15 agonizing minutes…. Basically, Huether is not running unless people call him.

Just finishing up watching the “Great Mike Huether Ego trip,” which appears to be one of the worst reality shows ever.  Because like an overly dramatic reality show, he drug out the announcement for an overly, overly long time.   Imaging watching the Bachelor yammering on about giving a rose for 15 minutes.  15 agonizing minutes….That’s what it was like, except he was talking about giving the rose to himself.

Basically, Huether isn’t running for anything. But he got to talk about himself for a really long time.

22 thoughts on “15 agonizing minutes…. Basically, Huether is not running unless people call him.”

  1. A point of clarification for those outside the Sioux Falls zip code, Mike Huether is the current mayor of Sioux Falls.

  2. If this guy has political sense it has not shown with all these NON-announcements….

    Democrats are probably most glad he is not running and taking voters like Pressler did to Weiland….

    We have enough sideshow candidates in the Governors race already….

  3. You wrote an incessantly long pedantic post about advertising on your blog and included exaggerations about the popularity of said blog. Then you bash Huether for “talking” about himself. Hypocrite.

  4. The Maitre d may have an opening for MMM (my man Mike) as a server @ his restaurant.

  5. Like Janklow’s return to the Governor’s mansion, Huether will probably be mayor once again someday, then finally to Washington. Although, probably briefly like his admired mentor….. An example of the eventual fate of any true and successful emulation…..

  6. My view of Mike Huether is nuanced. He has been a pretty good mayor for Sioux Falls. But he’ll be the first one to tell you this. What early on appeared as confidence and a can-do attitude has shown itself to be hubris. I don’t believe Huether trusts the public or the city council to have information about what’s going on in Sioux Falls – except the couple of loyalists who are given information that’s withheld from everybody else. It’s clearly time for him to go – just as it was time for Mike Rounds to go in 2010. Liek with Rounds, the detractors will blame Huether for everything for a couple of years. Ultimately Huether may be able to successfully run for something down the road when the personality complaints die down and when his accomplishments as mayor are still remembered. But the last thing anyone wants to do is read a book by Huether about Huether. For now he should relocate to Belize for a year or so.

  7. Huether will most likely run for mayor again. If he had any ahreadbof political instinct he would know he’d lose reelection. His lack of decorum, transparency and consensus have made him one of the worst mayors in recent years, and the sad thing is Jim Entenman is a carbon copy! Jim was a lapdog for Huether on the city council and is probably only running to keep Mike’s legacy of bully tactics, outrageous spending and zero-transparency in tact for four years when Mike can run again. What a joke. Mike and Jim should enjoy retirement and save themselves the embarassment on being monumentally rejected by Sioux Falls voters in 2018 and 2022.

  8. Don’t spend too much time sitting by the phone waiting for that call, Mike, because I don’t think it will be coming.

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