Thune Demands Answers on Supply Chain Crisis, Presses Biden Nominees

Thune Demands Answers on Supply Chain Crisis, Presses Biden Nominees

“This inefficiency has downstream effects on commodity prices, hurting farmers and ranchers across the country, including in South Dakota.”

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WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today questioned several Biden nominees about the unprecedented supply chain crisis in the United States. Thune emphasized that these massive backlogs at American ports are hurting farmers and ranchers in South Dakota and negatively affecting commodity prices.

8 thoughts on “Thune Demands Answers on Supply Chain Crisis, Presses Biden Nominees”

  1. Part of the answer is this. In Oct 2020 EPA cut a deal with California Air Resource Board (CARB) to Federally enforce California emissions rules.

    This agreement eliminated over half of all available diesel trucks from pulling freight out of Long Beach, LA and San Diego. Hence the back up.

    That combined with an increase in freight being moved in by China and viola you have a mess.

    The solution is to assert Federal Interstate Commerce (per the Constitution) over the nut cases in California with their CARB rules.

    1. Wrong – the issue right now with the backlog is that there aren’t enough chassis around the port or in most of the ports in America on top of the hours of service issue truckers currently face, on top of a near 20% increased demand in overall consumer spending.

      There are ships sending chassis back to Asia and returning without them. If you don’t have a frame to put a container on, it’s not moving.

  2. It’s an empty room. No wonder our government is broken.

    I feel bad for Thune that he is the only one working.

  3. while the Secretary of Labor declares women must re-enter the workforce to get the economy going again, Jen Psaki says anybody who criticizes The Secretary of Transportation’s prolonged parental leave is anti-family.
    So there, ladies. You aren’t supposed to stay home with your kids, that privilege is reserved for only the elite and powerful. Members of cabinet can stay home with their kids, the rest of you need to report for duty, ASAP. Lower your expectations!

    Of course we can all wonder why Butterjug can’t do his job from home. And we can ask how someone who hasn’t mastered multi-tasking thinks he’s going to raise twins.
    Somebody should give that twit a pair of walking shoes and a pack of chewing gum so he can practice.
    In the meantime I think he should get off the Mommy Track and go back to work. The cat food shelves are nearly empty, & telling 16 cats to lower their expectations is not working. Just sayin’

  4. So Thune is demanding answers……and what will he do? Oh ya….the same thing he has been doing about big tech and their practices. Well I guess we can all ret easy.

      1. I am afraid the official answer is “if it can’t be delivered by bicycle, you don’t need it.”

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