Release: Noem Voted NO on $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill

Noem Voted NO on $1.3 Trillion Spending Bill
Jackley Criticizes Noem for Voting Against Pelosi, 180+ Democrats

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Kristi Noem voted NO on the $1.3 trillion government spending bill that passed this week. Despite her firm stand against wasteful government spending and repeated votes to cut spending, Marty Jackley criticized Noem for voting against House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and more than 180 Democrats in setting the rules of debate for the omnibus bill’s consideration.

“When the $1.3 trillion government spending bill hit the House floor, Kristi Noem voted against it,” said Justin Brasell, Kristi for Governor Campaign Manager. “Marty Jackley may support allowing Nancy Pelosi to set the rules, but that’s something he and Kristi will never agree on.”

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  1. there was an initial hope that the house could amend it in some fashion. ryan and others of course controlled whether that would happen, and it didn’t.

  2. Noem was the only delegation member who voted against both the omnibus and the budget deal that preceded it last month. At least one delegation member is a strong conservative.

    Marty’s reaaaaalllly reaching on this cheap shot.

    1. Yeah, after she voted for the bill with Paul Ryan to move it to final passage. She should have voted with the conservative Freedom Caucus to oppose.

      1. Nancy Pelosi’s Dems joined with the Freedom Caucus to vote against the rule that governed debate. You apparently want to allow Pelosi to set the debating rules for bills like these. I don’t think SD conservatives would like that.

  3. Yes, Noem voted against omnibus once she knew it would pass. However, a group of conservatives tried to stop the omnibus bill from even coming to the floor. They only needed three additional votes to stop it. Noem refused to help them and voted against their effort. Noem is a fraud.

    1. So she voted for it before she voted against it. DC trickery that conservatives are tired of.

      1. She voted to set rules of debate. It is literally a lie to say she voted for the bill.

        Some extremely conservative folks like Kristi voted for the rule and against the bill itself – that’s actually pretty common because you don’t want the opposing party setting rules for debate.

        You know who voted against the rule? Nancy Pelosi. Marty wants Kristi to vote with Pelosi.

  4. Nice spin attempt from Kristi, but she should have stood with the Freedom Caucus and conservatives when she had a chance to take a stand. They only needed 3 more votes to stop the omnimbus from proceeding, but she threw conservatives under the bus in the procedural vote

        1. Funny you should mention the Swamp. The Swamp Drainer In Chief, President Trump, actually signed that horrid bill -and Kristi voted no.

          Marty went negative on the dumbest procedural thing because he is losing badly and is grasping at straws.

          1. Marty knows conservatives are tired of double speak. Vote to put it on the floor then vote against it on the floor when you are told by leadership it has the votes to pass is something conservatives caught on to 10 years ago.

            Bookers debt just went up another $15k.

            1. Marty thinks South Dakotans are stupid and won’t see through this stuff. He’s going to keep up a strategy of attacking Kristi for procedural votes. It people don’t want to hear about that. When you’re arguing procedure, you know you’re losing.

              Plus, I don’t think “Kristi should’ve voted with Nancy Pelosi” will be an effective argument for SD conservatives.

  5. Just a reminder:

    Kristi’s campaign manager is a Mitch McConnell toady. He’s an establishment attack dog Kristi brought in to South Dakota from out of state. The Swamp owns Noem.

    1. Blaming your own bumbling, ineffectual campaign on the other guy being good at his job is one of those things that makes you go “huh?”

  6. Marty’s Pierre Elite are out in force this morning trying to smear Kristi with dumb procedural attacks. Marty went negative because he knows she is winning and hasn’t even deployed all of her resources yet.

    Maybe another video about running track in teeny weeny shorts will help his floundering campaign?

    1. The old John Kerry line of voting for something before voting against it comes to mind.

      DC lives. Kristi vs SD.

      1. Jackley staff waging war on the War College while Noem’s up in every poll. Maybe they get off social media and focus on the race.

        Marty’s internals must be looking really bad if he chooses a procedural vote to be his hill to die on.

        1. From the few posts that I’ve clicked on in the past couple minutes, almost all the comments are negative towards Marty. The negative comments are the same on each post, almost like it’s a coordinated messaging campaign from Noem.

          If you disagree, feel free to fact check me, but I don’t think your comment holds water

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