Dusty Johnson to oppose impeachment

From my e-mail Box:

Dusty Johnson for Congress

Last Wednesday was a tragic event in our country‘s history. Those who turned to violence must be held accountable for their actions, although political leaders deserve some blame, as well. That was true as violence rocked our cities last summer, and it is just as true now.

But, a snap impeachment is the wrong approach. There is only one week remaining in the President’s term. It is an act sure to divide our country, and Democratic leaders are making a mistake pursuing it.

I’ll be voting against impeaching President Trump.


4 thoughts on “Dusty Johnson to oppose impeachment”

  1. I am glad to chose the right thing here. But he still had to get in a barb blaming Trump for the violence last week, even though nothing in Trump’s speech said anything to incite that.

  2. They were let into the capital before Trump took the stage. Check the timeline You don’t hear that on MSM.

    Dump Thune in 2022

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