So, someone recreates a photo of themselves as DC politicians on purpose?

This popped up on social media today. And I think it might have been done on purpose:


Although they might be self-declared “liberty minded,” I’m not sure how that translates into something called “effective.”

Rep. Pischke’s bills in 2021 have died at a 100% kill rate. Dennert’s legislative success rate is 22%, and Alyward is 1 out of 3 at the moment.

But liberty and all.

14 thoughts on “So, someone recreates a photo of themselves as DC politicians on purpose?”

  1. I believe the kids call this “cringy”….
    Cringy to the Max. They’re important, cause they told us so!


  2. Some of us who are not out in Pierre don’t know what these guys look like. Captions would have been nice.

    1. In the first photo, on the right is “Blonde Liberty” (Rep. Aylward), in the middle is “Baby Liberty” (Rep. Dennert), and “Plump Liberty” is on the left is Rep. Pischke.

  3. I’ve often that those who call themselves liberty minded are among the least liberty minded people. They’re often pretty closed down to other people’s ideas and thoughts and only subscribe to one version of liberty.

    Governing a free state is difficult. My freedoms and liberties must to supersede or overshadow your freedoms and liberties. And all must be done while balance all of our responsibilities.

    I’d say that most of the entire legislature, democrats and republicans, do a good job of protecting everyone’s liberties.

    And yes, to echo previous comments, this is extreme cringe.

  4. Is Pischke still being at Liberty to be COVID super spreader after testing positive and being at the Capitol not wearing a mask or social distancing?

  5. If they did it tongue in cheek, I think it is funny and give them credit.

    If they seriously were comparing them to Paul et. al., it is also funny but in a different way.

  6. These Spice Boys, as they are called, are mocked widely and roundly in Pierre, I am told. Mr. Pischke in particular is an aberrant fellow, and the other two show their bad judgement by strutting on the catwalk with him.

    These fellows are too sexy for their shirts.

    1. Rep. Thomas Massie from Kentucky… a real gem…

      their only successes are getting post office buildings renamed.

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