While councilors grumble over his self-promoting billboards, SF Mayor Huether out trying his 2018 stump speech.

Will the TV Commercials starring the mayor imploring us all to come to Sioux Falls be coming shortly?

I ask, because Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether seems awfully eager for the 2018 Gubernatorial campaign to begin.  First, he put up all these billboards with his face plastered all over them, and now he’s starting to travel around the state making thinly veiled campaign speeches:

Huether was in town Wednesday to impart some of what he’s learned from his own experiences of running a city and was quick to point out that while he is a great supporter of Yankton, he also intended to issue the city as challenge to strive to be better.

“I’m here for a reason — I love this town, but I am going to mention some things today that are going to make some of you uncomfortable, and I think you need it,” he said. “There were times in my life where I was challenged to an even greater level. … Yankton, I’m going to do the same for you today. “

For nearly two hours, Huether testified on the importance of confidence, partnerships between public and private enterprises, and keeping the fiscal house in order while stressing the critical need to maintain and procure solid infrastructure systems and quality-of-life investments in the community.

Read it all here.

For nearly two hours, Huether testified on the importance of confidence…?”   I can hardly imagine!  And Is it just me, or does he say “I” an awful lot?


This is just the latest move in shameless self-promotion from the state’s highest ranking Democrat as he continues with his self-aggrandizing, and naked lust for higher office.

It’s not as if this comes as a great shock, given that it’s been standard operating procedure from Huether since he was first elected. But as the months tick away until he’s out of office and moving on towards the next one, it seems as if it’s only getting worse.

In addition to his antics that make the media, I’ve actually had people note to me that in a speech or two, Huether actually compared himself to Governor Bill Janklow. Because by including it in his speeches, he somehow thinks it will become so. Forgetting the fact that the former Governor didn’t actively seek the spotlight, as opposed to seeking to get things done.

With Huether stepping up the “I love Mike Huether” campaign machine, it’s going to be a long, long three years until 2018. Especially for the residents of Sioux Falls.

8 thoughts on “While councilors grumble over his self-promoting billboards, SF Mayor Huether out trying his 2018 stump speech.”

  1. Running for office is, by definition, self-promotion. How shameless it is may vary, but the self-promotion part is inevitable.

    No, the issue isn’t the self-promotion. The issue is making the taxpayers fund it.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. What possible reason could there be to have Mike’s mug on all these billboards but to promote himself? Possibly arrogance?

      I think Mayor Mike needs to re-think this because it makes him look like an ego-maniac.

      During the mayoral race I told Greg Belfrage on his show that I didn’t want Huether to win because I didn’t want him to have a springboard for higher office; Greg disagreed saying that he thought Heuther was doing a good job for the city. I guess I may be proven right on this one.

  2. Speaking of the 2018 Governor’s race, anyone know how Mickelson did at the Beadle LDD?

    If a politician gives a speech in Huron but no one knows about it, did it really happen?

    1. Mike did a great job for us here in Beadle Co. He drew a crowd and was able to move from one issue to the next with ease. He had a special concern for the family farm and highlighted his concern with examples from the rail industry, commodity prices and observances from his travels. I’ll send Pat a picture.

  3. I see Daugaard on tv commercials paid for by the state. I get franking mail or teletown halls paid for by the taxpayers from Stephanie, Kristi and Thune.

    Mike is the mayor. I like the billboard. His face on it looks good.

    He’s an ego maniac but Kristi’s Facebook page is like following a reality tv show void of her work in dc.

    Huether is not viable anyway.

    1. Are you comparing Huether spending thousands of dollars of taxpayers’ money to put his face on promotional material for a city service to what Noem posts on Facebook (for free)?

  4. This is a time-honored tradition that every incumbent takes advantage of, so, relax.

    A bigger concern is that the billboards just stink. Are we promoting jobs, welcoming people to Sioux Falls, showing a nice picture of a generic office area that can’t even be identified as in Sioux Falls or is it just a big shot of Mayor Mike with no apparent reason for being there? Really, a marketing executive should be able to come up with something better than this mess.

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