44 thoughts on “You do know he’s a Democrat, Right?”

  1. In name only! Republicans do you want this guy? Libertarians? Hubbelites? Anyone?

  2. Mike’s a pro-business mayor of the state’s largest city. The economy is good here, pot holes are filled and construction is booming. Plus, the 12,000 people who enjoyed the Eagles concert should be glad he was at the helm to get the arena built. Maybe the Augie CRs should be applauded for giving credit where credit is due and rising above political finger pointing. Last I checked SF mayor and council are non-partisan seats (officially, anyway).

    1. That’s great. But the CRs’ mission is to elect Republicans and it seems to go against their mission to promote a Dem who is known to have ambition for higher office from their official account.

    2. This is true. Although he may not agree with conservatives politically, it is always nice to see a South Dakota face in Washington, DC, especially one who is a large figure of the Sioux Falls community. As an Augustana College Republican, I believe sometimes we need to put aside partisan attitudes and support fellow South Dakotans, especially one who has made a substantial impact to the city in which I attend college. So, yes, I know he is a democrat, I just figured it didn’t matter. At heart, we are all from South Dakota.

      1. You need to research his “pro-business” credentials. Ask the chamber, development foundation or other groups on Mike and Darrin. Ask developers and small business owners downtown. What he says and what he does just doesn’t match up. He is all about self and not about community.

        1. That may be so, all I know is that he was chosed to speak at the United States Chamber of Commerce America’s Small Business Summit because Sioux Falls has been recognized as one of the top cities for small businesses. That did not happen by itself. I’m not defending anyone or arguing for anything, except for the fact that Augie CRs can post pictures with Sioux Falls figures. Augustana College is in Sioux Falls. He is our mayor. Some Augie CRs are in Washington, DC this summer, and had the opportunity to hear him speak highly of our city. I don’t understand why this is such a crime.

          1. ‘Can’ and ‘should’ are two completely different things. Sure the Augie CR’s can post whatever they want. It’s a matter of what they should post. And promoting a Democrat Mayor on their twitter page is not something they should do. What’s next a photo op with Rick Weiland when you run into him in DC?

            1. College conservative is correct. Augie CR’s stepped in it. You are and will be used by Darrin and Mike. He has further ambitions and you are/will be used to promote his candidacy at a time of his choosing. The Augie CR’s I knew would have never been used this way. Your youthful optimism while charming is very short sited. The truth is coming out on Mike and the little emperor will be shown to truly have no clothes.

              1. My thing with this is, if you can’t stand what we tweet, please unfollow. We promote community. Although Mayor Huether disagrees with the Augie CRs politically, seeing someone promoting the town in which we reside is not against some “moral code.” I’m sorry that the Augie CRs you knew would be too partisan to support this community aspect. If you dislike, feel free to unfollow. If anything, you are dissuading college republicans from being bipartisan. Maybe this belongs on my personal account; however, like I mentioned, promoting community and pride in Sioux Falls is something Augie CRs finds important.

                1. ” We promote community.”

                  That’s odd. I thought College Republicans were there to support Republicans.

                  Let us know when you have your photo op with Hillary. She talks about communities too.

                2. The only thing worse than screwing up is doubling down on it.

                  You’d be better off writing it off as an oops and moving on.

                3. You keep saying we. I’d like to hear from some of the CR’s who don’t have control of the twitter account

                4. as long as the city and school elected offices in south dakota are officially NON political, nobody stepped in anything. lawmakers have tried before to eliminate via legislation, the non-political status of those seats and offices, and have FAILED because the people of this state have expressed their desire that these places remain beyond or just outside the reach of partisan politics. at least the augie CRs are honoring that. i know that republicans are rankled anytime that a flaming dem hides their affiliation and gets a city council or school board seat, but deal with it, ok?

                  1. someone’s going to rebuild the political center of this country at some point, and if those you call RINOs and fake republicans aren’t at that center in great numbers when it happens, the GOP is going to be outside looking in, like the libertarians.

                  2. Your kidding right? You really believe these races are non-political? The dems have been pouring money into these races for years. Darrin Smith, Andy Howes and many more were all from Daschles camp and recruitment giving them money and resources and volunteers. Stop with the bull, its beneath us all.

                    1. OF COURSE they end up being political, especially in sioux falls. a sioux falls school election was what prompted the last big legislative effort to go political in city and school races. don’t be insulting. to MAKE them expressly political, to have school and city primaries and november school and city elections adding to the noise, not many people want that. that is what i was saying so calm yourself down.

                5. ” If anything, you are dissuading college republicans from being bipartisan.”

                  An explicitly partisan organization is not supposed to be bipartisan.

                6. ” If anything, you are dissuading college republicans from being bipartisan.”

                  um, w.t.f.?

      2. If that’s your personal opinion, great. Post it on your own twitter.

        Otherwise be prepared to see the “AugieCR” endorsement when he runs for Governor.

      1. You mean Heuther suffers from distemper besides egomania!?! A lousy combination. We know Obama thinks so much of himself that he cannot take any criticism whatsoever.

    1. WU, I am glad to see you are at least consistent with your “Photo Op” posts.

  3. Hey Pat, I am just crushed. Cory Heidelberger just blocked me. What am I to do? He can’t handle the truth. You won’t block me will you? Cory is making the Democrat Party look pretty bad.

    1. It was like the free Annette Bosworth hour on 100 eyes yesterday. it was funny. just another clown in the circus.

    2. Tara –

      I only block people who don’t know how to conduct themselves, and I can count that one hand. And that’s mainly because, despite repeated warnings, they keep posting off topic. I think Roger Cornelius was one, because no matter the topic, he posted about EB-5. And Larry Kurtz because of his repeated profanity/obscenity/whatever.

      So, off topic, and because some people didn’t learn the manners they should have from their mother.

      Otherwise, I’m pretty easy to get along with.


    3. “Cory is making the Democrat Party look pretty bad.”

      What else is new? Have you seen them win any elections lately?

  4. Whenever I leave the state and see someone from SD my home state affection takes over. Youthful innocence and exuberance is always good to see. Heck, if Twitter had existed in 1980, there would be a picture of me and Joe Biden floating around I am sure. And Dick Kneip. And George McGovern.

    1. Troy –

      If it was a personal account, it’s entirely appropriate. I count democrats among my friends.

      But, coming from a GOP Auxilliary…. well, it might bear being pointed out.

  5. Pat, I’m glad you pointed out but maybe not for the reason you did. Just because we disagree on policy, it doesn’t mean we aren’t united by other things. I’m fine with the posting even if ultra-partisanship would prevent a Dem from doing the same thing. Being the bigger party is always a good thing.

  6. I didn’t even know that there was a RINOTC program at Augie, but they have set a new standard.

  7. All of Cara’s critics would perhaps benefit from going back and rereading her tweet. All she wrote was that it was great to see Sioux Falls’ mayor in D.C. She did not endorse his policies or even imply that she or the Augie CRs supported his policies. Lighten up, folks! 🙂

    1. I think you need to go back and re-read everyone’s posts. Your being naïve to think Mike and Darrin wont use this public display of admiration and affection. Your intent has nothing to do with the big boy/girl world of politics. Words and actions are taken out of context every day. Its why Pat posted it to begin with. Your defense is worse then the post. Because now, you know.

  8. Cara,

    As I said at the beginning, I don’t think you did anything wrong and not everything CR’s does has to be partisan, including acknowledging another South Dakotan you run into out of state even if that person is a Democrat. But, those who think you shouldn’t have posted it or disagree with your defense of it on here have some wisdom which you should contemplate.

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