Schoenbeck may be sticking around…

From Public Radio, they say there’s a gunslinger who might not leave the OK Corral after all:

Some sources reported Schoenbeck planned to resign on Wednesday.

But in an e-mail this afternoon to SDPB News Schoenbeck says he is torn over the issue of resigning. He says he plans to talk with his family this weekend before making a final decision.  

Read it here.

George Bailey, or should I say Lee Schoenbeck, the townspeople like you more than you think.

8 thoughts on “Schoenbeck may be sticking around…”

  1. One thing is for sure; if you live in South Dakota and don’t now know the name Schoenbeck, you are really out there………………….

  2. While I am disappointed that Schoenbeck voted the way that he did on the sales tax increase, I hope that he does not resign. He is a solid vote against Medicaid expansion, but if does resign, the Governor will replace him with a lackey who will vote for expanded Medicaid.

    1. Explain to who? Anonymous people on the blogs? He went to his local cracker-barrel and got a standing ovation from the crowd. So did Roger Solum (who is the one intimidated on his vote).

      1. Well I hope to shout, Roger and his wife are both teachers. How do you think he would vote?

  3. He can explain himself to anyone he wishes.

    He can tweet if he wishes; he can post on a blog if he wishes–as he has done.

    He can pose as a sockpuppet if he wishes, as seems to be popular around here.

    He’s public figure. He needs to explain himself to whomever he wishes. Spare us the drama queen routine of “I’m resigning”, then “I’m not resigning because people love me at crackerbarrels”.

    It’s no big deal really.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck, please don’t resign. You’re one of the more sane ones out there. God help us.

  5. Oh puke!!!! You were elected to do a job! Fufill your obligations and stop acting like an 8 year old on a playground threatening to take his ball and go home.

    A standing ovation by a bunch of teachers is no surprise, he supported them. SD is the lowest paid on every level, not just teachers. Our per pupil payment from the state is not the lowest. To me, that says there is an administrative issue not a state compensation issue.

    Tenure with more money will not equate to better staff. One cannot say we have great teachers and in the same breath state if we increase our salaries, our education system will be better. It’s a contradiction.

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