“You just can’t make this stuff up.” (US Sen. Elizabeth Warren yesterday in an interview)

Preface:  For many years, everytime George Brett came to bat (whether the Royals were playing the Twins or not), in the moment, I cringed and expressed how I didn’t “like him.”  But, when I looked at the box score and his stats over the course of the season, I had to always admit the guy could hit and was a heck of a baseball player.  No matter the pitcher’s strength (fastball, curve, slider, etc.), Brett had a strategy to take that strength away and augment the pitcher’s weakness.

So it is with Trump.   Hyperbolically, it seems 9 out of 10 times Trump opens his mouth, I cringe and often times disagree with him.  But, when I look at the “boxscore,” I have to admit the guy knows how to play to HIS strength and make the other side play to their weakness.  Like Brett, sometimes I just have to grudgingly give Trump the respect he earns by the results.

I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  A FEW DAYS AGO, TRUMP TOOK A BIG SWING AND MISSED, DARING THE DEMOCRATS TO RESPOND IN A PARTICULAR WAY.  AND, DANG IF THEY DIDN’T THROW A FASTBALL DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE PLATE AND TRUMP HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.  Yesterday on my drive home, I had on MSBC radio on to hear what they were saying about the Democratic Convention.  Rachel Maddow was having a conversation with Senator Warren (wasn’t really an interview).  Anyway, Maddow throws what she intended to be a softball to Warren about Trump’s call for Russia to release (if they have them) the 30,000 personal (not turned over to the government) emails from Clinton’s personal email server.

A)  Warren goes off on it is treasonous to for Trump to ask a foreign country to hack a high ranking government officials computer because of the risk to national security.  

  1. The server is in the hands of the FBI and can’t be hacked any more.  If they have the emails, Russia already committed the crime and wouldn’t it be better off knowing they have the information?
  2. I thought the emails were only about Clinton’s appointment with her hair stylists, emails to her daughter about her grandchild, and to her husband.  According to Hillary, there is nothing on those emails which are a risk to national security.  But, to Senator Warren they are a risk to national security.  What does she know that we don’t know?

B)  Warren goes off on the illegality to ask Russia to directly influence our sovereign election.  Ummmmm, It is against both US and Israeli law for the US government to influence an Israeli election.  Where was Senator Warren’s outrage when both Obama campaign funds and State Department funds were used to try to defeat Netanyahu in last year’s Israeli election?

However, I admit it is the nature of politics for one side to tactically respond to the tactics of one’s opponent.  And, in a vacuum, Warren’s response could be characterized as “par for the course” and not surprising.

But, the standard tactical response must contemplate the larger strategy, which for the Democrats is to address Hillary Clinton’s high unfavorable rating with the public (which at its core is Hillary is not considered trustworthy).  And the two biggest factors working against Clinton is her lack of forthrightness on her own personal email problem and most recently the revelation from emails that the Democratic National Committee didn’t follow its own rules of neutrality in the Clinton-Sanders primary (resulting in Hillary lapdog leaving her “neutral” position as head of the DNC directly to the Clinton campaign).

Strategically, ANY discussion of emails, foreign hacking, etc. feeds the Trump narrative.  The Democrats took Trump’s bait “hook, line and sinker.”  In addition to Warren, nearly every speaker yesterday RESPONDED to Trump which had the effect of reminding people about the emails, enhancing Trump’s gravitas, and making Hillary look small.

What is the major news story in the major papers and on the news channels?  Not a narrative from the Convention on how Clinton presidency would be good for Americans but emails and treason.  I’m not sure Trump could have gotten a better result if he had written the script himself.  Warren is right.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  

Bonus News Item #1:  President Obama’s speech was essentially a plea for Democrats to come together to preserve the work and legacy of his Presidency even if Democrats don’t want to do it for Hillary.  It was a glaring admission of how small Hillary is on her own.  Contrary to Hillary who openly admits she NEEDS Obama, Sanders, et. al., Trump has made it clear he doesn’t need the endorsement of Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush, or anyone else to win this election.  He is willing to stand on his own. Warren is right.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  

Bonus News Item #2:  When the ink isn’t even dry on his endorsement of Hillary at the Democratic Convention, Bernie Sanders announced he is leaving the Democratic Party and returning to his historical Independent Socialist (caucusing with the Senate Democrats).  Bernie’s decision/announcement before the Convention even closes will be seen by many of his supporters as a signal Hillary and the Democratic Party didn’t move enough and their home is not here.  Warren is right.  You just can’t make this stuff up.  

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  1. Keep drinking that kook aid

    (No matter how many times I think “OMG, this will be Trump’s demise” or Trump was a big mistake by the Republicans, I get reminded how many people think like you. If you think the Democrats had a great day yesterday, I’m glad for you. Troy)

  2. Trump has shredded the typical GOP campaign playbook and it’s driving the Democrats crazy because he constantly prefers to go on the attack. The Dems may come to rue the day Comey did not recommend a criminal indictment for HRC because it gave Trump the opening he needed after a turbulent June.

  3. Trump: “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails.”

    Russia is interfering in our Presidential election by hacking the political opposition’s computers and releasing the information timed to do the most damage. And Trump hopes Russia has these emails and releases more of them? Oh sure, he now says he was being sarcastic. Right. This guy who openly admits that he respects the tactics of dictators was just kidding.

    This is a very big deal and our nominee should, for once, act and speak like an adult who wants to be taken seriously. Someone who condemns these acts in no uncertain terms.

    Trump could still win this race. And that result is as scary as the more likely result of losing big and taking the Senate and Court with him. What have we done?

    1. You obviously do not understand the humor. No, Trump was not actually asking Russia to hack Hillary’s e-mail. He was obviously referring to the 30,000+ e-mails, some of which are NOT personal that have been deleted. Also, if Russia has these e-mails, and according to FBI Director Comey, they may have already hacked her e-mails and Trump is suggestion Russia might show what they have. Those servers are in the hands of the FBI and cannot be hacked anymore.
      Your “reaction” is an example of the kind of thing Trump can do. He does not follow the playbook. He throws your reactions back at you and laughs at you. And interestingly, so do most normal thinking people.

      1. Speaking of “normal thinking people”. They do not tolerate a candidate who makes up imaginary stories day after day. Trump cranks out conspiracy theories like no other candidate I can think of. He manufactures events that never happened.

        Go ahead and deny it if that makes you feel better. But you have to know its true.

        1. “They do not tolerate a candidate who makes up imaginary stories day after day.” Personally, I think he does this just to get people talking and researching. But regardless, at this time he is leading in the polls and most of us normal thinking people don’t mind so much. BTW, from the Washington Post on September 14, 2001: “In Jersey City, within hours of two jetliners’ plowing into the World Trade Center, law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river.” Some of his “conspiracies” turn out to be based upon fact. But, I’m sure you do not care about that.
          Like many people, Trump was not my first, second or even third choice. In fact, I may not vote for him in November. I truly am undecided on this. However it is fun to watch him get people like you to have their panties in a wad!

          1. My panties are in a wad? Ya, well, I did just go for a bike ride??

            Trump’s conspiracy theories are not based on fact. He said he saw THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS celebrating the 9/11 attacks. He did not and neither you nor he can prove otherwise. Am I right?

            Trump interview with Stephanopoulos: “Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.” “It did happen. I saw it.”

            Duggersd idea of proof is that the police questioned a couple of tailgaters? Was Donald in the police precinct that day to witness all of this mayhem?

            Bring on the video proof, Duggersd. There is video of everything these days. Especially when thousands of folks are being outrageous.

            Ohhh. Maybe someone stole the proof?

  4. The party currently in power shows little respect for the military, shows no respect for cops, prefers federalizing the police, expresses disdain for the 2nd Amendment and calls ISIS the “JV” team (and this is just covers public safety issues). The GOP establishment has done little to combat the Dems, which gave Trump a wide lane to gain the nomination. We are supposed to have checks and balances in our government, but the legislative and judicial branches have frequently been derelict in their duty to check the Presidential actions of executive orders and bureaucratic regulations. Perhaps Congress will reassert itself during a Trump presidency……

    1. Not likely.
      We have the House and the Senate. In theory we still have the Supreme Court. At the state level we have 31 governors, 36 state senates (w/ NE), and 33 state houses. In 23 states all three of the elected branches are red. However, even with this much political muscle, the GOP establishment has repeatedly failed to reassert anything. If the POTUS can dominate the agenda now, there is no reason to assume this general ineptitude will magically disappear regardless of who gets elected.

  5. I absolutely love it. I love it when I hear Republicans complain about how the establishment has done “little to combat the Dems”.

    So you have now chosen to nominate a New York liberal turned Republican who has already sided with the Dems on minimum wage, obamacare (some of the time), the Iraq war, taxing the rich and he is even more left leaning than the libs on NATO… just to name a few issues. And this is before he gets into office and has a real opportunity to stab you in the back.

    And, to you, it all makes sense.

    1. Jimmy,

      When Trump announced, he was my 17th choice of the 17 Republican options. He only moved ahead of one candidate as the others dropped. He still makes me cringe. But, come on, give him a little credit for a few things:

      1). Defying conventional wisdom repeatedly.
      2). Having the ability to make his opponent’s heads spin like tops. Not many people can repeatedly throw the same pitch in the dirt and yet every time the batter keeps swinging.
      3). Making Hillary look small and petty.
      4). And, especially from your perspective, making Cruz look small and petty.

      Sometimes, no matter how much you dislike how a guy plays the game, you just gotta give a person a standing ovation when he hits another home run. I know you can do it. 🙂

      1. You may be right about all of those things, Troy. But, what I look for in a President is someone with knowledge, wisdom, temperament and experience. Batting zero for four.

        And his love of strongman tactics makes him a dangerous man. I truly believe that.

        1. The US has batted 0.001 under Obama.

          Frontline 2 repeated a story on child poverty in the US at 8:00 on Wednesday. Anyone who has a heart would be completely outraged by what has occured.

          At about 9:30 on Wednesday, Obama spoke at the DNC and told everyone just how great American is, what a great job he di, and what a great job Hillary would do.

          May God dam Obama. I pray that God forgives anyone thinking about voting for Hillary.

          The Frontline piece should leave everyone wondering what in the hell has happened to our values under Obama.

          1. ‘The Frontline piece should leave everyone wondering what in the hell has happened to our values under Obama.’

            Um, hi! There have always been people living in poverty in this country. Your attempt to paint Obama as the person responsible for poverty is false. And stupid. Were concerned about poverty when Reagan left office? Didn’t think so.

          2. Perhaps you are just being nice, but I believe you have inflated this administration’s batting average. Is it possible to have a negative average? Naturally mathematics says no, but this administration is trying.

      2. If he were completely honest, Trump’s true feelings on a lot of these issues, I believe, would be in the mainstream. Somewhat moderate on fiscal issues and more liberal on social issues but still relatively moderate.

        But when he goes off on tangents like some of his conspiracy theories, his admiration of dictators, his obvious narcissism and his attacks on everyone who refuses to bow to him, the guy must be considered unstable.

        As President, a threat to world stability.

  6. Once again Trump dominates the new cycle and makes Hillary look bad while twitting the media. This was awesome.

  7. And that’s why you do arithmetic and not a thinking job. It’s a gambit, Mr. Jones. What will be “we the people’s” reaction when WiKiLeaks releases candidate Trump’s income and property tax returns, now? Without this pre-play there may have been sympathy for Don Trump. Now, it’ll be, “Good, the horse’s a** should never have asked the Russians for help, to beat Ms. Clinton.”
    A little advice. After the election, don’t hold any shares of any Trump business. When personally insulted, Clinton’s never forget.

    1. Porter there are many Bernie supporters that will NOT support Hillary especially with the DNC leaks in which they helped rig the primary along with those super delegates. Hillary’s stances have gone with how the wind blows and cannot be trusted. Trump will gain a few Bernie supporters but Jill Stein and Gary Johnson will gain the most. Trump will win and you will be smoking lots of dope to cope! 🙂

      1. Trump will be a law and order President that will not be afraid to crack some heads.

        1. Trump doesn’t know the “law” and nothing about him suggests “order”.

          1. You foolishly underestimate the man that is a 1) a billionaire 2) employs thousands of Americans 3) has successful children and won the nomination against 16 very accomplishment individuals….keep underestimating him…its ok, soon you can call him Mr. President!


            1. I do not underestimate him.

              Liberals George Soros and Warren Buffet have thousands of employees too. Would you vote for them? At least they are not delusional.

              All children of billionaires are “successful”. How could they not be? Donald Trump himself inherited his startup millions.

              He won the nomination with the help of nearly all of the conservative media. Hannity, Drudge, Breitbart and many at Fox News (Ailes on down.) And even Rush, in my opinion.

              He is absolutely unfit to be President of the United States by any rational standard. Unless you are into know-nothing authoritarians, he will disappoint you more than me. My expectations are very, very low.

              But no, I do not underestimate him.

      2. If you had the guts to give your real name, Princess I’d say you’re committing false witness. But why address a coward? That’s God’s place.

            1. our liberal friend Porter who entertains us is having a hissy fit that Donald Trump will be our next president.

  8. It is really difficult to take the opposition seriously.This time the DNC & MSM have outdone themselves in trying to make Trump look bad. In the paradigm of life & business those who fail to recognize impending change usually get left behind. Anyone wish to make a guess where the Washington culture & political elite plot on that bell curve? Trashing Trump while he outflanks them only makes his opposition look even more silly. The mental picture I get is a smiling guy, holding at arm’s length his little brother’s head while the tantrum-throwing brother flails his arms wildly in the air, trying to land a punch. How’s it working so far?

    1. No one needs to make Trump look bad, he takes care of that himself. Clinton’s damages are priced into her approval ratings and support. We might get another scandal, but at this point it seems all but certain that there is little left that could sink that ship. Both the Clinton campaign and the DNC know they’re under a microscope until Nov., and another investigation without teeth won’t shift the line of her supporters. On the other hand, Trump’s taxes are unknown and he has a propensity to talk first and think second. If the past couple weeks are any indication, Manafort is no better at reigning in Trump than Lewandowski. Even if Clinton gets a convention boost, I would bet that Trump can keep a lead into Nov even with one fiasco, either tax-related or self-inflicted. Two or more and it’s a toss-up. However, the biggest danger is that Trump’s rhetoric can shift Florida blue and Arizona and Texas purple if the party can’t wrangle it in. It’d be a shame for Trump to win the battle this cycle only to lose the war in the long run.

  9. Admirable try Troy, but the freak show was on the other side of the political aisle. Lots of people wondering how and why Thune, Ryan and others sat silent while this fascist carnival barker highjacked the Grand Old Party.

    1. Troy apparently attended a few spin classes. And I don’t mean spin classes in a fitness club.

  10. Just have to read Warrren fellow traveler Robert Reich’s comments today to be convinced. He’s advocating Dems vote for Hillary this year as a bridge to creating a third party in 2020. Will we see a Warren / Reich 2020 Green ticket announcement from Harvard yard? Only the ultra-left would think the salvation of the country could come from the most elitist institution in America.

    Nope, can’t make this stuff up.

    1. Short sited once again…if the progressive wing wants to take charge they need to make sure Hillary loses….If Hillary wins she will be renominated in 2020 and it will be 2024 before the progressive wing has a chance…..by then Bernie and Sen Elizabeth Warren will be too old.

      After the DNC rigged the system this time to help Hillary the Bernie folks should help her to the door and not give her more power to oppress them. Did you see how the Hillary people blocked the aisles sot he Bernie people couldn’t walk out during Hillary’s speech?

  11. Having peronally witnessed Trump’s performance and speaking to people who know him far better than I, I’m convinced that Trump IS crazy… like a fox.

    I’ll never underestimate him again, and as the race is now defined as one on one, I expect Trump to continue to defy “the experts,” all the way to the White House.

    1. William says that “Trump IS crazy…. like a fox.” You are right. Half right.

      How many conspiracy theories has he come up with now? And he just added another fabrication yesterday. He claimed that Putin has no respect for Obama and he (Trump) was shocked that he used the N-word. Did not happen.

      New Jersey muslims were not celebrating 9/11 by the thousands. Obama was not born in Africa. Cruz’s dad was not in on the Kennedy assassination. Bush did not know about 9/11 ahead of time. Those claims, and more, are fabrications of a self-deluded mind.

      Yes, Trump is crazy. Not in a good way, William. Just crazy.

      1. A dictionary definition of delusional: “maintaining fixed false beliefs even when confronted with facts…. usually as a result of mental illness”

        And then there is that narcissism: “extreme selfishness, with a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration, as characterizing a personality type.”

        Yup. That’s what I’m talkin about.

    2. ‘I’ll never underestimate him again, and as the race is now defined as one on one, I expect Trump to continue to defy “the experts,” all the way to the White House.’

      Bwahahaha! Now that’s crazy! Take your comedy show on the road, William.

  12. So the most qualified candidate ever (according to the President) had a convention where they spent 4 days trying to reinvent her????

  13. Read the Hillary “defenders” above. They make my point probably better than I did.

    1). Not one said “I think it is great most of the Democrat coverage was about hacking emails. I really loved when after Hillary’s speech her campaign manager spent more time talking about the Russians being who breached the DNC computer.” *

    2). There are more words criticizing me personally than presenting thoughts where I am wrong.

    *. When I saw Hillary’s campaign manager rambling about the Russians I nearly fell off my chair. The idiot served up another pitch right down the middle.

    Hello!!!! DNC had more secure system than Hillary and who is a more valued target for hacking? Secretary of State or DNC. Before this is over, I am going to have sympathy for Hillary.

    1. Go ahead and have sympathy for Hillary. You are a better man than I am. She and her like are a cancer that needs to be destroyed. The sooner the better.

    2. I also thought it strange when Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, talked about the Russians interfering with our election. But, having said that, I too am beginning to wonder what is going on.

      We know that Trump has had many business dealings with Russian individuals. He claimed to have met Putin and got along with him well even though that event apparently never happened. That’s right. He made that up too!

      He has top staff that has worked with Russia and its allies in the Ukraine. He often praises Putin and vice-versa. Now, they are hacking Trump’s political opponent and leaking the information to damage her. And Trump encourages it.

      In addition, he won’t release his taxes which might reveal any financial relationships. There may not be fire here, but the smoke is getting suspiciously thick.

      1. Does this mean Trump would be in Putin’s pocket should he be elected? No, but his recent comments on defending NATO may signal that possibility.

      2. Rampant speculation by the Clinton Campaign and/or a smokescreen so people don’t talk about the racist comments among many others by members of the DNC to favor Hillary over Bernie….

        No proof but that’s ok the press can attack a Republican, so its justified once again…..fair media once again, NOT

    3. Its ok Troy, that’s what Democrats do when they can’t attack the message they attack the person….sadly typical.

      Next, it’s ok Assange said he has a lot more stuff to reveal…it will come out as the Democrats were foolish enough to nominate such a corrupt person…drip drip drip…

  14. Troy,

    Thank you for providing the blog with original in-depth writing and content and not just press releases and stolen from facebooks. It really is enjoyable to see a South Dakotans perspective on politics and world views. I value your writing.

    1. PP. Anonymous 8:26 is not me, in case you were wondering. I see I am “under moderation” above.

      I do not write anonymously.

  15. If Hillary wins this election it will have proven that we now have an electorate majority getting their news from Saturday Night Live, a majority of America is on public assistance, or the DNC has digitally manipulated enough voting machines to tip every Presidential election from here on out. Of course in order to do the latter a corrupt Democrat State, County, and City Government is needed.

  16. And just yesterday, Trump enlightens us with this tweet:

    “As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games. Same as last time w/ Bernie. Unacceptable!” He also said that the NFL sent him a letter complaining about the schedule.

    Russian Agent Orange is confused again. The debate schedule was determined last year by an independent commission, was it not? And, of course, he made up the part about the the NFL sending him a letter. They did not.

    SNAFU. If you know what I mean.

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