Michael Moore Announces for Circuit Court Judge

Michael Moore Announces for Circuit Court Judge

Huron, SD — Michael Moore, Beadle County State’s Attorney, has announced his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge for the Third Circuit, Position E. Moore currently serves as Beadle County State’s Attorney, to which he was first elected in 1997.

“My experience as an elected State’s Attorney making decisions daily that impact individual liberties and rights has uniquely prepared me to be a Judge,” said Moore. “In making decisions, I work hard to ensure they are fair and consistent. I consider all the facts, the interests of society, and an individual’s constitutional rights. As a prosecutor, I have an ethical obligation to see that justice is served. I strive to do this in every part of my practice.”

Circuit Judges are elected every eight years. The State of South Dakota has 7 Judicial Circuits. Moore is running for Judge in the Third Judicial Circuit, which includes 14 counties: Hand, Jerauld, Beadle, Sanborn, Clark, Kingsbury, Minor, Grant, Codington, Deuel, Hamlin, Brookings, Lake, and Moody. The Third Circuit has 6 Circuit Court Judges and 2 Magistrate Judges. The Circuit Judges are each designated a position A – F. Moore is running for position E.

“I have dedicated my life to public service. I am honored to have served the people of Beadle County since 1994. Every day I am grateful for the responsibility the people have given me, and I work hard to meet their expectations,” said Moore.

Moore was selected as South Dakota Prosecutor of the Year in 2010 by the South Dakota State’s Attorney Association. In 2012, the SD Domestic Violence Coordinating Committee honored Moore as the Prosecutor of the Year.

Additionally, Moore has extensive experience in legal writing and research, including preparing several South Dakota Supreme Court briefs and presenting oral arguments before the SD Supreme Court.

“Based on my experience, I have gained valuable respect for the law, specifically the rule of law,” said Moore.

In 2014 Moore was elected President of the National District Attorney’s Association, an organization with nationwide membership representing over 2500 elected and 40,000 active prosecutors. Moore was the first ever President of NDAA from the State of South Dakota. Moore is also an active member of the American Bar Association, where he was elected to serve on the Criminal Justice Section Council. According to Moore, “People who know me professionally know that I am open, honest, and transparent. I have always been open and willing to discuss my reasoning with the parties involved in the case. I work for the people of South Dakota, and I am accountable to each one of them.”

Due to Moore’s extensive prosecutorial experience, he has presented at numerous training events in both South Dakota and nationally.

“I am excited about this opportunity to continue to serve the people of South Dakota as a Circuit Court Judge,” said Moore. “I invite you to review my background and qualifications that have prepared me to serve our state as Judge. I would appreciate your vote on November 8, 2022.”


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    1. So you would prefer a judge that doesn’t follow law and just follows their own or someone else’s political agenda ….that’s interesting

    1. No, the court of public opinion is swayed by news media, and posters on websites.

      How many witnesses are brought forth in the court of public opinion?

      How many doctored photos are posted on sites that are not true?

      How many opinions are accepted as facts?

  1. I wish he had a middle initial in there. (Or called himself Mike)
    when I see the signs around that say “Michael Moore” my mind goes immediately to an obese leftist film-maker in a ball cap.

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