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Tim Johnson endorses felllow Obamacare supporter Corinna Robinson.

Tim Johnson, who provided the 60th and deciding vote on Obamacare, endorsed Democrat Congressional candidate Corinna Robinson:

Democratic U.S. Sen. Tim Johnson is officially backing a Rapid City native who wants to run against Republican U.S. Rep. Kristi Noem.

Johnson has issued a statement saying Corinna Robinson served honorably with the Army in Iraq — a war he supported.

Read it here.

Robinson has referred to herself as a “conservative Democrat,” but has also made statements to the contrary, noting specifically that she’s pro-choice, and supports Obamacare.

Remember that report about Corinna Robinson passing the hat to collect unattributed cash? There’s another one.

Remember the notation about Democrat Candidate Corinna Robinson passing a hat around and collecting cash donations from January 30th?

Robinson also did the stuff of good nuts-and-bolts campaigning, shaking hands, taking questions, circulating her nominating petition (as well as those of fellow Democrats Rick Weiland and Joe Lowe … how’s that for party unity?), and collecting donations by literally passing the hat (what looked to me like a military-style boonie hat as one more reminder of Robinson’s service).

Read that here.  The original author over at Madville times quickly covered his tracks after I pointed out that collecting cash in a hat is expressly forbidden under South Dakota State Law:

Added a clarification to the original post. All contributions I saw went in campaign-provided envelopes with full donor attribution and were then placed in the military-style hat.

Read that here.  It was a information snippet and that was that.

But last night, I curiously received another report from an attendee at the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association Meeting in Sioux Falls Yesterday:

As you may have noticed, Corinna Robinson was invited to speak at the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association meeting in Sioux Falls today.  Also in attendance was Democratic candidate Rick Weiland.

It was observed that Robinson “passed the hat”…literally…much like the post that appeared on your website and also the Madville site on January 20, 2014.  It was a military goonie-style hat (as was mentioned in the first posting, and it appeared to be all cash going in.

If anything it just struck me as odd that something that she has been called on once already would happen again.

As mentioned, the passing the hat practice is illegal under state law, but since this is a federal race, I need to do some digging into federal FEC regs.

Argus: Noem raises bulk of funds from South Dakota, Unclear if Robinson will be opponent

The Argus Leader was trumpeting Congresswoman Kristi Noem’s fundraising acumen today, noting that she raised over $206,000 from South Dakotans, but wasn’t so bullish on her opponent:

Rep. Kristi Noem raised almost $300,000 in the fourth quarter of 2013 and had about $845,000 in her campaign account to start the year, according to campaign finance reports.


But the Republican incumbent also raised plenty of money in donations from the public, including South Dakota residents. Individual contributions during the period were just over $206,000, according to data from the Federal Election Commission.


Robinson, a Rapid City native, raised almost $24,000, including about $7,100 she gave to her own campaign. Records showed she also loaned her campaign $20,000. Still, it remains unclear if she will be the Democratic candidate to face off against Noem in November.

Read it here.

With her opponent Corinna Robinson raising even less than some State Legislative candidates did during a similar period of time, it remains to be seen if she’s going to make it through to the fall campaign.

Corinna Robinson’s Financial Disclosures. Timeshares and property, but none in South Dakota.

From the Office of the Clerk of the US House of Representative comes Corinna Robinson’s Financial disclosures for the US House of Representatives contest:

Corinna Robinson's Congressional Financial Disclosures

Now these are kind of interesting.

We’ve got the earned income, but then it gets interesting. As part of her holdings, she has not one, but three timeshares; 2 in Virgina, and one in Florida.  And she didn’t have just one, but two homes, one in North Carolina, and one in Virgina that she apparently sold in preparation of running for Congress in South Dakota.

You know, South Dakota. That place that oddly only referenced in where it says she’s a candidate for.

Questions of carpetbagging still dogging Corinna Robinson

From Tony Mangan at KCCR News. Corinna Robinson is still apparently being dogged by questions about being a carpetbagger, and only re-establishing ties to the state to run for office:

Initially, Robinson says she was going to run for office in 2016, but with her two youngest children graduating from school this year, she decided to move back to Rapid City and challenge incumbent Republican Representative Kristi Noem.

Robinson disputes the notion that she moved back to South Dakota only to run for public office. She says coming back to the state, whether to run or not, has always been the long-term plan.

Read it all here.

The secret life of Corinna Robinson.

I’m not suggesting it intentionally hasn’t been mentioned, but this is the first article in which I’ve ever heard anything about who she is beyond the resume provided.

For South Dakota politicians on both sides of the aisle, I can almost recite you chapter and verse about who they are personally. For Corinna? Not so much:

Corinna Robinson said she planned to move back to South Dakota from the Washington, D.C., area and run for the U.S. House after her youngest two sons graduated from college.

They should finish in August, but Robinson is already on the campaign trail.


After serving 25 years in the Army, Robinson retired in 2009 and has since worked for the Pentagon and U.S. Department of Defense, including at the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. She quit when she decided to join the campaign.


Robinson said her Christian faith is important to her, but that she’s open-minded and not judgmental. And, she said, she wants South Dakotans to pay attention to the campaign and its important issues and not fall into the trap of believing their voices do not matter.


“I bought into a home (in Rapid City), and I’m here to say. And I’m not going to wait until 2016, I’m running now,” Robinson said.

Read it here.

So, she has at least 2 kids, but doesn’t mention any others, or any grandkids, or anything else. She claims to be Christian, and after retiring from the military in 2009, in late 2013 she decided to quit her job & move back to South Dakota to run for office.  And just “bought into a home” in Rapid City.

What are all your thoughts on this?

Today’s the deadline for FEC reports. Are they End of Year reports… or End is Near reports?

The deadline is upon us for the End of Year FEC reports for candidates. Or should we ask if they should rightfully be titled “End is Near?”

The 15th was the deadline for PACs, and those reports are only now trickling on-line.

On the Democrat side,  Rick Weiland will have a full report, in comparison to Corinna Robinson’s almost three month report.

On the Republican side, we’ve been provided previews of what we should expect from Mike Rounds & Annette Bosworth. Larry Rhoden has kept his cards close, and Stace Nelson mumbled something about his fundraising being close to last time, although we’re not sure what last time he was referring to.

Yes, we’ll also see Thune and Noem reports come in. But the focus will be mainly on the US Senate hopefuls.

I thought Jason Ravnsborg would be filing a partial report given his late entrance into the race, although his statement of candidacy is dated 1/10.  So we may not.

For Democrats, they’re just happy to have warm bodies running, so even if they do poorly, they’re likely in it until the bitter end.

For the Republicans, this is make or break time when the field begins to be winnowed down.

Corinna Robinson has failure to re-launch in Hot Springs.

Okay – if you recall, Corinna Robinson is on a statewide campaign tour after her campaign relaunch with Tom Katus as her manager.  The campaign had launched last November, but apparently, she needed a relaunch.

So, what I’m hearing is that apparently Corinna attended a “Save the VA” meeting in Hot Springs last night and took the opportunity to address the crowd. Bad move.

Why? Because she got in front of the crowd, and did a “name drop.” Unfortunately, it was the wrong name. She was trying to impress the crowd and told them all that she has worked with VA Secretary Shinseki previously and that he would “do the right thing.”

The problem with that? Shinseki is hated in Hot Springs because he just made the decision to move forward with the shut-down process.

Corinna noted in her Rapid City Journal interview that she “wasn’t prepared to discuss the issues yet.” Apparently not.

In addition to telling Hot Springs that she was friends with satan…. or at least the person they view as satan for shutting down the VA, her claim that the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act of 2011 would have closed down Hot Springs because it cut 25% from the VA was also silly, and had no basis in fact.

Veterans benefits and services and Social Security were exempt from the spending limits in the CCB plan. Not surprising from someone who admits they weren’t “prepared to discuss the issues yet.” At least in the Western part of the State, so far it was not an impressive relaunch.

With Wismer joining Robinson and Weiland on the Democrat ticket, this election has the Democrats in dire danger of having the most awful slate of candidates ever.

Stay tuned.

Corinna Robinson ratchets up the rhetoric, and relaunches campaign after her previous launch.

Corinna Robinson introduces new rhetoric and new campaign people as she launches her campaign again after it launched in November.

So, was the November one a pre-launch… or a failure to launch?

Please note that it also confirms what I noted earlier, that Corinna has dumped her previous campaign manager in favor of Tom Katus. (Really), and a new media person, Deanna Dowlin, whom I’m never heard of (Thanks you?)

Sent: Monday, January 27, 2014 12:08 AM
Subject: Corinna Robinson for U.S. Congress, Campaign Launch

For Corinna Robinson’s campaign launch, please find attached two press releases, a schedule, and a biography.

If you have any questions about the press releases or the biographical information, please contact Deanna Dowlin, Media Director, at 605-877-0657 or deanna.dowlin@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions about the schedule, please contact Tom Katus, Campaign Manager, at 605-391-7588 or tmkatus@gmail.com.

Thanks you,
Deanna Dowlin

Rapid City, SD – Corinna Robinson, candidate for the United States Congress, is gearing up for the launch of her campaign on Monday and is very aware of how she would do things differently for South Dakota. “South Dakota effectively does not have a voice in Congress with current Rep. Kristi Noem, who regularly and almost exclusively puts her own political interests ahead of the interests of South Dakotans,” says Robinson. “It’s time to bring Noem home.”

Robinson’s distinguished 25-year career in the Army has perfectly prepared her to be a tough, independent voice for all South Dakotans. Robinson, a Rapid City native, says her military experience has made her fearless to stand up to those with ulterior motives, and she will have no problem taking on special interests or even her own party if they advocate policy that hurts the people of South Dakota. Noem’s voting record indicates that her philosophy is much different from Robinson’s.

“Noem routinely votes as commanded by either special interests or her extreme Tea Party leaders in Washington – unfortunately too often those votes actually hurt the South Dakotans for whom she is supposed to be working,” Robinson said. “Noam is out of touch with regular South Dakotans.”

  • Last September, Noem caved in to her Tea Party leaders and voted to “gut” $40 billion from the Food Stamp program (SNAP), even though by doing so she was taking money out of the pockets of South Dakota farmers. With that vote, Noem turned her back on over 100,000 South Dakotans who help feed their families with the assistance of Food Stamps.
  • When special interests and Tea Party leaders in Washington attempted to score political points by voting to shut down the government last fall, Noem voted as they demanded. With that vote, Noem closed governmental offices including the USDA Farm Service Agency, leaving farmers and ranchers without the assistance they needed after the massive blizzard last October devastated their livestock.

As a former Director of the Antiterrorism & Force Protection Directorate, serving at the Pentagon, Robinson was responsible for targeting protection measures for thousands of personnel and critical infrastructure. When lack of compromise forced a government shutdown, Robinson was placed in a position to send her employees home, leaving them without a way to support their families and leaving critical gaps in the workforce. If it had been up to Robinson, she would have worked night and day to reach an agreement to keep the country running.

“I could go on and list literally hundreds of votes by Noem that benefited her tea party extremists or her own political interests instead of representing the interests of the people of South Dakota. Worse, Noem and her radical associates have made a mockery of our great history of proud governance. This 113th Congress makes the infamous ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ of 1947-48 look almost industrious. The ‘Do-Nothing Congress’ passed 1,729 bills in their two-year term. Noem’s 113th Congress has passed a mere 58 bills in the first year. It is a waste of time and South Dakota is ready for a change,” Robinson said.

There is still no Farm Bill, when no other single piece of legislation matters more to the economy of South Dakota.

Robinson said she is not sure what force is guiding Noem’s decisions. “It is most assuredly not concern for the people of South Dakota. With her history of refusing to compromise with anyone other than her Tea Party associates and refusing to do the job that South Dakotans hired her to do, we just can never be sure that Noem will be there when we need her,” Robinson said.


Bajun out, and Katus in at the Corinna Robinson Congressional Campaign?

The word on the street is that barely a month into it, I’m told that the Corinna Robinson campaign is allegedly changing gears to a more experienced politico.  (If you could call it that.)

What I’m hearing is that former State Senator Tom Katus is telling friends and associates that he is going to be running the Corinna Robinson for Congress campaign, a position that had been held by her campaign manager Bajun Mavalwalla.

I did send a note to the campaign, seeking confirmation or denial, but hadn’t heard anything back as of yet. And the Katus story is what I’m hearing.

Katus is a veteran of one state legislative campaign where Stan Adelstein gave him money in revenge for Elli Schwiesow beating Adelstein in the primary. And then Stan ran against him and beat him the next year.

Katus also ran for State Treasurer in 2010, losing to Rich Sattgast 65% to 35% in a blow-out.

No reports as to how adversely this is going to affect Robinson in her race against Kristi Noem, although it’s a curious choice for Robinson, who has sought to portray herself as a “conservative Democrat” to supposedly be taking on as a manager one of the most liberal Democratic legislators in recent history.