Gov. Noem Launches “Saddle Up” Ad Buy

Gov. Noem Launches “Saddle Up” Ad Buy

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA – Today, the Kristi for Governor campaign launched a multi-week, six-figure ad buy called “Saddle Up” as part of Governor Kristi Noem’s reelection efforts. The ad features lessons that Governor Noem learned from her dad, how she has applied those lessons to her leadership decisions as Governor, and how they will shape her conservative policies over the next four years.

“‘Get back on that horse and ride.’ It’s what my father taught me since I was a little girl,” Governor Noem says in the ad. “In South Dakota we don’t complain about things, we fix them. I held the reins and refused to let fear steal our Freedom. Here, Freedom runs free. So, saddle up. We’re just getting started.”

Under Governor Noem’s unwavering conservative leadership, South Dakota is thriving. Because of the Governor’s refusal to accept one-size-fits-all, big government overreach, South Dakota has the number one economy in the nation, leads the nation in personal income growth, ranks number one in tourism, and our schoolchildren lead the nation in educational outcomes.


18 thoughts on “Gov. Noem Launches “Saddle Up” Ad Buy”

  1. I’m sure people will talk about the substance, but just on style that is a beautiful ad. Those shots of her on the horse are cinematic.

  2. There is a fortune to be made on BS indicators depending on the viewership of this campaign advertisement.

  3. We are winning at everything? I knew about the freedom but geesh. This is exhausting, just like trump said it would be.

  4. I hear a lot of South Dakotans travel this time of year, to be safe she should put this ad where they travel most: Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina…

  5. By what education outcomes could she possibly be referring? We don’t lead in anything other than kids leaving and not coming back.

    1. The educational outcomes of the future are going to be interesting. I know a second-grade teacher in Massachusetts where the schools just reopened after almost two years, and it’s a “hellscape.” She is thinking about quitting.
      The kids are undisciplined, unsocialized, and missing two crucial years of education. Where the schools closed, educators are seeing disastrous results. Given that Massachusetts has always been known for high educational outcomes, we will have to see how well they catch up.

      As for “kids leaving and not coming back,” with the School of Mines advising “invent tomorrow,” NSU “unleash your potential,” SDSU bragging “you can go anywhere from here” and DWU calling their alumni “tumbleweeds,” cutting ties, pulling up your roots, and moving on has always seemed to be the whole point of going to college in South Dakota.

      1. So an specious anecdote and chalking up brain drain to SD’s astounding lack of opportunities is the best you can do Anne? No wonder your political career fizzled out.

        1. my political career fizzled out?? What political career? I never lit that fuse to begin with.

          And the anecdote of what one teacher in Massachusetts is experiencing is just an illustration of what some of the education journals are publishing. The pandemic school closures have had very disturbing results, and assessment of the damage will take years. For the time being, anecdotal evidence is all there is.

          Complaining that our educational opportunities result in graduates who can market their skills anywhere in the world makes you sound like you want to keep our youth illiterate so they can never leave.

          1. Again, what educational opportunities are you talking about? Name one metric SD students lead in other than living in poverty.

  6. This Hollywood ad was not made for South Dakota. It was made to get her on to what she really wants, the national stage.

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