“We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies.” ― John Marsden

Finally, another RINO is gone- Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

The architect of the only comprehensive entitlement reform legislation introduced in the last 15 years, the architect of the only detailed Balanced Budget legislation introduced in the last 15 years, the architect of the Trump Tax Cuts, most effective fundraiser for Republicans in Congress, and a stalwart unwaverting defender of life from conception to natural death has decided to not run for re-election this November.

We need politicians who yell and scream and can only speak in simplistic bromides. Big thinkers who can actually draft legislation more than five pages long that has a chance of passage are RINOS

Now the seat is considered a “lean Democrat” this November and odds the GOP will lose control of House have surpassed 50%.

To “real conservative Republicans” this all makes sense.

17 thoughts on ““We kill all the caterpillars, then complain there are no butterflies.” ― John Marsden”

  1. The Republicans have done a masterful job of doing everything they can to lose the majority. It does not help having the Republicans themselves say they think they are likely to lose the majority (although I suspect it will increase in the Senate). So just assuming the Democrats have control of the House of Representatives, how will we know? The Republicans don’t seem to want to do the things that get them elected. And they back down to the Democrats so it is as if the Democrats are indeed the majority already.

    1. i have never run into so many people who know so little about the actual situation in congress. since retaking the house, the republican majority has performed their duties well, and it’s the feckless senate under mcconnell which SHOULD take the total blame for the gutless failure of the republican majority. it is the senate’s shame and disgrace. every time schumer makes mcconnell surrender, i picture him striding confidently back to his caucus to proclaim loudly that they yet again have dodged the bullet thanks to his leadership. 🙁

  2. Dugger,

    It all effectively ended when the “freedom” Caucus made it clear they prefer keeping Obamacare to a partial repeal. If you can’t get the whole thing, take nothing. It all makes sense if you are a “real conservative Republican.”

    It also makes sense to “real conservative Republicans” to have Democrat Senators from Missouri, Delaware, Indiana, North Dakota,Wisconsin, Florida, Alabama, Montana, and a few others.

    1. Troy, your opinion is one I have a lot of respect for, but cannot always agree with you. As I recall, the “partial” repeal did not go far enough in their minds. If you can believe them, under the plan under consideration at the time, premiums would not go down. When they dug in their heels, they were at least able to allow states to opt out. That and taking away the mandate is probably going to kill Obamacare anyway.
      I think Newt had the right idea years ago. Rather than allowing an omnibus spending bill to go forward, they should have each of the departments present a budget individually. That way, defense is not connected to Planned Parenthood.
      I agree with your comments about Democrat Senators in general. In your list, I see 5 that have an excellent chance of flipping. And it would be nice if minority leader Schumer did not run the show.
      If the Republicans ran things like they were in charge, I think voters would be more inclined to be motivated to vote for them. Right now, we have Democrats motivated so they can get rid of Trump. Republicans have a chance to make their voters motivated to get things done that do something about the deficit, illegal immigration, Planned Parenthood, what is left of Obamacare, and other issues facing us.

      1. Dugger,

        Not sure why you disagree with me as I agree with you. The “real conservative Republicans” said it didn’t go far enough. So, it must make sense we are better off living under full Obamacare for what is now looking to be years more.

        1. I believe you are putting words into the mouths of the Freedom Caucus. Due in part to their actions, Obamacare is falling apart. Also, with the mandate removed and with states being able to opt out, I believe Obamacare will die on the vine.

  3. Ryan did manage to increase the deficit by another $1,200,000,000,000 – in other words, $3600 for every man, woman, and child in the country. Considering that over 60% of Americans don’t even have a quarter of that in personal savings, I simply don’t understand how this greasy little huckster got such a reputation as a fiscal policy wonk. Add to that his failures in enacting comprehensive immigration reform, entitlement reform, and repealing the ACA, all while controlling all three branches of government, it’s no wonder he’s amongst the shortest-term Speakers of the House in history. If not for the stunning short-sightedness of the rabid Freedom Caucus, Boehner was by far the better leader – also interesting to note that he was in posession of a spine.

    So anyhoo – don’t let the door hit you in the backside on the way out, Mr. Ryan.

    1. I agree. He jumped off into a life boat before the ship sinks. There will be a reckoning.

  4. the $1.6-trillion spending bill was the biggest disappointment, not that it arose, but that the house embraced and passed it along so quickly. if it were not for that, ryan really could be proud of keeping the house in a state of sharp readiness, to help a senate which never got off its big fat couch pillow.

  5. He couldn’t even defund Planned Parenthood. If you polled the base: “if a Republican Congress could do only one thing, what should it be?”
    The winning answer would be “defund Planned Parenthood.”

    He couldn’t even do that.

    1. Except that 75% of Americans approve of federal funding for Planned Parenthood. If you want to tick off 3/4 of your constituents, go for it!

      1. That’s because the country is populated with mental defectives who don’t know people can get birth control at every family practice clinic in the country. Seriously. You see this all the time, people ask “without Planned Parenthood where would people go for birth control?”
        I dunno, the drugstore???

        Also, once Planned Parenthood is defunded, they will get money just like every other medical clinic: by billing their patients insurance companies. And when the public realizes there isn’t an exponential surge in unplanned pregnancies, they’ll figure out public funding was never necessary. Planned Parenthood doesn’t need additional funding over and above what your family doctor gets. The sky will not fall.

        1. They do more than birth control and abortions. Can’t go to the drugstore for a pelvic exam or STD screening… well, maybe YOU can, but most people feel funny about dropping their drawers at the corner store.

  6. Dugger,

    They said it didn’t go far enough. You said it didn’t go far enough. So, these people voted against partial repeal. The result is we have Obamacare as the law of the land.

    It must make sense to them full Obamacare is better than partial Obamacare.

    Its the same sense that said was better to have all those Democrat Senators instead of Republican Senators. A logic that gave the Democrats the votes to pass Obamacare in the first place and will put the Democrats in control of the House.

    I don’t see the sense. But, of course, I’m not as smart and moral as these “real conservative Republicans” (unless of course they are what I think they are: either total morons or co-conspirators with the liberal Democrats).

    By the way, you are wholly inaccurate saying it actions of the Freedom Caucus which is causing Obamacare to implode. After these un-American Obamacare Republicans (call themselves the Freedom Caucus which is another lie) tubed partial repeal, President Trump took all administrative action he could to cripple Obamacare. He could have done a lot more with help from these pro-Obamacare Republicans.

  7. Ryan helps pass tax bill, DWC posters: TRUMP DID IT! THE TAX BILL PASSED!

    Outlandish spending bill passes that gifts Trump so much of what he demands, DWC posters: HOW COULD PAUL RYAN DO THIS?!?!?!?!?!!?

    A longtime Republican policy wonk with the bona fides to prove it is now being tossed under a bus for a former democrat whose policies trash free market principles on a regular basis. Irony is dead.

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