Rounds’ first legislation: Keystone

From Jon Ellis, Mike Rounds is quickly moving to do what we elected him to do in working to end the federal government’s war on energy:

Rounds, who takes the oath of office on Tuesday, has agreed to sponsor a bill that would allow construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The project, sponsored by TransCanada, has been held up by the Obama administration.

Read it here.

Held up? Try sandbagged for over half a decade.

The pipeline enjoys overwhelming popular support in South Dakota – on a 2-1 basis – so there’s nothing but benefit for Senator-elect Rounds to champion the plan.

11 thoughts on “Rounds’ first legislation: Keystone”

  1. Heck yeah! Build that pipeline! We are holding back major economic growth in South Dakota, and Obama is crippling the middle class with his anti energy platform. I support this 100%, and I cannot wait until we can tell Saudi Arabia where to stick it! Heck yeah, U.S. Senator Rounds! You tell that PUC to approve the permit because true patriots support Keystone XL. God Bless the U.S.A.!

  2. Heck yeah! Rounds better start getting things done for his campaign contributors so build baby build! Landowner rights? It’s progress baby!

    1. How about getting things done for the 99.9% of American Citizens who don’t have farmland through which the pipeline will go?

      1. 99%? You mean less than 1% that will actually benefit from this pipeline here in North America and then the oil will be shipped to China.

        1. The U.S. hasn’t exported crude oil since the 70’s when Carter passed a law that prohibited the sale of US oil. 100% of the KXL oil will be refined in the United States. The environmentalists use the argument that the KXL only benefits foreign markets which is just a lie to justify their opposition to fossil fuels.

            1. Wouldn’t it be Canadian oil being processed here in the US so that law wouldn’t apply? Looks like the argument for Keystone XL fails again.

  3. two points.
    1. it looks like the same person wrote all of the posts on and before jan 4 3:59pm.
    2. on cbs face the nation today, the democrats and press members over the whole hour drew their line in the sand to firmly oppose and slap down keystone first and hardest, so leading off with keystone seems not too productive if you want it passed in some form. (oops, did i lump democrats and press members on ‘face the nation’ all together? i guess i did.)

    on a related note, newt was on ‘face the nation’ today and was not very good. which was too bad because he was the only republican selected to appear at all on that show today.

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