South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem 14th most popular governor in nation

Morning Consult just released a graphic showing Governor Kristi Noem is the 14th most popular governor in nation.

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This follows a recent Morning Consult from 10 das ago story showing that Noem’s approval among South Dakota Republicans is sky high at 86%:

This leaves Thune roughly matching Noem’s popularity among GOP voters in the state (86 percent approval), though they are less likely to strongly approve of their senior senator than they are their governor (33 percent to 53 percent).

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17 thoughts on “South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem 14th most popular governor in nation”

  1. key words “in the nation”…I believe she is more popular nationally than here at home where we have seen her up close — sad I thought she was different but just another self interested politician.

      1. Either way, there is no way she is that popular. Remember over the summer when her poll numbers went down from 1% to 0% for the presidency? All this bad press is showing the state and the country that she is not a good governor.

  2. Interesting, since she’s the 14th worst governor. Her Covid handling is 14th worst.

    1. Sure, amongst the most outspoken on Covid, which we all know are primarily liberals…

      Glad she followed the real science and not Fauci flip flopping science.

  3. I’m not sure this says much, compared nationally, you would think a state that is so red she would score higher. That’s a lot of her own party saying no thanks to her.

    1. anonymous at 3:04: out of 576,707 registered voters, 279,187 are Republicans. The other 297,520 are something else. The 88% approval means 507,502 voters like her and many of them are not Republicans. In no way does it suggest she has lost any support.

      1. @ 5:49
        If we consider how people vote, the legislature is comprised of 94 republicans and 11 democrats, that is 89% republican. Are you saying we have gerrymandered a huge amount of people, and we are only a 51/49 state on party affiliation? I don’t know if I accept this reasoning.

        Of the registered republicans polled, there is an 86% approval rating, as noted above (unsure of source, not sure where 88% came from), state wide we are seeing a 58% approval rating among all polled. It is tough for me to see how this shouldn’t be higher, unless we have truly gerrymandered out 40% of the votes in representation in the state legislature.

  4. My first thought was ‘only #14??’. Would love to see their algorithms.

    When I see Newsom AND Walz ‘more popular’ than DeSantis, the poll becomes suspect IMO…

    1. That sounds like 28% of the governors were more popular than her in their states. In most schools 28% is a C.

  5. But I was told “many Republicans” we upset with her…

    You can believe anything if you stay within your own bubble. Anyone who thinks she is unpopular with the majority of Republicans in SD is delusional.

    My projection: she beats Haugaard 75%-25%

    1. I think you are the delusional one Anon, let’s talk about her 4th chief of staff quitting on her. No one likes working with Noem, she is a diva.

  6. Apparently most of the comments on here are from Dems or the crazy right. I don’t believe she’s the 14th most popular. She’s actually in the top 3. That shows when so many people are moving here from other states and it’s not because of the weather. I live in SD and KNOW she is the best governor we could have. We are blessed! If you don’t think so, then MOVE AWAY and make room for those who appreciate her. Maybe California or New York may be more to your liking.

    1. Move away, move away is that all you people say? If your proud to live in a state that nobody gives 2 rips about besides the pathetic response to Covid well so be it. Great Gov not even close. Shes a spoiled child just like Trump. Ask the families of all those who died from covid what they think of your opinion.

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