The Labor day blues.. Welcome back COVID

Just got back from seeing my daughter in her educational program out east, where we spent the long weekend as a family. We managed to do a few fun things, including whale watching, and headed back Tuesday, where my rotten head cold I’d been developing was just getting worse.

As we were making the drive up from Sioux Falls, my wife remarked to me that maybe “I should go in to the clinic for a Covid test.” Ugh. Why do I want to go to the doctor? My mom was a nurse and we didn’t go to the doctor unless we were dying or had broken something.

I broke down and went in. Positive. Wife went in later. Same result. Time to unfurl the banner:

~ Welcome Back COVID ~

So now we’re back on the COVID quarantine train. Thankfully, things may be a little more relaxed after our country’s first experience with it.

This time they have antivirals they throw at you (paxlovid), which means you’re less apt to want to self-treat with ivermectin, aka ‘liquid sheep drench.’

Not foggy this time, as at least for me more like one of the worst head colds I’ve ever had, with exhaustion and some body aches. Although, my mouth tastes like ear wax. It can stop that any time now.

I think I might feel enough ambition to change pajamas this morning before I go back to my place of hiding on the basement couch. Definitely self-quarantining and popping into the office in bits and pieces to telecommute. But not planning anything big. Probably skipping the Trump Rally in Rapid.

It literally seems like a heavy case of what we used to get in previous years as the head flu.. not to be mistaken with the stomach flu. Where there was misery for a few days, and then back to work.

if that’s where it’s current mutation has landed us, we’ll just have to live with it, as we did all those years with seasonal flu that would affect schools and work in spurts, but would not shut the country down.

I’m going back to the couch now to live with it for another couple of days. Bleaugh.

20 thoughts on “The Labor day blues.. Welcome back COVID”

  1. Like our annual flu vaccines, this medical family will be getting our next booster along with the flu vaccine soon. You’re an example that COVID is on commercial airliners and everywhere else. Our best defense to survive it is to be vaccinated to have ultimate antibodies in our systems. Thanks for the reminder that most likely COVID will be with us forever. VACCINATE to less likely be a death statistic

    1. Yep. Vaccination doesn’t stop it, but it sure does limit how bad your reaction will be. I had 3 diabetic high risk family members who contracted covid. One took the vaccine and 2 didn’t. Guess who is still alive today?

  2. Just hope you get your smell and taste back quickly. My last bout took me about 9 months before I could taste anything and that sucked. I’m glad that was the worst part after losing 2 relatives to covid. It seems like some people are just more susceptible to having a rough time.

  3. Get well soon Pat! Hope you do not end up with Long COVID.

    Get my annual physical tomorrow and will inquire about the new COVID shot plus this years flu shot. Will still be at risk of getting COVID but at least it lowers the chances of the symptoms being severe.

  4. Maybe would have helped to stay out of that sewer called the east coast.
    No shots for me. Had Delta once and Omicron twice and it was basically a two day event each time. The new one is even weaker and less contagious.

  5. U Heep–count yourself as lucky. There are countless elderly out there battling high risk conditions. coronary issues, lung diseases and diabetes, for whom COVID is a fatal final chapter. If you’re relatively healthy the risk is you will give them COVID. Get vaccinated or STAY AWAY from your elderly friends or relatives.

  6. only a fool would live in the most isolated and rural part of the country, then pretend the lack of pandemic activity within a mile of his or her house is proof that shots are useless.

      1. no. they trigger prepare and bolster the immune system. that’s how shots work. there are instructional films and pamphlets which explain this.

  7. Seriously, if you continue to defend the covid “vaccine” you might as well head over to DFP and formally join the idiot brigade.

  8. Thought all the money “taxpayers” spent on the “covid” vaccine was supposed to prevent “further spread”? There are plenty of recordings both audio and visual from “experts” saying those very words. I wish you well, but maybe you should also lay off on calling some in the gop “science deniers”. I personally have never taken the “jab” and can honestly say I’m not sure I’ve ever had “China virus”. If I did it was when I was extremely tired for a day.

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