Rave, others sign on for Jeb Bush

The AP has a story this morning noting former GOP Chair, and current Senate Majority Leader, Tim Rave has signed on to support Jeb Bush for President:

A South Dakota lawmaker who formed a group to back potential presidential candidate Jeb Bush is being joined by some top state legislators.

Sioux Falls Republican Rep. Steve Westra says Senate Majority Leader Tim Rave and seven others have signed on to his volunteer group.

Read it here.

(So who are the others? Nice detail, AP)

14 thoughts on “Rave, others sign on for Jeb Bush”

  1. What is this all about? Bad move by Westra if he wants to run for congress. Rave just lost out to Rhoden as an LG pick for Noem.

    As far as I’m concerned the Rave/Peters wing of the GOP just don’t do anything for me.

  2. So its safe to say these guys all support amnesty for illegals, common core, and no real change in DC.

    1. Why else would they choose to get behind Jeb Bush? Is he just that good that his too-moderate tendencies don’t matter?

      1. there’s a complex balance of work-behind-the-scenes, commitments from the big money players, personal excellence, political record on a vast array of issues, and charisma that works into the whole equation of who ultimately gets the party’s backing. your list of bush complaints is a small facet of his total ‘package’ as a candidate and it’s a substantial package to much of the rest of the party. here in s.d., i’d bet the lt governor has much of that behind-the-scenes package already assembled. the forum regulars here never ever mention michels in governors race discussions, but we had a poll of chamber businesses last month confirm that there’s a huge pre-existing block of support for michels just sitting out there. bush has that in the gop, though the tea party hates to hear it.

  3. Jeb won’t get the nomination because far to many people are tired of the Bushes and bland candidates that will not win in November

    1. I truly hope you are right. Jeb Bush is not what America needs right now, and I wish Barbara would sit her little boy down and tell him he needs to let somebody else try to defeat whatever socialist the dems put on the ticket. Jeb just isn’t conservative enough to make any changes desperately needed by the country and the world.

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