.

  3. Norm can’t afford to go to war against Jackley; she has too many skeletons and too much to lose.

  4. Marty went negative because his terry weeny short shorts ad didn’t land the way he thought it would. Hahaha

  5. The day Noem stood beside Trump (literally) at the White House at the tax reform announcement, Marty was doing an interview with KELO to explain why he cost the state a million bucks after ignoring a harassment claim.

    From failing to charge conspirators in cases, to costing the state literally millions through his incompetence, Marty is going negative to avoid talking about his own record.

    1. It’s a true measurement of her record. What was the debt then and what is it now? It’s ballooned under her leadership. Conservatives are ready for fighters who are interested in changing DC not hanging out with Paul Ryan.

      1. Not just Paul Ryan. Remember her trip to the Great Wall with the crooked Illinois politician who had to resign from Congress? The guy she brought to South Dakota in a tour of our state. Noem loves swamp creatures.

      2. Speaking of Kristi’s record-

        Here she is standing beside president trump when he announced the passage of tax reform, which she personally negotiated as part of the conference committee

        Here’s Marty that SAME EXACT DAY in the Argus. He cost South Dakota $1.2 million through sheer incompetence

        1. Hey Justin,

          Just a tip for the future here. If you keep commenting literally the same thing over and over on the same posts, people can tell it’s you and they don’t buy what you’re selling.

          Take it or leave it, just my two cents! Hope it’s not too humid in D.C.!

        2. Also, might want to check your definition of “beside”.

          She is standing BEHIND President Trump (you can see her lil head peeking over Pence’s shoulder).

          She is standing BESIDE her BFF Paul Ryan, who finally threw her a bone (by letting her be in the picture), because she’s been such a reliable vote for him during his time as speaker.

          1. Behind, beside – either way, she was there. Unlike Marty, who was struggling to explain to voters how he fouled up yet another massive scandal.

            1. “Who cares what she did, she was there” pretty much sums up Noem’s entire D.C. career.

              Unlike you liberals in Washington, SD Conservatives don’t give trophies for just showing up. Try again.

        3. Ok I read the story. She had a problem with a coworker. A big problem. Marty offered her a job in Pierre, when she didn’t take it, he offered her a severance package.
          That’s how these things work, whether you are a whistleblower or a victim of harassment or discrimination, what happens is you can’t stay there. You might think that’s not fair, or that everybody else should be fired, but that’s not the way it works. Even when the offender is fired, you can’t stay there. This is the reality of such situations which is why many people opt to keep their mouths shut. The accused always has friends who will take his side and make it impossible for you to continue working there. So Jackley did what he could: offered her a transfer or a severance package. She didn’t take either. He should have made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

          1. The reality is that Marty brushed her off, tried to sweep it under the rug, and she took the state to the cleaners.

            The state is having trouble paying for its basic operations – how is it acceptable to make a million-dollar mistake like this?

            This whole escapade just shows a breathtaking lack of judgement on Marty’s part.

  6. Disappointed with Thune and Rounds also. Essentially Jackley is saying what Tapio is he just didn’t write a novel that sidetracked into Islamic refugees.

  7. So disappointed that we need to go negative in this race!! South Dakota deserves better than being treated like we’re ignorant.

    1. Kristi’s Campaign Manager and Chief of Staff are both on here stating the rest of us are too dumb to understand how procedure works. Kristi is a DC elitist and it’s time for her to go.

      1. How in the world would you know if Kristi’s chief of staff and campaign manager are commenting here?? Seems they’d have much more productive things to do than that? Again, why can’t the campaign for Governor of South Dakota avoid this sort of negativity?

  8. So she voted yes like Jackley wanted, and THEN voted no. It was 2100 pages, who here is surprised?

  9. Where is Jackley’s voting record on anything? Oh yea, he has never held an office where he had to consider legislation and actually vote. Instead, he makes million dollar mistakes and violent crimes go up 80% on his watch. He claims he is more conservative than Noem. Based on what? He has no record of anything.

    1. Jackley proposed 5 pieces of legislation in the AG’s legislative package this year alone, and all 5 passed. But you already knew that.

      1. All those legislative items were intended as pure CYA because meth and trafficking have exploded under his watch. He’s been AG since 09 and all he’s really done has put out press releases saying variations of “today, Attorney General Jackley joined 49 other attorney generals in a letter…”

  10. oh boy, this is all getting interesting. The campaign staffers and supporters are lighting up the blog boards. Can’t wait to see some public polling — I’m guessing it’s very close and the activists seem to be on edge and the campaigns are quibbling over little things. I wonder who goes negative on the air first, because let’s face it, all of the petty negative press releases and comments on this blog mean nothing. It will only register once someone starts landing punches on TV.

  11. The reason for the petty arguments is in the end there is not a distinction worth discussing.

    They are both Republicans on the conservative spectrum, they both have performed their jobs pretty well, there current jobs are dissimilar to the Governor with regard to skill set and I don’t think their visions are substantially the same.

    I think the winner will be the one who demonstrates they can best govern. No vision. Just the nuts and bolts of running a $4+ Billion enterprise. Like his politics and political stances or not but our current Governor has been the most capable at running the government smoothly and efficiently in my lifetime. In this regard, those are big shoes to fill.

  12. If Norm were a conservative, she would be a Freedom Caucus member. Instead, she’s just another Republican who uses the word conservative as a prop. She’s a proven big government spender.

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