“Prohibit Trophy Hunting” USD Law School prof suing for tenure, seeking assistance for legal battle through GoFundMe.

As the writer of a political website, I do like to see it when I receive a notice of a trackback, meaning I see it when someone cites something I’ve written.  Today, I saw notice of a link from an attorney who is apparently representing the USD Law School Professor who has some strong positions against Trophy Hunting. If you recall: I simply thought I would let you know that my article on “trophy hunting” – the hunting Continue Reading →

USD Professor claims trophy hunting against public policy, advocates for challenging laws permitting it in court, and prohibiting it under law.

When I was down at USD many years ago working on a degree in Public Administration, I had an odd incident where at a tavern I was introduced to a law school classmate of a friend. This classmate was from the East Coast, and hadn’t met many people yet. In striking up a conversation, I asked him if he had chosen USD because of the outdoor opportunities, as deer season was almost starting. His somewhat rude reply, in a Continue Reading →