Coming to the finish line on petitions. Let the primary games begin!

Tomorrow marks the deadline for petitions to be submitted to the South Dakota Secretary of State for Legislative elections, and already we’re seeing a good number of primary elections on the Republican side of the aisle.

Democrats… Not so much, although, they’re getting names in there. The question is whether or not they will be legitimate candidates or placeholders.

In District 1 Dems will have a primary in the Senate, where not just one, but two candidates are going to try to deny Susan Wismer another chamber flip back to the Senate seat. Allison Renville & Simon Bisek are going to attempt to deny her more time in the legislature.

In District 5 the GOP has Lee Schoenbeck and Byron Callies Primary contest for State Senate.

District 10 has Republicans Spencer Wrightsman and Maggie Sutton battling it out for the vacant Senate seat.

D13 House has at least a 3-way primary going for 2 House seats with GOP candidates Rex Rolfing, Amber Mauricio, and Sue Peterson.

D14 has a slobber-knocker battle with both the House and Senate being contested for Republicans. In the Senate, Deb Soholt and Tyler Swanger face off, and in the House, Tom Holmes, R. Shawn Townow, and Larry Zikmund will battle for two house seats.

D19 House has John Birch preacher Michael Boyle challenging incumbents Kyle Schoenfish and Kent Peterson in the GOP House Primary.

In Pierre, District 24 has three Republicans eyeing the two house seats, with former Democrat and now Republican Roxanne Weber challenging incumbents Tim Rounds and Mary Duvall.

D25 House will possibly have three Republicans competing for two house seats, one currently held by Democrat Dan Ahlers. Republicans Tammy Enalls, Rep. Tom Pischke and possibly Jon Hansen will be battling it out for the ability to run in the fall.

And we’re STILL not done, as we move west of the river.

Stockgrower Bill Kluck is taking on Gary Cammack in the Republican primary election for D29 State Senate.

D30 Senate may have a primary, depending what comes in today or tomorrow.

The D32 GOP House race has a primary with Sean McPherson

D33 Republican House so far… Dave Johnson, Amanda Scott, Taffy Howard, Melanie Torno. I’m hearing rumors that Phil Jensen’s wife may jump into it, trying to make it the first husband wife Senate/House team. But we’ll see.

Lastly, I’m hearing there is a possibility that coming off of her multiple media circuses this legislative term, State Rep. Lynne DiSanto might actually attempt to jump chambers and run against incumbent State Senator Terri Haverly in the D35 GOP Senate Primary.

And with 2 more days for people to collect signatures and send them in.. this might only be scratching the surface.

10 thoughts on “Coming to the finish line on petitions. Let the primary games begin!”

  1. Who is replacing Burt Tulson in district 2?

    With the president pro temp residing there it’s crucial the GOP has a good team.

    1. Is Eric Leggett out of the District 13 house race? That’s one great guy who’s way overdue to catch a break.

  2. Wow Lance Russell filed for Senate as well! Primaries, Primaries, Primaries!

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