Thune: Democrats’ Massive Government Expansion Jeopardizes Individual Liberties

Thune: Democrats’ Massive Government Expansion Jeopardizes Individual Liberties

“Republicans oppose Democrats’ tax-and-spending spree because it spends an irresponsible amount of money, but more than that, we oppose it because it moves us further and further away from the American idea of limited government.”

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today called out Democrats for pursuing an irresponsible and reckless tax-and-spending spree that would significantly increase already high inflation and raise taxes on South Dakota families. Thune emphasized that Democrats’ massive government expansion would stifle economic growth and jeopardize individual liberty.

5 thoughts on “Thune: Democrats’ Massive Government Expansion Jeopardizes Individual Liberties”

  1. You had a chance to prevent some of this back in January and took a pass. Just what do you plan to do now????? Too late.

  2. Thank you for your diligence and focus Senator Thune on holding the caucus together and keep Manchin and Synema with you. It is your leadership that stands between disaster and salvation until this election provides you reinforcements (unless we only nominate nut jobs). Again, thank you.

    1. If you can’t see that the left is taking freedoms away than you are truly a stupid human being. Try reading 1984 by George Orwell.

      If you can’t see that inflation is here thanks to the senile old man in the White House, then you must never buy anything.

      If you believe in Biden’s Build Back Better tripe than you are simpleton.

      1. Yeah, inflation is the mans fault who hasn’t even been in office a year. It couldn’t be the prior president who added 7 trillion in debt and cut tax revenue while increasing spending. If you think Trump’s fascist economic policy didn’t cost us all a lot, you are a simpleton. God forbid we actually spend money on infrastructure and the citizens of this country. We need to give that to the corporate welfare leeches.

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